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Sally Cronin is an amazing woman who is a tremendous supporter of other writers and bloggers. So I was so happy to see her here being interviewed by another writer friend of mine, Joy Lennick. Enjoy learning about her very interesting life.

Joy Lennick

Sally CroninThank you very much Joy for inviting me over for an interview… it is a great pleasure.

Where you born and what was your first memory?

I was born in Wickham, a village in Hampshire, not far from Portsmouth. My parents lived in a house that my mother grew up in from about the age of 8 years old. Her step-father was the village butcher, with a shop in the main square. We went to Ceylon, as it was called in those days, when I was 18 months old for two years, and my first memories were of noisy monkeys. Small macaques lived all around us in the forest, and they would come into the house at any opportunity to thieve food, my father’s cigarettes and my mother’s jewellry. I also have vivid memories of the scents and sunshine, and I remember swimming at a very early age in my…

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The radio played all my favourite Christmas songs as I drove home on a rainy, Friday night, in heavy traffic – and I was filled with incredible joy.

I have so much to be joyful about.  A good friend has just realized her dream of moving back to the west coast and will be with us by the end of December.  Another good friend has found a soul mate and I am very happy for her as she has been alone far too long.  Another good friend is leaving on a six week adventure to Australia and New Zealand.  When my friends are happy and realize their dreams; I am thrilled.

My son has a good job, is a great Dad and finds time to fulfill his passion for music by playing in a band on the weekends.  My daughter has a wonderful man in her life and together they have worked hard to fulfill her dream of completing a house on her island property.  She can now convert her cabin into a pottery studio where she will continue to follow her passion and create amazing works of art.  My grandchildren are all healthy and happy, as is my dear mother.

I have a job I love, working with people who genuinely care, doing what I enjoy and possibly making a difference in people’s lives.  And then there is the joy of holding my first published book in my hands!  Sometimes there is so much joy in my heart I feel like it will explode.  Now my wonderful husband is taking me to Maui for some sun and sand.

So many things to fill my heart with joy.  The joy of coming from a large loving extended family, the joy of visiting new places, the joy of making a new friend, the joy of reading a new book………..  The list could go on forever.

For me, Christmas is not about the gifts, the parties, the food and the decorations – it is about sharing the joy.  Thank you, everyone, for supporting my dream of becoming a published author and for giving me so much joy.

Follow your bliss and have a Happy Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

“Whatever our situation in life… we can and should surround ourselves with friends who not only understand us, but also inspire us to make the most of our current calling.” – Beverly LaHaye

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