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Guest Post – The Last Drive by John W. Howell  

Posted on: January 23, 2023

I am delighted to have as my guest today, John Howell, a renowned author and long-time blogging friend. He is here to tell you about his latest book, The Last Drive. I, like many readers, have been patiently waiting for the release of this book as I enjoyed the first one very much. Check out all of John’s books as well as his entertaining blog where he allows his two adorable dogs to post once a week.

I am so pleased to be with you today, Darlene. I want to thank you for helping spread the word about The Last Drive. I have been impressed by the number of countries your Amanda stories have taken us. On each trip, your reader learns about the country and can get a feeling for the adventure. Hopefully, the readers of this book will have a similar experience since Lucifer seems to enjoy sending our heroes on trips.

Here is the blurb and then we can get to a short excerpt from the book.

The Blurb
In the sequel to Eternal Road – The final stop, Sam and James are reunited to look for two souls, Ryan and Eddie. Ryan was killed in Afghanistan, trying to avoid a schoolyard with his crippled plane. Eddie Rickenbacker, Ryan’s hero, is to guide Ryan to his Eternal Home, and now both are missing.

The higher-ups believe that there has been some interference in Ryan and Eddie’s journey by Lucifer, so Sam and James have the task of finding Ryan and Eddie to get them back on the road despite the evil interference. Unfortunately, the machinations designed to prevent Ryan and Eddy from completing their journey take the pair to horrifying testing grounds.

The places visited represent the best work of the Devil. They are the trenches of World War I in France, gladiators at the Roman Coliseum, the sinking Titanic in 1912, Hiroshima 45 minutes before the bomb, and the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943.

This book is for you if you like plenty of action, strong characters, time travel, and a touch of spiritual and historical fiction. So, join Sam and James as they try to find the missing souls while staying one step ahead of the Prince of Darkness, who is determined to destroy all that is good.

An Excerpt

Sam and James jump at the sound of a locker slamming. They turn around. Lucifer stands with one hand on his hip and the other pressed flat against the locker he just slammed. Casually, he leans against the cabinets with one foot crossed over the other. “My, my, my. Look who the cat dragged in. My old friends Sam and James.”

James and Sam stand with their mouths open. The devil can see them, which leaves them amazed and trying to make sense of what’s happening.

“What is the matter? That old cat got your tongue?” Lucifer laughs at his joke.

“W-we were just looking around.” James’s voice sounds as if he’s ten years old all over again.

“Oh, yeah. A couple of God’s weenies just happen to be wandering around a locker room at the flipping Green Bay Packers.”

Sam takes a step toward Satan. “Whatever we’re doing is none of your business.”

Lucifer uncrosses his feet. “Want to bet, sweet cheeks.”

James moves alongside Sam. “You be careful with that language.”

The devil smiles. “Or what? You going to beat me up, little man?”

James takes a step toward Lucifer. “I just might. Have you ever been socked in the nose?”

“I have not had the pleasure, and nor will I.”

“Keep insulting Sam, and you will.”

“Shiver, shiver. You are talking to the Lord of the Underworld, not some kid on the corner. I advise you to take it down a notch, or maybe you might like to come and visit my place for a while.”

Sam grins. “You don’t have that power over us, Lucifer. Why not end this game?”

Satan scoffs. “Oh, and tell you where old Ryan and Eddie are, I suppose?”

Sam slaps her thigh. “I knew you were behind their disappearance. I told the Archangel that same thing.”

“The Archangel? How is old droopy drawers?”

“I could summon him if you wish.”

“No, that will be fine. Do you two want some information on the whereabouts of Eddie and Ryan or not?”

Sam steps back and takes James’s arm, causing him to move away as well. “Yes, we do.”

The devil scratches his head. “Right this minute? That is hard to say.”

“What do you mean, ‘Hard to say?’”

Lucifer looks at his nails. “You know how this travel thing is these days. Your boy Ryan wanted to visit France during World War One. It seems he has some kind of hero worship of Eddie and wanted to fly with him. Since he refused to join my team, I sent him to France. By the way, that war was delicious in the amount of useless carnage waged on those battlefields.”

A Link to the Trailer

You Tube https://youtu.be/HEUninXiibI

Buy Links
The Last Drive is available in paper and Kindle editions on Amazon. Here are the universal links. The Kindle edition is on sale for 99¢ through mid-February.
Kindle https://mybook.to/FYmkKr
Paper https://mybook.to/BCsWV

Author Bio

John is an award-winning author who after an extensive business career began writing full-time in 2012. His specialty is thriller fiction novels, but John also writes poetry and short stories. He has written six other books that are on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. John lives in Lakeway, Texas with his wife and their spoiled rescue pets.

Author links

Blog Fiction Favorites, http://johnwhowell.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/john.howell.98229241
Twitter –https://www.twitter.com/HowellWave
Goodreads –https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7751796.John_W_Howell
Amazon Author’s page –https://www.amazon.com/author/johnwhowell
BookBub – https://www.bookbub.com/profile/john-w-howell

Eternal Road Buy links
Kindle Universal link  mybook.to/EternalRoad
Paper universal link mybook.to/Eternalroadpaper

My review of Eternal Road: The Final Stop

There is a lot packed into this gripping novel. A combination of time travel, mystery, paranormal and romance. There are laughter and tears as James looks for his eternal home with the help of his deceased childhood love, Sam. I love time travel and enjoyed following James and Sam as they travel back to the days of the Wild West and WWII as well as into the future controlled by robots. The main characters are very real, even though they are spirits. The book is well-written and flows well, with a satisfying ending. It left me wanting more.

My review of The Last Drive

I loved the first book, Eternal Road, and was happy to see that James and Sam are back battling the nasty old devil. This time they are joined by Ryan (a recently deceased pilot) and Eddie (as in Eddie Rickenbacker, decorated WW1 fighter pilot). The devil wants Ryan’s soul and James and Sam will do anything to prevent him from getting his hands on it and seeing Ryan find his eternal home. Along the way, they encounter some terrible times and places in history like Hiroshima, the Titanic, the Roman Collesium and Auschwitz. Will the devil win this time? This is a battle between good and evil that seems impossible to win. The author has created an incredibly strong female character in Sam, one of the toughest angels I’ve encountered. Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, I would suggest reading Eternal Road first, you’ll be glad you did.

137 Responses to "Guest Post – The Last Drive by John W. Howell  "

Thanks for featuring another great fiction novel by John! I can’t decide which of them is better, so one has to read them all. For greatest pleasure! xx Michael

Good comment, Michael. I appreciate your endorsement.

:-)) Always a great pleasure, John! xx Michael

Thank you so much for supporting the launch of The Last Drive, Darlene. It is really fun to be with you here and I’m grateful for you helping spread the word.

My pleasure. I’m happy to be part of the blog tour.

Also, thank you so much for reviewing The Last Drive, Darlene. It is a heart warmer, and I’m happy you enjoyed the story.

[…] I’m delighted to be at Darlene’s place today. She is letting me visit to talk about The Last Drive. You can visit Darlene and me right HERE. […]

Great to learn about your stories Darlene. It’s lovely to meet you. John is a superb writer and so captivating. What a great review! 👏

Thanks, Cindy. Great to meet you too.

You’re so welcome and thank you! ❤️

Thank you, Cindy. I’m so glad to see you at Darlene’s place. A lovely comment.

I was delighted to visit and I’m following her work now so we can keep in touch. Thanks for the introduction! 💞

This sounds like a great read. Thanks for the introduction Darlene.

Thank you, Burnadette. It is a terrific review. 😁

Whoops, my big thumb hit a u instead of an e. My apologies Bernadette.

Thanks you for this review, Darlene. Very enticing!

Thank you, Donna. All the best to you. 😊

Thanks, Donna. John is a very good writer.

Congratulations to John on the excellent reviews for Eternal Road and The Last Drive. I finished my review of The Last Drive last night. I’m letting it rest before I proofread it.

Thanks, Liz. I always let my reviews sit for a bit as well. I’ll check yours out.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

Thank you, Darlene, for doing this review for our mutual friend.
John, I’ve lost count… how many outstanding reviews do you have now that you can included Darlene?

I think Darlene’s review makes 12, GP. I am grateful for every one of them. Thanks for the visit.

Thanks, GP. So happy to have our friend John here.

Not just one awesome review, but two! And well-deserved, John. Thanks for hosting, Darlene!

Darlene did go all out, Teri. I appreciate your visit and comment.

Thanks for hosting John today, Darlene! I enjoyed the excerpt you shared. Congrats to John on the wonderful reviews.

Thank you for visiting, Jill. I love seeing you along the way. 😁

Thanks, Jill. Happy to be part of the tour.

Based on your review, the cover heralds the book’s theme. I like how you support other authors, Darlene.

Congratulations to John too. Writing a creditable book is not for the fainthearted, as I can attest. Best wishes as you promote The Last Drive. 😀

Thank you for the visit and comment, Marian. I like your thoughts on a creditable book. It made me smile. Darlene is a big supporter, and I, for one, appreciate her help. 😁

I thought the cover was excellent and certainly reflected the theme of the story. I’m only too happy to support other writers as many have supported me over the years.

Two excellent reviews, Darlene. Congratulations to John. I thoroughly enjoyed both of his books. It’s wonderful to see John and his unique duology in the spotlight today!

Thank you for the lovely words, Mae. I am so grateful for your inspiration on the second book and for your support.

Thanks, Mae. I understand you were instrumental in encouraging John to write this book, and I thank you for that. We needed to hear more from these two characters.

I wanted to hear more from them too, Darlene! 🙂

Thanks for hosting John, Darlene, and for your great reviews. Congratulations to him. I’m sure he’s elated!

I am elated, Lauren. Darlene made my day today. Thanks for the visit.

Thanks, Lauren. It’s my pleasure to feature John and his books today.

Congratulations, John, and kudos, Darlene for helping with the launch!

I agree on the kudos to Darlene, Jacqui. Thank you for the support as well. 😁

I’m happy to be part of the launch, as I waited a long time to read this sequel.

Awesome interview! 🙂

I agree, Carol Anne. Thanks, Darlene and thanks to you for the visit.

Hi Darlene, it is great to see John here with this new book. I have nearly finished my copy and have enjoyed it a great deal. I haven’t read the first book so it is essential to read them in order. It stands well enough on its own.

I knew you would enjoy the book, Robbie. It does stand well on its own but I would read the first one as well when you get a chance as it’s nice to learn the history of James and Sam.

Yes, thanks, I will get to it. I was going to read that one and then this new one came out so I have done it back to front – smile!

Thank you for the kind words about The Last Drive, Robbie. I’m so glad you are enjoying the story.

Cool Darlene. It’s v good

Thanks for dropping in, Geoff. Glad to hear you like the story as well.

Wonderful post for your latest release, John, and huge congratulations on those two great reviews! Darlene, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week. Hugs 💕🙂

Thanks for commenting, Harmony!

Thank you, Harmony. Darlene did a terrific job. I appreciate your visit and good wishes. 😁

Another great excerpt. Nice seeing John over here.

Thanks, Craig. It’s like old home week here today. Nice to see everyone here, cheering John on.

Thank you, Craig. I think Darlene is right when she says old home week. 😂

I wanted to cringe (to say the least) every time Lucifer showed up. John did a great job at depicting his cunning and evil manner.

John did a great job of creating a most unlikeable character in Lucifer. I also liked how Sam stood up to him.

Me too. She’s a strong character!

I have to say, Lucifer got progressively more desperate, so his real personality came out more. Thanks for the comment about Sam, Joan. I wanted her to be strong, and I’m glad it worked that way.

Great job of helping spread the word of John’s fantastic novel, Darlene! A story this great will be talked about a lot. 🙂

I agree. Thanks for stopping by.

Ooh, I liked Eternal Road so I have to read this one!

This one is a little darker but well done. You’ll be happy to see James and Sam back.

So glad you liked Eternal Road, Jennifer. So happy to see you say, “darker is okay.” 😁 Thanks for the visit and comment.

Great reviews! I loved both of the books too. Fun excerpt and humorous exchange.

Thanks for hosting, Darlene!

Thanks, Denise. Happy to be part of this launch party.

Thank you for your visit and comment, Denise. 😁

“The Archangel? How is old droopy drawers?” Love it!
Wonderful reviews- congrats, John.

The humour is subtle, I love how John slips it in so nicely.

Thank you, Jacquie. Sometimes I can’t help myself. 😁

I love the word ‘gripping’, and that’s how you start your wonderful review. Well done, Darlene, and well deserved, John.

Thanks, Jennie. It was the best word to describe the story.

Gripping is a great word, Jennie. I loved Darlene’s reviews.

Congrats again to John. I’ve been visiting a few pit stops along the way. Hugs xx

Thanks for stopping at my pit stop!!

I love your visits, Debby. Thanks for them and your comments.

My pleasure John. And as you know, I share along my travels. 🙂 x

Great post about John’s new book, Darlene. Congratulations to him. I love the sample, and I must get to read both novels soon. Thanks and good luck!

Thank you, Olga. Great to see you here and the support.

Congratulations, John, on your new release. Great reviews, Darlene.

Thank you, Stevie. Darlene did a lovely job on the reviews, and I am grateful for them.

And now we know where the saying “devil may care attitude” originated. 🙂 Another wonderful stop on John’s tour! Thanks for hosting, Darlene!

LOL. I love that. Thanks for stopping by, Jan.

Thank you, Jan. I love your comment. 😁

Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for putting this on my radar.

Thank you for the visit and super comment.

I recently finished The Last Drive. I agree with you, Darlene; it’s a great read!

I’m pleased you agree with me.

Thank you, Priscilla. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

This sounds incredible – congratulations to John

It’s a unique story with lots of twists and turns.

Thank you, Toni. I appreciate the comment.

Darlene, lovely to see John Howell here with his latest book. A terrific gripping extract and excellent reviews! I’m noting both down!

You would enjoy both books, Annika. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for sharing this. Anita

Happy to support John and his books.

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