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Who’s That Indie Author? Debra Purdy Kong

Posted on: February 21, 2023

A fabulous interview with an author I admire and respect. I love her advice to new writers entering the writing and publishing arena? Please check it out.

Book Club Mom

Debra Purdy Kong

Name: Debra Purdy Kong

Books: Casey Holland mystery series: The Opposite of Dark, Deadly Accusations, Beneath the Bleak New Moon, The Deep End, Knock Knock, The Blade Man, A Gold Satin Murder

Genre: Crime Fiction

Background: I live near Vancouver, British Columbia and I’m the author of eleven mystery novels (three of them are out of print). After many years spent learning the craft of writing and the business side of things (I’m still learning), I now mentor newer writers through workshops offered by my local community center.

When did you first decide you wanted to be a writer? In 1979 I spent a year travelling alone through Europe and working as a legal secretary in London, England. I wrote a lot of letters home, kept a journal, and began writing my first short stories to fill…

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19 Responses to "Who’s That Indie Author? Debra Purdy Kong"

Thanks for sharing, Darlene!

Thanks, Jan. I think Debra articulated what many of us feel.

Great interview. I enjoyed it.

Thanks, Jacqui. I agree with what Debra has to say about the journey.

Facinating interview. Liked your comment Darlene. It’s the journey… I love that Debra is mentoring young writers.

I’m pleased you liked the interview. Debra also mentors older writers (like me) as well!

Thank you so much for featuring this post, Darlene. I’ve been busy packing and sorting today in preparation for my move and just had a chance to sit down and catch up! And thanks for all of the kind comments. I’m delighted that people enjoyed the interview!

You are welcome. It was a very good interview with great questions and perfect answers. Happy packing!

Thanks for sharing this interview, I hadn’t heard of this author and it’s always good to learn about more indie authors.

Thanks, Ari. I think it’s important to share the news about indie authors. Debra is a great writer and shared some wonderful insights.

Thanks, Ari. I love learning about other indie authors as well. I’ve acquired some great reads through Darlene’s site and that of others. 🙂

Yes, Darlene’s site is a treasure trove 🙂

Thanks for sharing this post, Darlene.

Thanks for sharing the interview and putting this author on my radar

I love to promote other Canadian writers!

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