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Amanda Update

Amanda Ross had a wonderful adventure in the United Arab Emirates. She will never forget the camel race, shopping at the souq, swimming in the Persian Gulf and riding a camel. When she came back to Canada and told her friends about her travels, some of them didn’t believe her but that was OK. She made a scrap book with the pictures she took and of the souvenirs she collected. She even had a picture of her and Ali Baba, the camel she treasured.  Read about her adventures in Amanda in Arabia-The Perfume Flask

She kept in touch with the Leah, the friend she made when she was in the UAE, by email and Facebook. When Leah asked her to come to Spain to spend a holiday with her, Amanda jumped at the chance. She did extra chores at home, babysat and took on a paper route to save up money for the trip. Spain was wonderful and she got to see and do a lot. She visited Madrid, explored a mountain town with houses hanging on the edge of cliffs, stayed overnight in an old, spooky monastery, took part in a tomato fight and discovered the sights of Barcelona.

There was only one problem; a young girl, looking amazingly like a girl in a famous painting, kept showing up wherever Amanda and Leah happened to be. Following her was an evil horse dealer who seemed determined to make life miserable for everyone. Could Amanda keep this sweet young girl, and her beloved pony, safe without bringing harm to herself and Leah?  Read about thses adventures in Amanda in Spain-The Girl in the Painting

Amanda travels to England to spend spring break with Leah.  She has to get used to the funny accents and the cars driving on the opposite side of the road.  The girls visit the Isle of Wight where they meet a kind old book seller and his cat Rupert.  During their visit they discover a book is missing from a set, meet a couple of dubious teenagers and Amanda enjoys her first sail boat ride.  Amanda has fun exploring Hampton Court, Harrod’s, The Tower of London and Windosr Castle.  The teenagers, Charlie and Rupert keep showing up.  What has happened to the missing novel and why is Charlie acting so strange?

Find out in Amanda in England-The Missing Novel, the third in the series.

Read the first chapters of all books: http://www.centralavenuepublishing.com/Books/Amanda%20in%20Arabia/

Amanda is delighted to show Leah around Alberta when she visits her from England. They take in the Calgary Stampede, tour a ranch, visit Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, spend time at the Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum and explore the Drumheller Hoo Doos.  When Amanda finds a stone with a unique mark on it, she doesn’t think it’s very important, until everyone appears to want it. Is this stone worth ruining Leah’s holiday and risking their lives. Spend time with Amanda in Alberta as she attempts to decipher the writing on the stone in the fourth Amanda adventure Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the Stone.

Drumheller Hoo Doos

Drumheller Hoo Doos

9 Responses to "Amanda Update"

I enjoyed reading the excerpt, it took me back to my time in Dubai!

Thanks! Did you live in Dubai? I visited there ten years ago and loved it.

I worked there for 3 months in 2010, in the searing summer heat, and it was quite an experience! It’s always interesting to see what different people pick up on about a place. I, too, was very hopeful of seeing camels!

I’ve been to Dubai a couple of times, and it were those visits that gave me the idea for the Accidental Spy Adventure series and Jade Snow’s character. Met some interesting people there. :)

What reading level is this for? Age wise…

These books are for approximately 8 – 12 years old. Although I have younger readers and even adults who have enjoyed them.

I want to get them for my sister-in-law…She’s 6, so I wasn’t sure if they were too old for her. I think she’s still pretty into picture books, though. I think it will be cool to show them to her and say oh, these is one of my authorly friends! :)

Some of my younger fans have had the books read to them and then when they are able to read themselves, they read them again.I have had readers as young as 4 which is cool. Thanks for your interest. XO

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