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Dreamer of dreams, teller of tales

I created this blog for writers, readers, travelers, dreamers, friends and friends I haven’t met yet.  I believe everyone has a right to dream and everyone has the capability to make their dreams come true.  I wish to share some of my dreams and would love to hear about yours. I welcome any comments, suggestions, words of wisdom and interesting stories.

A bit about me. I am a writer of children’s stories, a retired employment counsellor, and ESL tutor, a wife, mother and grandmother. I love travelling, reading, shoes, cooking, sewing, music, chocolate, walking on the beach and making new friends. My grandson once called me “super-mega-woman-supreme”. I was brought up on a ranch near Medicine Hat, Alberta, where I dreamt of travelling the world and meeting interesting people. I currently divide my time between Orihuela Costa in Spain and the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. My husband, Paul, and I enjoy spending time with our adorable dog, Dot.

I can be contacted at darlene.foster@telus.net

My short stories have won prizes and have appeared in a number of anthologies. I have six published books in a series about a spunky young girl who loves to travel, Amanda in Arabia – The Perfume Flask, Amanda in Spain-The Girl in the Painting,  Amanda in England-the Missing Novel Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the Stone, Amanda on the Danube-The Sounds of Music and Amanda in New Mexico – Ghosts in the Wind. Readers from seven to seventy plus enjoy following Amanda and her adventures.  My bi-lingual book, Pig on Trial/Cerito a juicio  is in English and Spanish.

I enjoy sharing my books and writing experience with young readers and am available for guest visits to schools, libraries and special events.

My short stories have been included in the following Anthologies:

Fly Like an Eagle

From The Heart

Country Roads, Memoirs from Rural Canada

The Memory Shop and other Stories

Every Child is Entitled to Innocence

Visit my website  www.darlenefoster.ca

My Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/DarleneFosterWriter/

Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/supermegawoman

“Never let a day go by without a dream”

First book launch

The launch of my first book!

I am proof that dreams do come true!!

DSCN0255 (2)

With my amazing publisher, Michelle. She makes this all happen!

Blogs and articles about my books, writing and me you may find interesting

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Author Interview: Darlene Foster

A review On Amanda in New Mexico shared by Marcia Meares


A review of Amanda in New Mexico on quiet blogster https://quietblogster.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/quiet-book-review-2-amanda-in-new-mexico/

Another great review of Amanda in New Mexico by The Kid Reviews Books. https://thiskidreviewsbooks.com/2017/12/05/review-amanda-in-new-mexico-ghosts-in-the-wind-by-darlene-foster/

A fabulous review on Amanda in New Mexico by Patricia Tilton https://childrensbooksheal.com/2017/11/20/amanda-in-new-mexico-by-darlene-foster/

An excerpt from Amanda in New Mexico on Marcia Meara’s blog https://marciamearawrites.com/2017/08/02/excerptweek-amanda-in-new-mexico-ghosts-in-the-wind-by-darlene-foster/

I interview Amanda on Sue Vincent’s Daily Mail


An interview with Don Massenzio https://donmassenzio.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/a-perfect-10-with-darlene-foster/

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An awesome review of Amanda on the Danube-The Sounds of Music by Cheriee Weichel  http://dickenslibrary.blogspot.com.es/2017/03/amand-on-danube-sounds-of-music-by.html

Ten Truths About Critique Groups and Why Writers Need Them on Sue Vincent´s blog  https://scvincent.com/2017/03/09/guest-author-darlene-foster/

How Writing Keeps Me Sane on Krysten Lindsay Hagar’s blog  http://www.krystenlindsay.com/blog/how-writing-this-book-kept-me-sane-by-darlene-foster

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A review of Amanda on the Danube by Patricia Tilton  https://childrensbooksheal.com/2016/11/21/amanda-on-the-danube-the-sounds-of-music-by-darlene-foster/

Tips On Keeping a Series Fresh, Rachael Ritchey´s blog https://rachaelritchey.com/2016/11/03/keep-a-series-fresh-with-guest-author-darlene-foster/

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On why I write for middle-grade readers  http://carpinelloswritingpages.blogspot.com.es/2016/03/meet-mg-author-darlene-foster.html

Writing-The Cure For Boredom on Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog https://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/2016/03/06/read-about-guest-author-darlene-foster/

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Writing about my travels on Karen Sanderson’s blog https://karenrsanderson.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/do-you-write-about-your-travels/

Reading at the Children´s Hospital  http://www.bcchf.ca/blog/time-for-a-good-read/

Being interviewed on Sylvia Ramsey´s blog  https://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/being-interviewed/

110 Responses to "About Darlene Foster"

Everything looks good. Paul

Congratulations! Looks awsome!

Ah yes … dreams. Gotta dream big, then work hard to make ’em come true. I drive my poor wife to distraction, but she’s really a good sport.

And then, there’s my mantra – “Make Every Day An Adventure.” Whoo Boy, do I live for that.

Thanks Dave. I guess we are both fortunate to have spouses that put up with our dreamer ways. My husband supports my dreams no matter how bizzare and catches me when I fall. Love your mantra!

Hi Darlene, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind remarks about my debut novel, Shadowed in Silk, on Carol Carvin’s blog back in May. You had left a comment saying you would like to win a copy, so I talked to my publisher and we’d like to send you your choice of either an Ebook, which I can send to you right away, or if you would like a printed version, I can put you on the list to recieve a free hard copy in September. Let me know by return email which you would prefer.

You may see my email on wordpress, but just in case, here it is spelled out.

christine (do) d (dot) schmidtke (at) gmail (dot) com

no spaces of course.

Thanks so much Christine for stopping by my blogsite. I did win a copy of your lovely book and you sent me an e-copy which is in my e-reader waiting to be read. I am a bit behind in my reading as I am busy launching my second children’s book and working on the third. Once I read Shadowed in Silk, I will send you a review to be sure. All the best! Darlene

Of course, Darlene. Now I remember. Enjoy the book (I hope) whenever you get a chance. Have a wonderful summer.

Hi Darlene! Found your blog from an e-mail from bookblogs.com and had to check you out as you are also a wordpress blogger!! I haven’t found too many of us out there, most are blogger.com. Would love for you to subscribe to my blog also Can’t Put it Down! You can find it here: http://www.readitreviewit.wordpress.com
also on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/cantputitdown
happy blogging to you!!

Hi there! So glad you found me. I love WordPress. Much easier to comment on. I am following your blog, facebook page and twitter. Happy blogging to you too!

Hi Darlene, I’d love to be able to review your books!

That is so great Melissa. Can I send them to you in e-format? Send me your email adress to darlene.foster@telus.net and I will get them right to you. Thanks a bunch!!

Your books look great! I have also written some young adult fiction and enjoy learning about authors like yourself. Keep up the good work! We writers need to stick together!

And thank you again for tweeting about my book.

Thanks for stopping by Kathryn! You are so right, we do need to stick together and support each other. All the best.

I’m a dreamer, too. Somedays I don’t know which I am more: a writer or a dreamer. Hence the subtitle of my blog.


Thanks for stopping by Diane! I think it is a very good combination, writer/dreamer. Keep writng and dreaming, the world needs more of us!

Hi Darlene! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the 7 x 7 Link Award! Thanks for such an enjoyable blog. Here’s the link: http://megtraveling.com/2012/03/09/7%c3%977-link-award/

Thanks so much for the 7 x7 award. How kind of you. I’ve been away but will pass it on asap and check out the other blogs.

Great blog, Darlene! Based on your bio and your list of favorite things, I think we would enjoy each other’s company!

I am sure we will. Thnaks for visiting my blog!

Darlene, So happy to have found you!!! I have been hosting Andy and am sure you are going to have a blast with him. I am ready to send him on to you but guess what—-I totally cannot find the email where Lenore sent me your address!! I sent her an email but I know that she is on vacay so if you want to help me out (and speed Andy up!) could you pretty please email me your address???? beth.chiles@gmail.com Thank you !!!!

I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award and I hope you will accept. Pop over to my Blog and visit Fluffy Moments for the details.

Hi Darlene! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Award! Thanks for such an enjoyable blog. Here’s the link: http://megtraveling.com/2012/10/06/super-sweet-award/


I have nominated you all for an award!!!


Jennifer Kiley – Writer. Poet. Screenwriter
Jennifer Kiley – Blogger-http://thesecretkeeper.net/
Jennifer Kiley – https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.kiley723
Jennifer Kiley – @occultguardian-https://twitter.com/occultguardian

Darlene, Are you interested in guest blogging on Storee’s site? I like what I see on yours.

I would love to guest blog on Storee’s site. What woudl you like me to blog about? Thanks for asking me!


You Have Been Invited To Participate In THE PARAGRAPH CHALLENGE

To accept the Invitation Please go to the following Bloggers Link:



I do hope you decide to join the fun. For tthe rules and what this entails go to the above link. Enjoy. J.K.

Thanks for dropping by,… You have a great blog in here! 🙂

Hi Darlene,
I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. For details, please visit http//sweatercursed.blogspot.com

What age range are your books targeted to?

Thanks for visiting my blog. My books are written for 8 – 12 year olds although other ages have enjoyed them as well.

You have a lovely blog here ! I enjoyed reading your about presentation.
// Maria

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. You have wonderful pictures on your blog.

Hi Darlene, I look forward to reading about your travels and writing. I am am living in the Cree Nation of Mistissini (a former Montrealer) and quite isolated. I have started to write … now that I have time to to read more! keep posting!

Thank you for reading my blog. I’m pleased that you enjoy it. Good luck with your writing!

These are exactly the kind of books my daughter would have loved to have read. Real girls in real time.

My aunt just published a children’s book for readers of about that age level. I am so proud of her!


Hi Darlene, nice to meet you, and to explore your blog. Your children’s books look wonderful. Also I think you live in/near Vancouver – our home town. It’s a beautiful city.
Thanks for visiting our blog, and for the ‘like’ on the post about the Guelaguetza Festival. I’m glad you enjoyed it. What an extraordinary experience it was.
Cheers, Alison

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I live in the Vancouver area and work in Vancouver. It is lovely here but I enjoy visiting other parts of the world too. Your article was wonderful, the pictures depicted the colour and pageantry well.

Thanks Kamila. I’m glad to meet another dreamer. Pleased you like my blog.

Hi, I love your blog and decided to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Bye Kamila

Thanks so much Kamila!

Congratulations on your body of work!

Hi Darlene,
Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated. Perhaps you might like to join in the fun on my weekly ‘Capturing History Challenge’ https://edmooneyphoto.wordpress.com/2015/09/30/capturing-history-challenge-week-6/or the Spooktacular 2015 https://edmooneyphoto.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/spooktacular-2015/ for Halloween. Looking forward to seeing more from you and your blog,
Have a great day,

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Look forward to your tweets and comments!

wonderful travels and travelogues Darlene. I live on Vancouver Island!!

Thanks for visiting. Loved your photo on Capturing History. Love Vancouver Island!!

Hi, Darlene! Thanks for the like. Just wanted to drop on by and take a look at your books. Very impressive!

Thanks for visiting! Great to have you on board.

Hi Darlene,

I am sure you have tons of promotion for your book, but I wanted to share this opportunity I am running on my new self-hosted blog. If you are interested please let me know! If not, no worries, and you can remove this comment! 🙂


Thanks for your interest in my books. I have sent you an email.

I appreciate you doing that Darlene! Hope you have a great week! 🙂

So happy to have found your blog. I am looking forward to reading you!


Thank you so much for finding my blog and liking a post. Hope you come back again soon

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

well Hi Darlene and thank you kindly for the follwo

Great to have you stop by!

I am delighted to have found you, Darlene.

I am happy we found each other! Thanks for following.

It’s so nice to meet you!

It is so nice to meet you too. Thanks for following my blog.

[…] Darlene Foster is the author of several books for children about a peripatetic twelve-year old named Amanda Ross, published by Central Avenue Publishing. Foster divides her time between British Columbia and Spain. Below Foster writes about how she went from being a twelve-year old on a ranch who wanted to be a writer, to an adult author settled in Spain, where she has written more Amanda books over the past few years. -DM […]

Hi Darlene,
I wanted to let you know, that I now have a new website, and the old site will be deleted very soon. So that you don’t miss out, I have popped you onto the Follow Me subscription so that you can continue receiving notifications of my blog posts. Could I ask you to confirm the subscription by press the “Follow” button and please put your email in? Thank you so much. That is all you have to do.
will follow you too

I look forward to being able to keep in touch with you on my new website.

Thank you very much

Done! Your new website looks great.

Thank you so much. yours looks great as well


Just wanted to pop over and say thank you for liking my post and joining in the share.


Thanks for visiting, Trina!

Thank you for catching my dream blogette. Your site is very professional and rewarding. I wish you continued success.

Thanks for stopping by, James. I love anything to do with dreaming!!

[…] Darlene has offered this amazing review of her latest book, please go and check both of them out […]

This isn’t the most profound comment you’ll ever get, but I always loved the name Medicine Hat. Any idea what its history is?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. That is a great question. The name Medicine Hat comes from First Nations legends. There are a number of stories but they all center around a medicine man’s feathered headdress.The original name was Saamis, the Blackfoot word for the feather headdress worn by medicine men. One legend tells of a battle between the Blackfoot and the Cree in which a retreating Cree “Medicine Man” lost his headdress in the South Saskatchewan River that runs through the city. I love to share the story of my home town’s unique name.

[…] Amanda in New Mexico is the perfect read for teenagers interested in any of the following: ghost stories, adventure, southwestern history and geography. Author Darlene Foster portrays past and present life in New Mexico with great vibrancy and accuracy, even using Spanish terms to draw the reader into Amanda’s charming and elaborate surroundings. Overall, I like Amanda in New Mexico and give it an 85/100 on the Quiet Scale. To find out more about Darlene Foster and her latest works, click here. […]

Happy Birthday Darlene!

Thank you so much, David!

[…] Darlene Foster is the creator of the exciting Amanda Travels series featuring spunky Amanda Ross, a twelve-year-old Canadian girl who loves to travel. Readers of all ages enjoy following Amanda as she unravels one mystery after another in unique destinations. Darlene, an avid traveler herself, divides her time between the west coast of Canada and the Spanish Costa Blanca with her husband and entertaining dog, Dot. She loves trying different recipes and believes it is never too late to pursue your dreams. […]

[…] Darlene Foster is the creator of the exciting Amanda Travels series featuring spunky Amanda Ross, a twelve-year-old Canadian girl who loves to travel. Readers of all ages enjoy following Amanda as she unravels one mystery after another in unique destinations. Darlene, an avid traveler herself, divides her time between the west coast of Canada and the Spanish Costa Blanca with her husband and entertaining dog, Dot. She loves trying different recipes and believes it is never too late to pursue your dreams. […]

Found you on Esme’s blog. What fun you must have writing these books. I have to check Amanda out. Louise

Thank you so much for stopping by, Louise. I have had fun writing these books! I hope you enjoy Amanda and her travels.

[…] you, Darlene, from Darlene Foster’s Blog for nominating me for this ‘Real Neat Blog Award’.  I am humbled and honored by your kindness […]

Congrats on your stories! I have a children’s book coming out very soon that I co-authored with my friend. So exciting! Yes, dreams can come true!!
Would love to go to British Columbia someday! I have a dear friend who lives there, in the Vancouver area.

Thanks so much and best of luck with your children’s book. The Vancouver area is a great place to visit. I hope you get there someday.

You are welcome and thank you! 🙂

Congrats on all your writing successes, Darlene! And thanks for following my blog. 🙂

Thank you so much, Jennifer. Thanks for following back.

Hi Darlene! It’s nice to meet you and find your blog. And thank you for visiting mine. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts!

Thanks so much for dropping in. I look forward to reading your posts as well.

[…] Congratulations to the Darlene, Michelle, and […]

Thanks for considering my post in the top three!!

[…] you, Darlene, from Darlene Foster’s Blog for nominating me for this ‘Real Neat Blog Award’.  I am humbled and honored by your kindness […]

[…] Congratulations to Janet, Darlene, and […]

[…] Darlene Foster is the creator of the exciting Amanda Travels series featuring spunky Amanda Ross, a twelve-year-old Canadian girl who loves to travel. Readers of all ages enjoy following Amanda as she unravels one mystery after another in unique destinations. Darlene, an avid traveler herself, divides her time between the west coast of Canada and the Spanish Costa Blanca with her husband and entertaining dog, Dot. She loves trying different recipes and believes it is never too late to pursue your dreams. […]

Darlene, I’ve been reading “Amanda in New Mexico,” and am enjoying it. I can see why your books are so popular. Having just been to NM, your descriptions of settings are particularly vivid. And I’m sure that your audience enjoys getting a bit of history and local culture along with a fun and fast-moving story. Well done. ~James

Thank you so much, James. It is so good to hear from a reader and to know that what I wrote worked. I loved my time in NM so much, I just had to write about it. This made my day!

Wow, Darlene, your grandson is right, you’re a “super-mega-woman-supreme.” I’m so thrilled to have connected with you. ~Steph

Thanks, Steph. I am so happy we have connected roo.

Well done! Will definitely have to check out these links

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

[…] This is a short story, in 1350 words. It was prompted by the above photo, sent to me by Darlene Foster. https://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/about/ […]

I haven’t read an Amanda book. Yet. I intend to. I like what you say about dreams. Sort of gives people reason to dream – there is a chance it could come true!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope if you read an Amanda book that you enjoy it. I´d love to hear your thoughts.

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