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Amanda Books at the Public Library!

Posted on: April 23, 2023

Such wonderful news to wake up to! Thanks so much, Jennie Fitzkee for making this happen. Having my books in libraries is a huge dream come true.

A Teacher's Reflections

Thursday is my Read-Aloud day at the Groton Public Library.  When I arrived, the head children’s librarian was beside herself.

“Jennie!  Jennie!  The Amanda books are here!”

And then she showed me all the books.  Wow!  Nine books.

Of course we had to have our picture taken with all the books.

Thank you to the Groton Public Library for carrying the Amanda books.  Thank you, Darlene Foster, for authoring such an exciting series of books for children.  Adventure is always a big draw for children’s books; yet when history, geography, friendship, and conflict are included…well, it doesn’t get better than that.  Nancy Drew, move over!


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70 Responses to "Amanda Books at the Public Library!"

Wow, how exciting, Darlene! I’m happy to know your books are in the library. Thank you for sharing the great news.

Thanks, Miriam. I am over the moon excited about this.

I bet you are, Darlene. It’s super exciting!

Cogratulations to you, Darlene! A great milestone, and i am not wodering about. The best always find it’s way to the humans, äh children. Best wishes, Michael

Thank you so much, Michael.

Most impressive!! I’m thrilled for you. What a glorious boost!!

Thanks, Anne! It certainly made my day.

All of us who love you are thrilled. ox

Thank you for sharing, Darlene. Your dream come true was thrilling for me!

This has made everyone happy!

This is so exciting! Yay!!!

Congratulations, Darlene. I am jumping up and down with excitement for you. Hugs.

Jumping up and down is exactly what I was doing too! xo

Congratulations, Darlene. Fabulous news!

I bought the first book, Amanda goes to Arabia for my youngest grandson who was 10. He thought he was far too old to read it but in fact one day I came across him sitting in the corner of the living room in the sunshine reading it. Of course I read it and still have that copy. Wpw 9 books. Well done friend.

You have been with me on my journey since the start, Judith. And it’s been wonderful having you along. Thanks so much!

Many of us who started blogging early on Re still on board even if we no longer blog every day. Some have dropped off for a variety of reasons and others have joined. So we have this group of friends whom we probably will never meet but who we think of as real friends. You of course are one of mine.

I agree. My blogging friends are important to me. xo

Congratulations, Darlene. Kudos to Jennie for facilitating this!

Thanks, Jacqui. Jennie is such a super champion of authors. And an amazing teacher.

Fantastic! Congratulations.

How very nice and well deserved to have your books reach such an enthusiastic audience.

Great news! Congratulations this is so exciting! 💞

It really is! Thanks, Cindy.

That’s wonderful. Congratulations.

Wonderful news! Mega congrats Darlene!

Thanks, Irene. Great news indeed.

congrats Darlene! What great news to wake up to!

Thanks, Carol Anne. It was indeed.

That’s exciting! I’m hoping that many more libraries will invite you to read to the kids. They need your stories. 🙂

Thanks, Debra. I love doing readings at libraries. xo

Congratulations, Jennie! I was very excited to read this only Jennie’s blog. Hurray for Amanda!

Thanks, Liz! Jennie is the best. xo

You’re welcome, Darlene. I wholeheartedly agree about Jennie!

Seeing children reading your books has to be the best feeling. I’m happy for you, Darlene, and all the kids who will benefit.

Thanks, Pete. It is a great feeling and makes all the work and effort worth it!

Warm Congratulations, Jennie. How wonderful to see your books in the Public library. How delighted children will be to read them.


Thanks, Miriam. I will always be grateful to Jennie for making this happen for me.

Sorry, Darlene. I am upset over messing up the real Authors name.
Silly me

No worries! I knew what you meant and Jennie deserves a huge congrats for suggesting my books to her local library. These are things that really help a writer, as it’s tough out there.

That is the height of coolth

It is indeed! Thanks.

That’s amazing! And what a great picture of those ladies showing off all your books! That’s quite the collection!

Thanks so much. It is such a great picture.

More congratulations, Darlene and Jennie. Great to reach children in this way. Onwards and upwards…

Good to see where your books are being placed. I hope they are in full view

Thanks. It is great to see my books in libraries.

This is FABULOUS news!! Are you in any of the Chicago libraries?

Not that I know of, but it would be great.

Well, let me know how we would do this. I’m happy to assist you.

How kind of you. I think the best thing is to approach a library and ask for my books. If they don’t have them ask if they would consider carrying them and why you think kids would enjoy reading them. It’s always worth a try. Thanks so much for thinking of me.

Ok, I’ll give it a try. 🙂

[…] note: The first line of this story was offered as a prompt by Darlene when I had hit a writer’s block. I hope I did it […]

That’s great news, Darlene! You are an ambassador for getting children to read. <# All the best.

Thanks, Carol. I just want children to get the same thrill out of reading that I did as a child. (and still do)

Fabulous, Darlene 🌺

Thanks, Robbie for your assistance and encouragement as well.

That’s fabulous, Darlene. What a treat. I’m heading to Jennie’s to read more. Congrats!

Thanks so much. It is a real treat! Jennie is the best!!

How exciting for you Darlene. Congrats my friend. ❤

That’s really great, Darlene!

Thanks so much, Nancy!

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