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Doors of Malta

Posted on: March 3, 2023

I am joining Dan Antion over at https://nofacilities.com/ where he runs a series called Thursday Doors. This is what he has to say:

Welcome to Thursday Doors! This is a weekly challenge for people who love doors and architecture to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos, drawings, or other images or stories from around the world. If you’d like to join us, simply create your own Thursday Doors post each (or any) week and then share a link to your post in the comments below, anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time).

Dan writes great books too  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BC23MDLV 

Today I want to share some of the amazing doors I found in Malta. Most of the buildings in Malta are made from limeston, but the doors are often in bright colours breaking up the monotone buildings. I was fascinated by the variety of doors and doorknockers. Here are just a few pictures I took around the island.

You might recall that Amanda had quite the adventure in Malta.

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94 Responses to "Doors of Malta"

I love the bright colors of these doors, Darlene. They are beautiful. Thanks, too, for the close up details of the hardware (and for the mention of my books).

My pleasure, Dan. I enjoy going through my photos and finding doors to share. Thanks for putting this together.

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Thanks for reblogging.

Hi Darlene! Thanks for sharing these wonderful and very impressive doors and entrances. I love Dan Antion’s idea. Best wishes, Michael

Love the colors!

Thanks, John. They are so vibrant!

Wonderful doors! Excellent photos.

Thanks, Rebecca. I know you like interesting doors.

Great photos, Darlene. I love all the different colored doors!

I don’t know why I find doors so fascinating, but all of these are beautiful. The attention to detail really pops against some of the otherwise nondescript buildings. Love the colors, too!

I am always fascinated by unique doors as well. Glad you enjoyed these.

such amazing doors Darlene! Thanks for sharing them! X

Pleased you liked them, Carol Anne!

That’s quite a few stunning doors. Love the variety of colours!

It was amazing to see the splash of colour the doors provided.

Beautiful doors, Darlene. I love the colors.

Thanks, John. They must paint them every year to keep the colours so vibrant.

I’m sure they must. 😁

Wow – I love all the colorful doors. We have to smile. thanks for making us HAPPY today!

I’m glad I brought some smiles to you today!

I love the color and detail work on these doors. Cool door knockers, too!

The doorknockers were incredible. I only included a couple. The doors certainly added some colour to the place.

The colors give me a lift. It’s late afternoon and I find my energy flagging, Darlene!

Glad to hear the post with the colourful doors gave you the lift you needed. xo

It is interesting to me that bright-colored doors seem to be more popular abroad than in the states.

I see them more here in Europe than in Canada too. Perhaps it is because the buildings themselves are usually dull brick or sandstone and need brightening up. I did see some brightly painted doors in New Mexico though.

Hi, Darlene – I love these brightly coloured doors. Why go with plain wood when doors can be so much more?! ❤

They certainly brighten up the scenery. Thanks.

Malta was one of my favourite places to visit and the doors are worthy of a post the colours are beautiful I loved the fact when we visited(Gozo) that many doors had keys on the outside in case anyone came and they were not at home they could let themselves in and make a cuppa…I often wonder if this is still the case…A lovely post, Darlene x

Malta is one of my favourite places too. Gozo is very country and relaxed, I’m not surprised. Not sure if it’s the same as it’s a busy tourist spot now.

I’m sure it is as its quite close to a few countries and such lovely place to holiday xx

What a fabulous idea, Thursday Doors. The doors in Malta are really nice and because they are different to what I see.

I found everything in Malta unique and interesting. So much history there!

I wanted to follow Dan’s website but couldn’t fine any follow button. It looks an interesting site that I’d like to read more of.

go to https://nofacilities.com/ and scroll way down on the right-hand sidebar till you get to this block:
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It’s quite far down.

I scrolled for a long time, he has a lot if posts, lol. But will try again and look on the right. Thanks.

Fabulous doors, Darlene. I love the bright colors!

Pleased you like them, Lauren.

Delightfully vivid, and loved the personalized door handles! Malta is on our go-to travel list, Darlene!

You would love it there. I’m surprised you haven’t visited yet.

Maybe this coming fall….more later (smile).

These are great doors, Darlene. Very colourful.

These are great! That first one made me smile, such cherry colors.


Thanks! They really break up the monotony, don’t they?

Once again, amazing doors, and some of those handles, wow!

I’m drawn to unique doors. And I loved those door knockers!

I love how colourful these doors are

Thye certainly brighten up the landscape.

Hi Darlene – this is a great selection of doors and I agree, the knockers are so interesting. We have nothing like that here where we live. I especially like the bright colors of the doors in the first picture – so cheerful!

Thanks. I agree, I have never seen so many coloured doors as I have in Malta. And those door knockers!

So excited to have come across your post, Darlene. Beautiful descriptions of the doors and great images! Looking forward to checking out Dans posts! Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you for stopping by, Cecilia. Glad you liked the doors I shared and you will love Dan’s posts.

Yes! I look forward to exploring!

How beautiful and clever to have brightly painted doors. It’s interesting that most are double doors.

You would always know which was your house if you came home late at night! Otherwise, the buildings all look the same.

I love it that they coordinate the colours of the door and window. The door knockers are great too

The windows in Malta are quite amazing as well and I too love it when they match the doors. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Such pretty doors, Darlene. What a treat to have traveled and thought to have taken these photos. I love the colors too. 🙂

I am often drawn to doors when I travel, for some reason. The colours of these doors are amazing!

Perfect doors for Dan’s Thursday Doors!! I love the uniqueness of each of those doors and the door knockers….so awesome!! Thanks for sharing Darlene!!

Thanks, Kirt. These doors and door knockers are very unique. Glad you enjoyed them.

Fantastic doors and knockers, Darlene! They make me want to go up to one and try it, lol

I know. I certainly wanted to do that too.xo

I do recall Amanda’s adventure in Malta. Woah!

Awesome doors, Darlene – I loved Malta and Amanda in Malta xxx

Thanks, Toni. So pleased you enjoyed Amanda’s adventure in the marvellous country of Malta!

I love all the vivid colors of the doors. Great photos!

Tee-hee! It’s as if they are color-coded. Thanks for the closeups of the doorknockers. They’re fabulous. Hugs.

I know. I guess if one came home after too much partying, one would know which door was yours. Those doorknockers are straight from one of your books. xo

I love how the colors brighten the buildings, and those doorknockers are so cool. Thanks for the tour, Darlene!

Glad you enjoyed these doors and door knockers!!

Some interesting doors here, Darlene. All I remember about Malta is the old-fashioned buses that rattle along and have next to no suspension!

LOL! They still have them. They were also packed with people.

Yes, and it was so hot. I remember feeling a bit sick as we got off the bus.

These doors make great prompts for creative writing. What is behind them? With doors like these, only magnificent things. 🙂

They would, wouldn’t they! You have my permission to use any of them if you’d like. xo

Wow! Thanks Darlene. I just might do that with my creative writing students. 🙂

Wonderful doors Darlene. You’ve inspired me to take more door photos and return to Thursday Doors.

Thanks, Paul. I love Thursday Doors, although I can’t participate every time.

I love the top picture, all those different colours.

Thanks. I like that one too.

I love your Maltese doors, Darlene. Malta is one of my favorite places and you pictured it perfectly – stately with a touch of whimsy! ~Terri

Malta is one of my favourite places as well. It’s interesting how many people have not been there, though. The doors were very interesting. I loved the splash of colour among the limestone. Thanks for stopping by Terri. Enjoy your next adventure.

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