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More Memories in Photographs

Posted on: March 11, 2023

The best way to remember the past is through photographs and I’m fortunate to have some great ones. I shared a few here and promised to share more from my collection. These all feature my dad and his friends and family over the years.

Family life often centred around the kitchen on the farm. This is where we ate, chatted, played cards and board games, and often took pictures.

A typical get-together on the farm in the 1960s, with the men visiting over coffee. My dad on the left and my cute little brother hanging over the back of the chair.

Another kitchen get-together, probably after a game of cards. My dad is seated.

Happy family, early 1960s. Another kitchen picture.

Dad as a young boy on his father’s the farm n the 1930s

My dad, (centre holding a bowl) worked at Medalta Pottery in the late-1940s

My dad, far right, with his parents and younger brother, mid-1940s.

My favourite picture, taken in the early 1940s. Dad is on the right with his younger brother and best friend. These three were buddies to the end.

I had to include this picture from 16 years ago of the same three when they were in their eighties. My dad is in the middle, his brother to the right, and his friend to the left.

Dad on his horse in the 1940s

Just a snippet of life on a Canadian farm in the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.

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98 Responses to "More Memories in Photographs"

I love the old b&w of your dad and the pottery. A snapshot in time. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. I’ve always liked that picture as well.

Your photos of your Canadian childhood look a lot like mine in Pennsylvania, USA. We both had rural roots and close family ties. I noticed too that your dad worked in pottery. Now your daughter has carved an artistic career molding and modeling beautiful pieces.

Dad only worked in pottery for a short time as the range called him. But we have often commented on the fact that my daughter has now made pottery her career. Thanks for making that connection.

I enjoyed your old photos. How marvelous that you still have them!

Thanks, Anne. I am so glad I still have these precious pictures.

What a wonderful treasure to have these old photos, Darlene. In the first picture, I think my mom had those same curtains, lol.

These old pictures, gathered from various sources in the family, are indeed a treasure. Those are very typical 1960/70s curtains, aren’t they?

Terrific photos, Darlene. Looks like a great family in which to grow up.

It was a wonderful family and I’m so thankful I had the childhood I did. Glad you liked the pictures.

They are wonderful photos. Love the cowboy one of your father.

Thanks, Paul. That is how I remember my cowboy dad. It’s one of my favourite pictures.

Love the young and the old picture. What a gift to keep friendships going all those years.

I know. It’s amazing. They all got married the same year too. They had been friends for over 80 years!

Lovely photos stimulating precious memories. All mine were lost in a sea flooding of our family home in 1967.

That is too bad. Floods can be so devastating.

Such wonderful photographs and memories, Darlene!

Thanks, Donna. Great memories!

These are wonderful, Darlene. I don’t have anything similar to these and I really regret how they have got lost over the passage of time.

Thanks, Clive. I’m lucky as we are a picture-taking family and as family members have passed on the photos have been distributed among those of us still here. I know my kids will look after them as well.

I remember the old time refrigerators. Great to have such wonderful pictures of your family history. Love the glasses!

Those old fridges lasted forever too. Oh yes, we all remember the cat-eyed glasses! I also made the outfit I’m wearing in that picture. Glad you enjoyed these old photos.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful family photos!

So pleased you enjoyed looking through the family album with me! Each picture has a story or two.

Great photos, Darlene! Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories!

I’m sure you have some similar, Irene. It’s so great to look through these and relive the past.

Fantastic that you have so many photos. I wish my parents had more, but we don’t only a few. Great memories for sure.

I’m glad to have these wonderful memories captured in photos. Thanks for stopping by.

Wonderful photos Darlene! 💗

These are amazing photos capturing life back then. You’re lucky to have them, Darlene.

I am indeed lucky to have these. Precious memories.

I love old photos, the black and white ones are so atmospheric as showing days gone by.

I’ll reblogged this and use your idea to show some of the very old photos I have which maybe if interest to others simply because of their age. Thanks for sharing these, I found them really interesting.

Thanks for reblogging, Karen, I’m pleased it sparked an idea to share your pictures too.

It really has, and I love getting new ideas.

Yes – absolutely priceless. The missing tooth appealed to me

I loved that missing tooth also. There was always one of us with a missing tooth on a picture it seemed. So pleased you enjoyed these old photos, Derrick.

Lovely photos, and you all look so fit like you had a really healthy life there. Love the ginormous fridge!

It was a healthy life, lots of outdoor time and fresh food (grown by us). Those fridges held a lot! And there was also a huge deep freeze on the porch. We didn’t have many material possessions, but we would never starve.

Sounds wonderful. Simple and secure (hopefully!). I enjoyed your trip down memory Lane!

These are great! Beautiful 😍

Wow. Great pictures, Darlene. I can understand why the photo of the trio of musicians is your favorite. What a great shot. Thanks for the trip through time. It’s fascinating. 🙂

Thanks, Diana. Glad you enjoyed my memories.

Great photos, Darlene! What treasures you have. Are you on the far right in the kichen photo of the whole family? So cute!

That’s me in the cat-eye glasses and an outfit I made myself. These pictures are treasures!

They certainly are! You sewed a very cute outfit – stylish 🙂

Darlene, fantastic photos. You can tell so much about a family by the photos. It looks like you had a happy and hard working family. The old photos are fun to look at versus todays digital. Just holding makes you feel even closer. Check out my story about old family photos…

Thanks so much for your wonderful comment and for sharing your blog post. I loved it.

Great pictures, Darlene! What a treasure to have these, and the three musicians is my favorite too. 💞

Thanks, Lauren. I’m sure you would be able to write a meaningful poem based on these photos.

You’re welcome, Darlene, and I appreciate the kind words. I might just try. 🙂

I couldn’t agree more about how looking through our pictures is a great way to remember the past. It’s great that you have so many of your family. I really enjoyed this collection of pictures about your dad. It’s amazing that his younger brother and best friend remained his close friends throughout the years.

I know, not many friendships last that long. They even got married in the same year and had daughters a couple of years later. So I have a cousin my age and a good friend almost a year younger than me. For a long time, I thought she was my cousin as I called her parents Aunty and Uncle. Great memories.

Hi Darlene, what wonderful family pictures. It must be special to have a friendship that lasted a life time like your dad did. He looks very striking on the horse.

I love that picture of Dad on his horse. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Some great family images through the years, Darlene and its great to have friends throughout I am so pleased my children still keep in touch with school friends it’s lovely …Love the picture of your father on the horse and the pottery one 🙂

Thanks, Carol. These are great photos, especially of my Dad who has been gone for 16 years. Glad you enjoyed them.

So much family around, Darlene. I love that.

Family and friends, what more do we need?

Beautiful photographs 🙏 I love my old family photos so much. And, I get so curious when seeing old photos in general. Now photos are accompanied with an explanation but when you find old ones you generally know so little about the people in them. Thanks for sharing.

My mom was good at writing something on the back like names and dates but others were not so organized. Sometimes its fun to make up stories about who the people were. Thanks for stopping by.

Some say simpler times. That may be true, but it was also a time when people worked hard and cherished their families.
Beautiful keepsake photos, Darlene ❤

Thanks, Jacquie! We had our worries and stressful times too but it is so true, hard work, family and friends were what it was all about.

What great pictures, Darlene 🙂 You are rightva lot of life was centered in the kitchen.

Those big old farm kitchens were used for many things besides preparing and eating meals, like quilting bees, never-ending monopoly games, and baking marathons. Occasionally we had a newborn orphaned calf sleeping in a corner. it was the hub of family life on the farm.

What great photos, Darlene. The kitchen was an important room when we were growing up. These photos really reminded me of my childhood.

I have a number of friends from the Maritime Provinces and when we discuss our childhoods, we discover many similarities. Glad these photos brought back memories. xo

Fantastic photos, Darlene x

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us, Darlene!

So pleased you liked them, Priscilla.

Darlene, these are wonderful photos! My favorite is the same one as yours- your dad, his brother, and best friend with musical instruments. What a treasure!

That one is special. They weren’t particularly musical, Dad could not play the banjo, but they thought it would be fun to pose with musical instruments. Boys will be boys throughout the ages. We should have had them recreate the photo in their later years. It was great they maintained their friendship for over 80 years.

What a great story! Yes, this is typical of good friends. I can picture how much fun they had posing for the photo with musical instruments. I’m not surprised that their friendship lasted over 80 years. That photo is a treasure!

Wow, Darlene, what a wonderful collection of family photos you shared here ❤️ I especially liked the ones of the three men, when they were younger and again in their ’80s. Friends through and though. Great family shots!

Thanks, Christy. They were best buds till the end.

What great pictures! Your favorite of the three buddies playing music was my favorite, until I came to the next one, the one of the same three buddies in their 80s. I’ll tell you the truth, I kinda teared up. ❤

Thanks, Marian. I tend to get teary when I see that one too. Especially since they are all gone now.

Wonderful that you have all those lovely photo-memories, Darlene. I confess I love going through my old family photographs, but it’s not so much fun for the younger folk!

Thanks, Mike. It’s funny but my kids and grandkids love looking at old photos. But our family is odd like that.

I love traveling back in time through the photo albums my family kept. My daughter always wonders how people survived without a cell phone, air conditioning in cars, computers, Google… the list is endless. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the photographs you shared. Each one is priceless.

So pleased you enjoyed these old pictures. It is hard for younger people to imagine how our lives were all those years ago. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I think all of us, your followers, are in love with these photos, Darlene. Thank you for sharing these special unique family photos that show so much, without video or sound. Industriousness, the importance of family, friendship, love of nature (on the range) and even so, the fragility and swiftness of life.

Thank you so much for those heartfelt words, my friend. You summed it all up so well. 💖

Wow! These really are great!

And that horse!! Beautiful.

Don’t you wish they had documented everything in the kitchen from that time. I do. I would love to open every cupboard and look inside. Thank you!

Thanks, Cecilia. I can envision the inside of my mom’s cupboards. In fact, many things would be in the same place in my cupboards! So pleased you loved the pictures. My dad was always so proud of his horses.

Great photos, Darlene! Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories!

Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Darlene,
interesting photos.
It was really different in Sweden and in the US in the sixties, a total different aesthetics. I was a teenager at this time in rural Sweden.
Thanks a lot for sharing
The Fab Four of Cley
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m pleased you enjoyed the old photos. It was indeed a different time. Thanks for the comment. 😊

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