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Sorry to send out two blog postings in a row, but I messed up!  The contest I entered was suppposed to be a story for children.  (guess I didn’t read the fine print).    The  Valentines Day Contest rules ask to submit a childrens poem or prose in no more than 200 words, about an unlikely couple. So here is my entry, still with the tea theme, but for children.

Tea Party 

Sara made sure she didn’t drip while she poured the tea into miniature china cups.

She smiled at Theodore over her tea cup and fluttered her eye lashes, as she took a sip.

“Isn’t it a lovely day for a tea party in the garden?” she said as she looked around at the tulips pushing their way up out of the damp ground.

“Would you like a cookie?” Sara placed an Oreo on the side of her male companion’s plate.

She carefully unfolded her tiny napkin and placed it on her lap before she took a bite out her cookie.  She didn’t want to mess her lovely white pinafore she wore just for him.

“How was your day?” she asked her charming but silent partner. “Did you work hard at the office? I spent all day cleaning the house and baking these cookies.  I wanted you to have a special Valentine’s Day.”

Sara reached over and straightened Ted’s tie.

“I think someone needs a shave,” she said as she touched his fuzzy cheek.

“I sure love you Theodore and I hope we can get married one day soon. Maybe when I turn six.”

Teddy didn’t say a thing.


Susanna Hill  has organized a Valentines Day Contest which is a great idea!  Here is my entry:


Claire met Frank at a dull retirement party.  He had an interesting face and she wondered about his story.  Men of a certain age always had a reason why they were single.

Frank blurted, “I feel like I have been to far too many of these events lately.”  He quickly added, “People are retiring much too young these days.  What will they do with their time?”

Claire thought for a minute, “Most people want to travel or write a book I suppose.”

“Um, perhaps.”

An uncomfortable silence followed.

Frank thought she looked elegant and well read, but perhaps somewhat aloof.  Why was she single?    Maybe she hated men.

“There’s a nice cafe around the corner; would you like to join me for a cup of tea?”

That had to be the worst pick up line – ever, thought Frank.

“That’s the best offer I’ve had in a long time.” Claire was quite pretty when she smiled.

Over cups of steaming tea, they talked late into the night, replenishing their mugs as they steeped themselves in each other’s history.

The next morning, Frank woke Claire with a smile and a welcoming pot of that seductive libation.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”



I would love to read other enrties.  The wording is limited to 200 words.

Do you have any valentines day memories you would like to share?


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