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I am delighted to be included in this anthology of unedited short stories, poems, and articles from around the world written during the 2020 Pandemic.

The Blurb

With Love, Comes Hope offers a unique glimpse into the lives of ordinary people, as they coped, suffered and inspired others; in this unprecedented time, the population of our planet found common cause. Frontline and key workers everywhere ventured out to save lives and protect the vulnerable, supplying and delivering food alongside other essential services, like teaching, transport, rubbish collection; all workers valiantly striving in difficult circumstances. Vast numbers of people self-isolated for weeks or months and adhered to new hand cleaning and face-covering regimes. Most of the world experienced a lengthy period of lockdown and economies were mothballed.

Around the world, governments responded differently with greater or lesser success, and the lives of the population were impacted in many different ways. There was large-scale loss of life, personal devastation, and enduring and serious health compromises. Many lost loved ones, families were cast into tragedy, jobs were lost and businesses failed. But there was also profound inspiration, people doing good, helping neighbours, friends and those, especially, in need of protection. Doctors, nurses, carers and support workers – cleaners, cooks, security people, heroically put their own lives in danger to care for the sick, often at the expense of being with their own families.

There have been pandemics before with even higher casualties, but we have never experienced a pandemic in such a connected society. The human race may not have responded as well as it could but for the first time, there was international communication and, to a very large extent, cooperation.

This book is one such example; it shares the voices of people from many countries. It is a collection of personal accounts, poems, stories and reminiscences from around our beautiful planet and illustrates the innate kindness of people in desperate times and a shared wish for something better for all our futures – a common thread in this volume, With Love, Comes Hope: Stories and Inspiration during the 2020 Pandemic.

100% of the royalties will be donated to an international humanitarian charity called Bridge2, based on the Channel Island of Guernsey.

The contributions came from the following countries: Bangladesh, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Israel, Greece, Canada, Italy, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, China (inc. Hong Kong), India, Romania, Japan, Haiti, Denmark, The Philippines, The Netherlands, Saint Helena, Guernsey, New Zealand, Palestine, Germany, Russia, France.

Here is a radio podcast by one of the organizers of the project https://www.talkradioeurope.com/clients/mmoss250820.mp3

This book can be purchased in print or digital format on most Amazon sites.






This valuable piece of our history should be in everyone´s library.

Rosemarie Hurst has worked as an image consultant, a museum worker, a retail clerk, administrative assistant and a modal to name a few. But her passion has always been photography, singing and song writing. She is a wonderful example of someone who has not given up on her dreams.

Taking pictures for as long as she can remember , she admits to having started with a Brownie camera many years ago. She still uses a 35 mm and produces fabulous photographs inspired by nature. Her work will be shown at The Tsawwassen Art Centre from September 16 to October 3.

Rosemarie has been writing poetry since she was five years old. She used to write plays with her sister when they lived in England. At age eight, her parents moved to Ontario where she lived for most of her life before moving to Vancouver fourteen years ago. She writes to express herself and get things off her chest. The playwriting and poetry evolved into writing songs. Her first CD, Eyes of Angels came out in 2004. Her new CD, Faithfully Yours, a tribute to Pauline Johnson, took a long time to put together, almost 6 years.

It is a miracle it has come to be at all as Rosemarie encountered many set backs. Not just the financial and time constraints many artists encounter, but much more serious issues. She lives in a complex that has experienced an unsolved murder and a serious fire. When she realized the place was on fire, she grabbed her guitar, camera, medication and some cash. She knows her priorities. She also suffered from a stroke and soon after recovering, had a ruptured brain aneurism. She counts her self lucky not only to be alive, but to have retained 20/20 vision and the ability to create. In spite of family opposition and the recent loss of a good friend, she has never stopped pursuing her dream.

She was inspired early on by Joan Baez and when she got her first job, bought a suit and a guitar. She wanted to sing just like Joan Baez but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Rosemarie has her own unique style though which comes through nicley as she sings the poems of Pauline Johnson.

Faithfully Yours is a selection of Pauline Johnson’s poems set to music. Rosemarie said it was hard to sing to poems, but the music just came to her as if it was meant to be. She has always loved Pauline Johnson and feels she is a kindred spirit since they both went against convention and showed great tenacity. While working on the CD, amidst all the set backs, she kept a picture of Pauline on her wall and on her screen saver to keep her going. She is very proud of the fact that two of her photographs of Pauline Johnson’s cairn are on display in the Six Nations Chiefwood Museum, Pauline’s childhood home in Ontario. A nice tie between her two loves, photography and songwriting/singing.

Rosemarie’s advice to any struggling artist – persevere, don’t worry about public opinion, take courses in your area to keep up to date and meet like minded people. Take it one step at a time and never give up.
Rosemarie is working on a third CD and a book of poetry with photographs.


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