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Cookbook Confidential, Cookbook Club: Darlene Foster reviews Greek Spinach Rice with Shrimp and Dill

Posted on: February 24, 2023

Check out my contribution to a cookbook club I’m part of. The article includes the recipe and my review of the cookbook we chose for this month.

The recipe I chose for this challenge was Greek Style Spinach Rice with Shrimp and Dill which was delicious and not at all difficult to prepare. I love Greek food but seldom have it, and since I had some shrimp in the freezer I wanted to use up, it was perfect. For the recipe read more here

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56 Responses to "Cookbook Confidential, Cookbook Club: Darlene Foster reviews Greek Spinach Rice with Shrimp and Dill"

I love Spanish rice–never tried it Greek style. Wow that looks good.

Ooops–Spnach rice!

LOL. Spanish rice is good too! It’s the dill and lemon that make it very Greek. Adding feta on top makes it even more Greek!

Love this – want to make it now! Sharing!

You would enjoy it. I ate it as my main meal but it would make a nice side dish as well.

A lovely review, Darlene! What was it like writing one for a recipe book? Easier or just the same as for fiction reviews? The dish here looks so tasty and hope to make this sometime!

I love reading recipe books but had never thought of writing a review of one. It wasn’t any more difficult than reviewing a novel or a collection of poetry/short stories. You just need a different slant to it. I also realized you can count cookbooks in your Goodreads reading challenge!

Obviously, others could read the recipe. It wouldn’t come up on my phone.

That’s too bad. Perhaps on your tablet or laptop, it may show up. Or I can send it to you. xo

I’m definitely going to try this recipe. I hope David will try the shrimp, and if he doesn’t like that, I’ll find another protein for him.

Hi Darlene, these looks amazing. I want to make this too but I have to make something different for Greg and my dad who are fussy – oops, I mean don’t eat shrimp! Haha!

I know what you mean. I am the only one who ate this. My hubby is allergic to shellfish and doesn’t like spinach. He had a piece of fried chicken and some mashed potatoes. But I make two separate meals most evenings.

This looks so yummy, Darlene!

It was Jan. I’ll be making it again.

Anything with shrimp is a giant yes for me 🙂 This looks delicious!

You won’t be disappointed. The shrimp I had were a bit smaller but it still worked out well.

It looks delicious, Darlene 🙂 Congrats on being a part of a cookbook! Xo

I love trying different recipes, so I thought a cookbook club would be fun. (and something different)

That looks delicious, Darlene! I’ll have to try it.

I think you will like it!

I like all the ingredients in your recipe. Really like them! I have the impression that Mediterranean-type cuisine is healthy. Your post verifies that. Thanks, Darlene!

Thanks, Marian. I hope you give it a try. A Mediterranean diet is very healthy.

Looks delicious, Darlene. We enjoy Greek dishes, so this one will need to be made. Thanks.

Thanks, John. Glad you like the look of this dish. It’s worth a try.

Hi Darlene! I saw this on Twitter and thought it looked delicious – so I’m glad to be catching it here. Heading over now to check out the recipe. 😊

I hope you get a chance to try it. xo

I’m like Annika -never thought of writing a review of a cookbook, but what a great idea. Problem is I have so many cookbooks (from over the years) that I’m finally giving some away and promising myself to not buy more. BUT, I’ll take excellent recipes like yours any day. That Greek Spinach Rice looks delish!

When we moved to Spain I had to give away 75% of my recipe book collection. So I know what you mean. But I’m happy to try new recipes any time!

That sounds – and looks – delicious, Darlene. I’m not an onion fan, so I’d leave that out. But I love feta, so I’d definitely add that to leftovers.

My hubby is allergic to onions so I make many things without them. Feta is always good on just about anything! Enjoy.

That looks really good, Darlene! I’m going to click over and snag the recipe.

Thanks! I think you’ll like this one.

It sounded even better when I read the recipe!

Looks delicious and nutritious. It gets bonus points for having an “easy” rating! Thanks for sharing.

Easy is always better!!

This sounds delicious, Darlene. I’ll have to try this sometime because my husband would love it. 🙂

It makes a great meal. I hope he enjoys it.

I’m officially in love with dill, and this dish sounds so perky and delicious! Can I also say that I love the Nancy Drew napkin? 🙂

Thanks, Terri! My friend made the set for me. I love it too.

Sounds yummy. May wait until we’re on a coast to get fresh shrimp!

I’m sure fresh shrimp would be best but it was very good with the frozen I already had too.

I’m sure fresh frozen in Spain would be great. Midwestern shrimp is not famous for its freshness. 😉

This sounds like a fun project, Darlene. The dish is beautiful. I admit that I had to think about it for a moment, imagining that combination of flavors, but it does sound delicious. Hugs.

The flavours worked very well together! Hugs back. xo

This looks delicious, Darlene – congrats on the great project.

It’s so good I’ve made it twice! A fun project.

It looks delicious, Darlene 🙏😎

Happy Birthday I hope you have had a lovely day, Darlene🙏🌞🎂🍹🥂

Thank you, Carol.

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