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It was Andy’s last weekend with us.  We were invited for tea at a friend’s place where he had an enjoyable time and made some new friends.

We enjoyed our tea and freshly made cranberry scones, with homemade jams, under the lovely grape arbour.

Andy made friends with Odie the cat and Blue the dog


He also explored my friend’s wonderful garden where he met pixies and another cat who didn’t move.


Andy and Monkey the cat finally started to get friendly. Monkey was even willing to share her toy with him!

The time has come for Andy to go home.  He has had a good time on the west coast of Canada, but even armadillos get homesick.  We are packing  him up as we pack up to leave for a seventeen-day trip to Europe. You won’t be hearing much from me for the next three weeks.  I will miss all my blogging friends, but there will be reports of our travels and pictures when we return. 

Thanks for following Andy’s adventures with us and thanks Lenore Diane for letting Andy be our guest for the past few weeks.  I can’t wait to hear of his next exploits.

Andy and Rupert the Maine Coon cat, by one of my many piles of TBR  books.

Today Andy went with me to the Ladner Village Market where we had tons of fun.  He helped me pick out a cute whale stuffy with a matching book at Stephanie MacPherson’s table; a Christmas gift for a special little someone.   Stephanie creates wonderful stuffed animals and soft cover books that tell a story about the animal. Her business is called Stephanimals  Andy wanted to make friends with all the stuffies.

Stephanie and her creations

We couldn’t resit buying two Bakewell tarts to take home for tea with hubby.  Being British, these bring back fond memories for him.  Andy seems to like his sweets as well.  There were many stalls of fresh baking which were difficult to pass by.

Many people were out at the market which is a popular event every other Sunday in the summer.  Great music, beautiful flowers, pottery, interesting garden stones and fresh farm produce were in abundance.  I came home laden with many goodies.

We had a wonderful barbeque later with grilled patty pan squash, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and yellow peppers, roasted fingerling potatoes with fresh garlic, and coleslaw. All items bought at the market, with Andy’s help. Yummy!

Andy is not burried in the peppers if that is what you were thinking!

Ladner is a quaint village ten minutes from where I live.  I love to go to the Sunday market in the summer whenever I can.

Do you have a market near you where you can browse crafts, baking and produce?

Andy joined me at the Heart of Ladner Night Market where I had a table promoting my books.  The night market is held once a year and is a fund raiser for The Delta Hospice.  It is a wonderful family event.  Live entertainment, face painting, a bouncy castle, fresh produce, jewelry, various local artists displaying their wares as well as tasty treats are featured. Across the way from my table was a vendor selling Turkish coffee and baklava (yummy).  For dinner I had sushi and my husband had samosas.  There is something for everyone. Many young families with toddlers, babies in strollers and tweens were about, as well as grandparents and other seniors.  I was amazed at how many  dogs, of all shapes and sizes, attended.  (all on a leash and some in strollers)

Three puppies attending the Ladner NIght Market


Andy and my dear husband helped sell books.  Andy soon became friends with Ali Baba the camel and Pedro the pony, all very popular with the kids.


There was a lot of interest in my newest book Amanda in England-The Missing Novel. One woman wants to buy one for her 88 year old aunt who loves reading about England. How sweet. A draw was held for a free copy as soon as it arrives from the printer. It was great to see many people out, having a good time and stopping by to chat.  I hope everyone who bought  Amanda books, enjoys reading them.


Andy had a good time, made many new friends and was greeted by one of the organizers of the event, Michael from Open Space Yoga.

I was pleased to be part of this local event and thank the organizers for doing such a fabulous job.

Andy’s adventures on the west coast of Canada continues……….


Andy was invited to join me and my Bard Buddies to attend a performance of King John at Bard on The Beach. Turns out Andy is a Shakespeare aficionado.


Andy at English Bay, Vancouver, BC

As per tradition, we started the day with a picnic lunch at English Bay.  Andy was happy to be included.











After the wonderful picnic, we attended the afternoon performance which was exceptional. Scott Bellis gave us an outstanding performance of the weak, tortured youngest son of Henry II and Elinor of Aquitaine. This is a play that is seldom performed so I was pleased to have had the opportunity to see it.  Attending Bard on the Beach with my friends is one of the highlights of my summer and the best value for entertainment in Vancouver. The medieval costumes were exquisite and all the performances stellar.  Attending these plays in tents transports one back to Shakespeare’s time. We have been attending these performances for the last 16 years.  If you are ever in Vancouver, in the summer, you must take in a play.

Andy seemed to have a good time, loved English Bay and enjoyed all the attention he got from my friends.  He just couldn’t stop smiling.

Andy with Bard Buddies


Have you seen a good performance of a Shakespeare play recently?

We are delighted to have as our guest Andy the Travelling Armadillo.  He arrived on Friday after travelling all the way from Mason City, Iowa where he had been a guest of Beth Ann from It’s Just Life.  He belongs to Lenore from Lenore’s Thought Exactly but he likes to travel around and see the world.  He has been to Florida, Texas, Virginia Beach and New Zealand so far. He arrived with his own snacks which he kindly shared with us.

After getting over his jet lag, Andy went to the beach with me yesterday. He loved burrowing into the sand and even went into the water to cool off, where he blended right in. I didn’t mind sharing my towel and book with him.

He joined us later for a refreshing strawberry iced tea at our favourite coffee shop called Ambiente and relaxed with us on our patio after a barbeque.

Andy is such a pleasant visitor I am not sure why Monkey, our cat, is not making friends with him.

Watch for more of Andy’s adventures on the west coast of Canada!

What did you do on the weekend?

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