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Growing Bookworms – Meet children’s book author, Darlene Foster, and learn about her Amanda travel series and a review #childrensfiction #bookreview #growingbookworms

Posted on: February 8, 2023

I am honoured to be featured on Growing Bookworms today where I’m interviewed by Robbie Cheadle. Her fabulous review of Amanda in France is also included. A great day for me!

Writing to be Read

Today, I am delighted to introduce Darlene Foster, author of the Amanda travel series of books for children aged 9 to 12 years old. I have read several of the Amanda books and enjoyed them all.

Your Amanda stories appeal to me as they take me back to my own childhood readings days of The Famous Five and Adventure series. Was there any particular children’s author who influenced the style of your Amanda series?

That makes me very happy to hear this since the Enid Blyton books were very popular. I didn’t read the Famous Five series growing up in Canada, but I enjoyed The Bobbsey Twins by Laura Lee Hope as they travelled to interesting places, encountered danger and solved mysteries. I also enjoyed Trixie Belden, Donna Parker, and Nancy Drew because the main character in each series is a young girl who overcomes obstacles and solves mysteries. The…

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36 Responses to "Growing Bookworms – Meet children’s book author, Darlene Foster, and learn about her Amanda travel series and a review #childrensfiction #bookreview #growingbookworms"

You know, I’ve been thinking. (Oh oh!) My 12 year old grandson is falling behind in reading because he says he’s just not interested in what he reads. I think one of your books may change that. Which one would you recommend him starting with? And should I order through Amazon? This might be just what he needs.. and I can quick read it too!

Many boys and reluctant readers enjoy the stories. He might like Amanda in Alberta as there are cowboys, horses and ranches in it. Amanda in Malta has a cool male character called Caleb he might relate to. Amazon would be the best place to order it from. Let me know what he thinks of the book if you get one for him. Thanks.

That’s wonderful, Darlene! Heading over 🙂

Terrific post Robbie and bravo to Darlene – I bought the entire series for an 8 year old girl who is a voracious reader who is soaking up the stories, the characters and the locations – so important to expose children to the wonders of the world around them!

Thanks, John. I’m pleased she is enjoying the adventures.

Wonderful acknowledgment on your amazing series Darlene!

Awesome interview with two fabulous authors/bloggers!

Thanks so much, Donna.

Children’s books are such an important step in waking curiosity for the world.

So true. It was through books that I learned about the world and made me want to see more of it.

A great interview, Darlene, and I found it really interesting, though in hindsight not too surprising, that students today are so well-travelled compared to those in our generation. It must make for interesting discussions.

It certainly does. Travel is easier and more affordable so I’m not surprised. Also, many of the students or their parents were born in another country so they may travel back to visit. Children are just more worldly these days.

Heading over to read the rest. Congratulations, Darlene!

Congrats on being featured on Growing Bookworms. I enjoyed reading your interview and learning a bit more about your inspirations and writing style. I love the shout out to LM Montgomery!

Thanks so much. I owe LM Montgomery a lot.

Thanks for being a wonderful guest, Darlene 💖

Thanks, Robbie. You asked such great questions.

Wonderful interview, Darlene. It’s always fun to learn more about the authors behind the books we love.❤️

As always Darlene, such a charming conversation and your mentions of Enid Blyton and LM Montgomery really took me back to my own childhood. My Mum had some Enid Blyton from when she was growing up and she handed them down to me and I enjoyed them immensely. I came to the Anne of Green Gables series via the outstanding Colleen Dewhurst/Megan Follows led series in the mid 80’s and I just adored it!! I sought out the books soon after.

These days, I’m reliving these wonderful stories with my own daughter who has embraced them – *and your books* – affectionately.

I’m so grateful to have and cherish these stories. Hopefully, we can pass them on even further down future generations.

I love hearing from other fans of these great writers. I’m so pleased to hear that you are sharing them with your daughter, as I’m sure she will one day share them with children in her life. We are 5 generations of Anne of Green Gable fans in our family! I’m also delighted that she enjoys my books too. xo

Wonderful, Darlene! I’m heading over now 🙂

I think boys have trouble sitting still long enough to read anything!

Depends on the boy, of course. Some are happy to sit and read all day or play video games. It was my daughter who was the hyper one!

I’m thinking of 2 of my 3 grandsons – what a nightmare if they have to sit still!

Great interview, Darlene. I’m heading over to Robbie’s to read the rest. 🙂

Congrats, Darlene – a brilliant interview

I love this! Congratulations, Darlene. Well deserved.

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