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I have always loved pottery and enjoyed creating displays of pottery in the gift shop and Museum and Art Gallery I worked at in my younger days.  As many of you know my own daughter is a talented potter. I wrote about her here  She has recently created a website which I think is amazing, proving she has many talents. Please check out her website 

If you see something you like be sure to place an order. Her items are one of a kind and if she sells a piece, there will never be another one like it.


Whenever I travel, I like to check out pottery studios and on my recent trip to New Mexico, I found many. It was on a drive through the Taos Canyon, that we came upon a unique wood-fired pottery and sculpture studio that enticed us to stop in.  Enchanted Circle Pottery was indeed enchanting. The couple, JoAnne and Kevin DeKeuster, who own the studio and create all the work, were away at the time. We were instead greeted by wonderful house sitting potters who gave us the grand tour. We spent quite some time looking at the various works of art and discussing pottery as well as other creative endeavours. Writing did come up as did an opportunity to brag about my potter daughter.

Here are some pictures I took of some of their work:



From their website: The glazes are created from the wood firing, an ancient Japanese process which produces unique iridescent colours. As the wood burns in the kiln, the ash lands on the ceramic work. The kiln reaches such intensely high temperatures (2400 degrees), that the ash is melted into a glaze. The flames surging across the pots also add interesting marks and colour.


The studio is in such a perfect setting as you can see from the front window. I am sure the potters are inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding them.


There was pottery everywhere, even in the yard.


We had an opportunity to step into the huge wood fired kiln. As you noticed, some of the pieces are very large so an oversized kiln is required.


And much wood is needed to fire this kiln.


I couldn’t leave without a purchase.  I chose a salt cellar which I gave to a friend who I know appreciates pottery. Aren’t the colours amazing!


Should you find yourself in New Mexico, on Highway 64, between Taos and Angel Fire, you must stop in to Enchanted Circle Pottery. It is worth the visit!



I have written about my wonderful potter daughter here before. She doesn’t live very far from me but since her home is on a small gulf island, it requires  two ferries and a boat to get to her place. Total driving, waiting and sailing time is about 5 hours one way. I don’t get to visit her often but when I do it is always worth it. This recent weekend between Christmas and New Year I made the trip and had so much fun. It’s always an adventure but once there, it is so relaxing, away from the constant busyness of my life. She always makes sure I am well fed and comfortable. I’m not allowed to lift a finger. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Daughter with 18 year old grandcat Barnsworth

Daughter with 18 year old grandcat Barnsworth

Cookbook Christmas gift that matches her kitchen

Cookbook Christmas gift that matches her kitchen

Daughter at home on her island

Daughter at home on her island

Pottery studio

The pottery studio where she creates


Pottery from recent firing

Pottery from recent firing

Awesome pottery

More awesome pottery

I am so lucky, my daughter has created a safe haven for me to escape to any time.  Spending time with her is always a treat. Great conversations, time to reflect and lots of love.

A walk on her property

Going for a walk on her property

Where do you go to escape?

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