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Last week my blog was bestowed the coveted Sharon’s Little Sunbeam Award and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only does Sharon, a blogging friend from Ireland, give my blog the award, she goes on to say such nice things like:

Darlene is a published writer and her blog features excerpts from her world, heart warming stories, and of course posts on writing and books.  The beauty of Darlene’s personality shines through her writing – that to me is always as appealing as the content itself.  I always appreciate her friendly comments….  Read more on the post  http://sharonssunlitmemories.blogspot.ca/2012/05/sharons-little-sunbeam-award-week-6.htm

You will love the delightful pictures Sharion has included with this post.

I would encourage you to check out Sharon’s blog as it always features enchanting pictures, cut out dolls from the past and stories and photographs from her fairy tale life in rural Ireland.  If I ever get to Ireland, I will be sure to make a visit.

I love all my wonderful blogging friends and Thank you so much Sharon for this award. It made my day!

They say the ultimate compliment is when someone copies you.  I was truly complimented when Sharon used my idea of “My Favouirte Things” as a blog theme.

Wishing nothing but sunbeams and happy times for everyone!

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