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When my daughter was a little girl she just loved Frosty the Snowman and had me read the book to her over and over. She also had a record of it and played it so many times I thought it would break. Her imaginary friend was called Frosty and he went everywhere with her. I had to be sure Frosty was in the car before I closed the door. Later, when she was a grown-up, I found a Frosty the Snowman stuffy and gave it to her as a gift. She still has it.

So I was very happy to read and review this book.  Snobbity Snowman by Maria Bardyukova and Quiet Riley Jr. is a delightful picture book for anyone who loves snowmen.

The blurb:
Snobbity Snowman has everything a snowman could possibly want: a shiny hat, freshly-picked noses and enough pride to last a lifetime. In fact, he is so selfish and shortsighted that he fails to see the instance his life starts falling apart.

What disasters must take place to open his charcoal eyes? To help him see that pride and possessions cannot bring true happiness? Will he defrost his ego and embrace the warmth of companionship?

Only Snobbity can tell.

Depicting winter in rich and whimsical tones, Snobbity Snowman’s quirky characters and unexpected twists promise to leave a lasting impression on all its snobbulous readers.

My review

A cute picture book featuring a snowman who is a snob. Snobbity even has an upturned carrot nose. But when things go wrong, he doesn´t know how to cope. A clever story about the value of relationships over possessions. The drawings are delightful and very kid-friendly. At the end of the book are fun activities. A great book to read to the little ones. After all, who doesn´t love snowmen, at any time of the year!

Why I liked it

I really liked this fun picture book as children can relate to it. It also has a good message about thinking you are better than others but not in a preachy way.  Some interesting new words are introduced. Other cool characters are cleverly presented and it has a surprise ending. Every time a child reads this book and looks at the pictures, they will notice something new.  This is one that will be read over and over.

Where to buy it




I hope your holiday is going well and you have had time to relax and read!!


Since I am the featured author on  Cassandra Giovanni Writer’s blog this month she has featured three of my books today.

She is also running a contest to win a copy of Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the Stone. So head on over and enter!

Cassandra  says:  “I highly recommend picking up ALL of these novels!”

Books Behind the Author – Darlene Foster.

And for a great review on Amanda in Alberta –  The Writing on the Stone, check out Lynn Davidson’s blog Polilla Writes  (Did you know that Polilla means bookworm in Spanish? How cool is that!)

Lynn says:

If you haven’t met Amanda before, you’ll need to know she is a twelve-year-old, adventurous, travel-loving girl who seems to find mysteries wherever she goes. This time in Amanda in Alberta: The Writing on the Stone, not evening the one leaving home she still gets involved in a situation.

Read more here:

Book Review: Amanda in Alberta: The Writing on the Stone – by Darlene Foster.


Thank you so much Cassandra and Lynn! I am so grateful for the tremendous support from my blogging community. Without you I would just be a struggling author sitting in front of my computer wondering how to let the world know about my books. You all rock!!



We all know that writing can be tough and we often feel discouraged. You might think that changes once you are published. I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t. Writers are by nature, individuals riddled with self-doubt. Sometimes, when you really need it, someone writes a review that can change a bad day, or week, into a ray of sunshine! That’s what happened to me this week.

First, I got a lovely email from Scotland:
Dear Darlene

I have just finished reading “Amanda in England” – what a fast-paced,gripping yarn! My dad has read it too and he couldn’t put it down (he’s 83, so that just goes to show the wide appeal it has. He said it reminded him of the kind of adventure story he enjoyed reading in his youth).

I now want to read the other Amanda books, and look forward to more in the future. Are you working on one at the moment?
Thanks for the entertainment!
Best wishes, Lorna

Then I found I had been given a 5 Star review on Amazon:
A curious young girl, a pony, and a mysterious painting, February 14, 2013
By Christa Polkinhorn

Amanda Ross from Canada is invited by her British friend Leah and Leah’s parents on a trip through Spain. Amanda loves to travel. She is an enthusiastic, spunky, and curious young girl, always eager to learn and explore. And it is precisely her curiosity and her desire to figure things out that often get her into trouble. A painting in a museum of a beautiful, mysterious young girl, a modern real-life version of the girl, a stolen pony, and a few mean-looking men and the relaxing days at the beach Leah was looking forward to, turn into a turbulent and potentially dangerous detective story for the two friends.

AMANDA IN SPAIN is a book for the young and the young-at-heart. Vivid descriptions of the country and its customs, humorous details, and enough tension that keeps you turning the page, make this a very enjoyable reading. I look forward to Amanda’s next adventure!

What a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift!  Thanks so much  Lorna and Christa.

And today, to finish up this amazing week, I was sent a picture that warmed my heart:



A very happy birthday girl who received Amanda in England from her Aunt.

All wonderful reminders of why I write. I am now much more motivated to work on Amanda’s next adventure.

What does it take to motivate you in your endeavours?

An amazing youg man, Erik, wrote a wonderful review of Amanda in Spain – the Girl in The Painting on his blog, This Kid Reviews Books. He gave the book five out of five bookworms, which is how he rates the books he reviews.


Check it out and comment if you wish. Erik is an avid reader, blogs on a regular basis reviewing kid’s books and writes a column in the local newspaper. He has accomplished so much in ten short years, one wonders what he do by the time he is an adult. I see only success in his future. Check out Erik’s blog to get book ideas for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighbour’s kids etc. You might like to read some of them yourself!

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