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Doors of Orihuela

Posted on: February 17, 2023

I am joining Dan Antion over at https://nofacilities.com/ where he runs a series called Thursday Doors. This is what he has to say:

Welcome to Thursday Doors! This is a weekly challenge for people who love doors and architecture to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos, drawings, or other images or stories from around the world. If you’d like to join us, simply create your own Thursday Doors post each (or any) week and then share a link to your post in the comments below, anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time).

Dan writes some great books too  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BC23MDLV 

The doors I’m featuring today I discovered in Orihuela, an ancient inland city not far from where we live in Spain. There has been a city on the site since the fifth century and the buildings are an interesting mix of Arabic and European architecture.

I love this door on what appears to be a private residence, but it may have been a mosque at one time.

The main door to Santiago Parish Church; one of the many churches in Orihuela.

The fabulous entrance to Salvador and Santa Maria Cathedral, built on the site of a former mosque This entrance is called Door of the Chains

Another entrance to the cathedral.

Doors to the Town Hall or el Ayuntamiento, in Spanish

Doors to apartments in Orihuela

Door to the Santo Domingo Diocese College where I was given a guided tour by a couple of students.

Doors leading to the courtyard of the college

The gorgeous courtyard of the college

Hope you enjoyed this assortment of doors!

102 Responses to "Doors of Orihuela"

I’m really loving your door posts. I’m also enjoying seeing a bit of Spain – I’ve never been and it’s sneaking its way onto my list…

Thanks, Jo. I think you would love Spain, especially if get off the beaten track. So many hidden treasures. Mind you, the big cities have some amazing things to see as well.

We were only talking about it last night – we love landscapes and history and food, so off the beaten track is our fave destination.

I love the series founded by Dan Anion and also remember great contributions from Robbie. I also love your contributions, Darlene. Isn’t it wonderful how different doors can be and how they reflect the character of the building of the building?Thank you, Darlene! Enjoy a nice rest of the week. Hier in Germany we are currently celebrating a little carnival. xx Michael

Thanks, Michael for reblogging and for the nice comments. I love this series that Dan is running too. Enjoy the carnival!

This is such a great idea – sharing unique and exotic doors…I need to take more and jump on board!

You would enjoy this, John. I’m sure you have discovered some amazing doors in your travels. Doors to favourite restaurants would be fun.

That’s a GREAT idea! Since I am going to a 3 Michelin star restaurant tomorrow, I will do that!

The artfulness and architecture on these doors is magnificent. Doors seem magical to me because they often evoke Emily Dickinson’s lines, “Not knowing when the dawn may come, I open every door.”

I love that Emily Dickinson quote. Thanks for reminding me!

Some reslly gorgeous doors, Darlene! I have always loved rounded doors.

Thanks. I love rounded doors as well. We see a lot more of them here in Spain than I did in Canada.

I do like these doors, Darlene, especially that first one. I’d love to have a house with a courtyard on the inside!


Thanks! Courtyards are so lovely.

Yes, I did enjoy your doors today. Lovely photos.

Glad you enjoyed them, Anne!

I love these doors, Darlene. The shapes are so interesting and the history is amazing. We have experienced churches being reused by other religions, but not after standing for centuries. The cathedral entrances are so large. I love the shape. Thanks for sharing these with Thursday Doors and for your kind words.

Pleased you liked the doors I featured today. Thanks for organizing this challenge.

Dateline, absolutely beautiful!! The first one especially from a story book of Aladdin. 🙂

Thanks. The first one is reminiscent of Aladdin!

some beauties! ❤ thanks Darlene for sharing!

Thanks, Carol Anne. So glad you like them.

You’ve hit the motherlode of interesting doors!

Thanks, Liz. I’m lucky as there are many around here.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

I always love the door posts!! 💕

I think it’s great that so many people enjoy interesting doors.

It truly is and how many there are!!! 👏

An incredible array of doors, Darlene!

The doors in Spain are amazing!

An amazing variety of doors. They don’t make them like that anymore. Wow!

These old doors are something else!

I love strong, sturdy doors, and people!

Strong and sturdy make great doors and people! Now there is a good metaphor, “She was as strong and sturdy as an old cathedral door.” They were meant to keep the invaders out as the churches were places of refuge in medieval times.

Your door posts are wonderful, Darlene. The offer a little bit of travel in each read!

Nothing like armchair travel! Glad you are enjoying these posts. I have lots more to share.

Gorgeous doors, Darlene. That Islamic looking door may well have once been a mosque. The Muslims were forced to convert to Christianity in Spain during the early 16th century and expelled from Spain in the early 17th century. This is what I remember from when I read up about the Spanish Inquisition.

So true and yet the Muslims, Jews and Christians lived peacefully together for many years before that. The Spanish Inquisition was nasty. Glad you liked the doors!

That is true. It is always a few that ruin everything for everyone.

A gorgeous selection of doors, Darlene. All fascinating in their own beautiful way.

Thanks for the comment, Lauren. I agree, each door is unique.

These are so beautiful, Darlene! I could take a tour there featuring nothing but doors and be awed.

Thanks, Toni. The doors alone are awesome. And they often open to many marvels!

All absolutely magnificent. Thank you!

So pleased you enjoyed these doors, Angela!

Wonderful doors. Thanks for the tour of Orihuela, Darlene. Looks marvelous!

It’s a lovely old town, Rebecca. And every year they hold a fabulous Medieval Market.

How wonderful! I like seeing how you savor your time living in Spain.

You have an exceptional collection. You clearly see through your lens things others don’t see.

I do try to seek out unusual and unique things. The Arabic doorway I found down an alleyway. Thanks for the compliment.

I love this post on doors Darlene…..brings back memories of vacation time with you and Paul being tourists in Spain, and too thinking about “opening doors leading to the future” and “closing doors on the past”……I have a feeling we have many doors yet to open:)

Lots of doors to open for sure. Glad you liked the post my friend. xo

Glad to learn about this. The doors are phenomenal

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the doors.

Sure, I loved them. You’re most welcome 💝

These are some beautiful looking doors. I especially like the first one.

The first one was a real find as I discovered it down a small alley.

Some spectacular doors, Darlene I love the Arabic one 🙂 x

I love the Arabic buildings still standing. So colourful and unique.

Spain has some amazingly beautiful architecture and doors, Darlene. Thanks for sharing some great photos!

I’m lucky to have these wonderful old doors so near to me. Like living in a storybook. Pleased you liked them too. xo

Wow! These are fabulous doors. Thank you so much, Darlene.

A beautiful collection of doors, Darlene. I love the architecture in Spain and Morocco.

Me too. The mixture of Moorish and European architecture here in Spain is impressive.

A wonderful collection of doors, too many to choose a favorite. I do love the courtyard!

Thanks for dropping in and commenting. It is hard to pick a favourite.

What a stunning selection of doors! And so nice you got a guided tour 🙂

I know. The college was having an open house the day I was there and invited me in to look around. It was very impressive. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Darlene, these doors are amazing! I want to much to visit Europe one day to explore and be awed by the amazing architecture. It’s so romantic! I especially love the upward angle view of the apartment balcony doors.

Thanks, Terrie. You would be amazed by the architecture in Europe and the age of the buildings. Glad you liked the apartment building doors. I must post more of them as I am constantly taking pictures of the amazing apartments.

Darlene, Orihuela is rich in dramatic and beautiful doors! Imagine the stories of everyone who has passed through them. Aww … how sweet to have a private guided tour and the courtyard is the epitome of harmony and tranquillity!

I know. Wouldn’t it be lovely to sit and read or do your studies in that courtyard? I too think of the stories those doors could tell.

thank you. I’m always drawn to doors when I travel.

I think many of us are. Glad you liked these.

These doors are really stunning. How nice to have them on your doorstep 😊

I am lucky for sure. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

You’re welcome ☺️

Thank you. I never thought about how amazing a door could be. You have opened my eyes and mind to a world of wonder. God bless.

Medieval people believed it was important to have an elaborate door to enter God’s house.

Look at those doors! Gasp! So intricate and beautiful!

They are pretty amazing aren’t they? Glad you liked them.

Love this post, Darlene….awesome doors….thanks for sharing!

Some of these doors would be perfect for painting! Glad you found them awesome.

Doors – one does get so many different types and patterns, I am always amazed to see what people design and use as a home front door and then as per your post, all these lovely and interesting doors.
I would like to hear from you and know if you may be interested to collaborate and be part of the SSPS crew. Please get in touch and we can discuss. Thanks for sharing your posts weekly with us.

Thanks so much, Esme. I do love interesting doors, especially very old ones that will have seen many people pass through them over the years.

Ooooh! Darlene, this is a truly splendid Doors post. I love all these wonderful shapes. Hugs.

Delighted that you love these doors as I do. They do get the imagination going, don’t they?

That college courtyard is beautiful. Lovely assortment of doors, Darlene.

Thanks, Stevie. That college courtyard was so peaceful.

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