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School presentation


I had the opportunity to visit Holly School in Surrey this past week.  I am always so impressed with these kids.  They ask great questions and are so attentive.  The boys and girls, from the grade three, four and five classes, said they enjoyed the Amanda stories and were hoping there would be more. (I guess that should be incentive enough for me to keep writing!)  They love the animals in the stories, Ali Baba the camel  in Amanda in Arabia and Pedro the pony in Amanda in Spain.  I told them about Rupert, the Maine Coon cat in the next book, Amanda in England. One girl knew all about Maine Coon cats and shared her knowledge.

I brought my pictures, a Spainish shawl, Pedro and some items depicting the Velazquez painting.  There was interest in Guadi and his strange buildings, especially the chimneys on the roof tops. Some of the children spoke Spanish and were pleased to see some Spanish words in the text.  The teacher mentioned that they would correct her when she mispronounced the Spanish words.  I was pleased to hear that the books were almost always checked out from the library and were used in the classroom as well. One student mentioned they did an art project based on one of the books. This made me very happy.









Speaking of bright young people, ten year old Erik over at thiskidreviewsbooks writes fabulous reviews on kids books and wrote a  flattering review on Amanda in Arabia.  He said he really enjoyed the story because it has tons of excitement and adventure in it. He also really liked Ali Baba.  Check out his reviews if you are looking for quality books for kids.  He also shares quotes and I especially liked this one:

“We are the authors of our own lives… Too bad we write in pen so we can not erase our mistakes” – Unknown

Nothing is more satifying than knowing children are reading and enjoying booksSpending time with them as an author is a delightful perk.  Many say reading books is no longer a popular passtime for children.  What I have discovered is just the opposite as these children were as enthusiastic and excited about books as I was at their age.

Do you enjoy reading and discussing books with children? Have you found them to be as interested in books as other generations? 


Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask


Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask By Darlene Foster, Published by iRead iWrite Publishing in April 2010, 107 pages

Review by E
Amanda had no idea what she had gotten herself into when she wished for action and adventure. Soon she was thousands of kilometres away from home in the United Arab Emirates visiting her aunt and uncle. Little did she know a whole new world was right around the corner, one involving a long lost princess, a camel named Ali-Baba, and a great new friend, Leah. Come along and join Amanda in a fabulous adventure including camels and LOTS of dangerous deserts.

I thought this book was fun and packed with adventure. This book has been very well written and I would definitely sit down to read it again. I think I am a lot like Amanda, ALWAYS ready to go on an adventure and explore new places. I also noticed that Amanda goes to the beach with Leah SO many times. Our family is not far from the beach and its one of my favorite places.

If you enjoyed the Emily Windsnap books you would like this book. I would recommend it to children ages 6-9. There is not very many difficult words but it is still a great book to read anywhere and anytime. This book is very short with pretty large font, which makes it a great book to bring with you. It can even fit in a small purse or box.

Labels: Ages 7-11, Junior Fiction, Rating- 3, Reviewed by E


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