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It was Andy’s last weekend with us.  We were invited for tea at a friend’s place where he had an enjoyable time and made some new friends.

We enjoyed our tea and freshly made cranberry scones, with homemade jams, under the lovely grape arbour.

Andy made friends with Odie the cat and Blue the dog


He also explored my friend’s wonderful garden where he met pixies and another cat who didn’t move.


Andy and Monkey the cat finally started to get friendly. Monkey was even willing to share her toy with him!

The time has come for Andy to go home.  He has had a good time on the west coast of Canada, but even armadillos get homesick.  We are packing  him up as we pack up to leave for a seventeen-day trip to Europe. You won’t be hearing much from me for the next three weeks.  I will miss all my blogging friends, but there will be reports of our travels and pictures when we return. 

Thanks for following Andy’s adventures with us and thanks Lenore Diane for letting Andy be our guest for the past few weeks.  I can’t wait to hear of his next exploits.

Andy and Rupert the Maine Coon cat, by one of my many piles of TBR  books.

We are delighted to have as our guest Andy the Travelling Armadillo.  He arrived on Friday after travelling all the way from Mason City, Iowa where he had been a guest of Beth Ann from It’s Just Life.  He belongs to Lenore from Lenore’s Thought Exactly but he likes to travel around and see the world.  He has been to Florida, Texas, Virginia Beach and New Zealand so far. He arrived with his own snacks which he kindly shared with us.

After getting over his jet lag, Andy went to the beach with me yesterday. He loved burrowing into the sand and even went into the water to cool off, where he blended right in. I didn’t mind sharing my towel and book with him.

He joined us later for a refreshing strawberry iced tea at our favourite coffee shop called Ambiente and relaxed with us on our patio after a barbeque.

Andy is such a pleasant visitor I am not sure why Monkey, our cat, is not making friends with him.

Watch for more of Andy’s adventures on the west coast of Canada!

What did you do on the weekend?

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