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Inside Murcia Cathedral

Posted on: January 31, 2023

On a recent trip to the city of Murcia, I finally had time to explore the interior of the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary in Murcia built in the 1500s. I was awestruck and want to share a few pictures, although they don’t do it justice. I think you will agree that the details are amazing.

Chapel of the Immaculate dedicated to the Virgin Mary

The image of Santa María, carved in polychrome wood, is dated around the year 1627

The Baptistery Chapel was built in 1546. From then until 1908, the sacrament of baptism was held in this chapel. I love the gorgeous baptismal font.

Chapel of Gil Rodriguez de Junteron, a Murcian-born priest who spent time in the Vatican during the time of Pope Julius II. This explains the Italian look of this chapel.

The crypt with confessionals on each side.

The only rose window in the cathedral, from the 15th century.

The choir with late-Renaissance stalls, carved in walnut wood. Above it stands the great Merklin organ, with almost 4,000 pipes. It is one of the most well-known organs internationally. The sound is mesmerizing.

The impressive main nave.

I’ve always been fascinated by the huge thuribles, or incense burners, known as Botafumeiros in Spain. Apparently, as well as for religious purposes, they were used to ward off the plague in medieval times.

The cathedral also houses a small museum in the cloister of the old Cathedral with a few interesting items. These were my favourite pieces.

The head of an apostle.

San Cristobal/Saint Christopher

The priest Gil Rodríguez, who died in 1552, arranged in his will that he wanted to be buried inside a large imperial Roman sarcophagus, brought from Rome. During the 1998 restoration, this amazing sarcophagus of the muses was discovered intact, buried in the crypt. It is now on display in the museum and is the oldest item in the cathedral’s collection.

An original fresco, discovered while restoring the cloister, represents the Virgen de la Misericordia and is from the 15th century.

What amazing finds!

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90 Responses to "Inside Murcia Cathedral"

Stunning! Can feel the vibes of worshippers over the centuries. Thanks for sharing, Darlene.

I know and to think babies had been baptised in that church for almost 400 years!

Wow! What an amazing building. Incredibly beautiful and it must be awe-inspiring to be there.

It was incredible to be there. And unlike more well-known cathedrals, we almost had the place to ourselves.

It’s always good to have few others spoiling it for you, isn’t it. It does look stunning, and a great one to tick off your bucket list.

I love tagging along on your adventures,Darlene!! So much fun. Fabulous photos – I felt I was there with you.

Thanks, Rebecca. I was amazed at how beautiful this cathedral was inside. I’m pleased you enjoyed the tour.

Beautiful photos, Darlene. I love visiting the old churches and especially love the stained glass. Art lovingly created.

There was so much artwork in this cathedral. The number of craftsmen employed to create this place must have been huge.

Such beautiful photos, Darlene. I’d love to just sit in the cathedral and take it all in.

It is a nice place to sit and contemplate. There was even a monk sitting in the confessional just in case you needed to talk to him. It was straight out of a novel.

Churches really are amazing! I don’t think they build churches like this anymore.

I agree, these majestic churches are a thing of the past. They would cost way too much to build now.

Those are beautiful, Darlene.

Thank you for sharing these photos, Darlene. I grew up with little village churches (lots of wood, unadorned plaster walls), so I can barely conceive of something on this scale.

Those little country churches were part of my youth as well. So when I visit these huge old cathedrals in Europe, I am blown away.

Looks great! I need to check this church out soon!

It was a pleasant surprise and so close to us.

The music looks like Gregorian chant. I could read music that large!

I know, it’s music for the visually impaired. I thought it was cool to see this large piece of music on display.

I like when you travel. Then I can just enjoy the photos and not think too hard about a reply. LOL!

That’s the point. Always glad to hear from you. xo

These are definitely amazing finds, Darlene. Thank you for taking us along!

You never know what you will find inside! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

This is amazing, Darlene. I don’t think I could sit and listen to a sermon, as I’d be too busy studying every bit of that exquisite building.

So many details. That could be a distraction for sure.

Wow, what a beautiful cathedral Darlene…thank you for the virtual tour it is a stunning building x

The wonderful thing is it wasn’t crowded with tourists so we could really enjoy the visit.

That makes it even better, Darlene if you are like me I avoid anywhere that is packed with tourists 🙂

Amazing rose window!

It is even better in person!

I love the photos you’ve captured Darlene. I’d say you done it justice in spades!!

Thanks, Dean. I always wish I had taken more pictures and some are not as clear as I would like. Oh well, I’m a writer, not a photographer.

The art and architecture is just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing these photos.

Thanks, Nora. It is quite something and so old.

That’s for sure.

Such a wonderful Cathedral and beautiful photos you have taken. i can well imagine walking there too.
What devotion it took to create such wonders, from conception of the idea to the finished work.
Giving so much harmony to people over the centuries


There is something about being in these historic buildings, a certain peace emanates. You would probably be inspired to write a poem or two, Miriam

Thanks Darlene, there certainly is. I smile here, I have already written one poem from an experience in a Cathedral. it is called Devotion.

I’m not surprised. xo

Darlene, You captured so many different and beautiful aspects of this Cathedral. It is almost overwhelming in its beautiful details and treasures.

Thanks, Bernadette. And these were just a few of the many aspects of this cathedral in a small little-known city. I must return and explore some more. I’m sure I missed things. It was, as you say, overwhelming.

That place is so ornate, Darlene. The artistry is incredible, and I can’t imagine the cost and sacrifice to build it. Thanks for sharing your photos from inside and pieces of its history. I’d love to visit there.

It is incredibly ornate compared to the modest wooden prairie churches I was raised with. The cost must have been incredible but I also think for the stone masons and painters etc, it would have been a labour of love. If those walls could talk.

They could tell a fabulous story!

Stunning photos, Darlene. Thanks for inviting us to tag along. 🙂

Glad you enjoyed the visit. xo

It blows me away of the incredible beauty of this architecture!! The details and intricacies of everything is unbelievable. Take that and realize how long ago it was done….makes me pause with wonder and amazement!! Thank you very much for sharing, I can only imagine what it looks like up close and personal!!

It is unbelievable in person. I walked around three times in order to take it all in.

Wow! Can you imagine the construction without the use of computers and lasers? My favorite is the rose window, but everything is beautiful!

They certainly did not have the technology we have now but they had the creativity and dedication. The rose window is amazing.

Incredible! How gorgeous and I love the organ!

So much beauty and the organ is impressive. We were fortunate enough to hear it being played while we were there. The acoustics in the building are incredible.

I can image, especially with those vaulted ceilings. So wonderful

HI Darlene, what an incredibly beautiful church. I am really thinking I must visit Spain in the foreseeable future.

You would love it here, Robbie. So much history and beautiful buildings like this.

Good thing cameras are digital now; you’d never keep up with the film! These are stunning, Darlene. Hard not to feel reverential in a place like that.

I have often thought about that. I recall years ago going through ten rolls of film on one holiday. Now you can afford to make some mistakes. Digital cameras and smartphones are the best things ever. You do feel a quiet calmness in these old churches no matter what your beliefs.

What a beautiful church. The attention to detail is pretty incredible. I especially like the rose window.

Thanks. The details are something else. I agree, the rose window is quite spectacular.

Thanks for this splendid tour, Darlene. I love the organ. 4000 pipes — that’s even more than I expected. Hugs.

The sound is amazing. Glad you enjoyed the tour.

Wow! I have a feeling that the sizes and details would even more superb in person! I would love to see that one day for myself – In the meantime, thank you for showing us this beautiful cathedral, Darlene!

Thanks, Christy. Yes, it is much more impressive in person. I do hope you get to see this cathedral one day!

Wow! You must have been in awe.

I certainly was. We didn’t have things like this on the prairie farm. 😀

wow, awesome, Darlene! Great finds indeed 🙂

Darlene, What a beautiful cathedral! Thank you for the virtual tour and your photos.

I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the virtual tour.

Looks incredible, Darlene. Toni x

Darlene, thank you for sharing your visit to the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary in Murcia – it looks like an awe-inspiring church. Did you have a chance to hear anyone play the organ – it must be a magnificent sound?

Yes, we did hear the organ being played and it was fabulous. The acoustics in those old cathedrals with the vaulted ceilings are amazing!

What amazing pics! I can imagine standing in there being awed by it.

Thanks, Jo. Please you liked the pictures. I felt very small inside this massive building.

Such a gorgeous church. I love the ancient artwork too. Thanks for the tour!

Glad you enjoyed it, Susie. The artwork is amazing.

I would love to hear that organ, one always remembers cathedral visits when the organist happens to be practising.

The organ was being played while we were there and it was amazing!!

Looks a beautiful place, Darlene. Thanks for adding these pics to Click & Run.

It was gorgeous and a nice surprise!

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