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Traditional Christmas Recipe

Posted on: December 9, 2022

I am being featured today on Bernadette’s New Classic Recipe blog where I share a Christmas dinner disaster story and a favourite recipe. Enjoy! If you wish to share a Christmas dinner disaster in the comments below, that would be fun.

38 Responses to "Traditional Christmas Recipe"

Christmas dinner disasters?? Well, let’s see, would you like that list in alphabetical order or chronological? Hahaha

Last year, I tried to make beef short ribs. You know, slow-simmered in red wine and all that? I followed the instructions on a 5-star recipe to the letter, but they still turned out absolutely awful, nothing but greasy chew sticks. In 2020, I took a crack at duck a l’orange and it turned out delicious but I nearly had a mental crisis because I was woefully unorganized (didn’t have my ducks in a row, you could say). In 2019, I made a decadent dark chocolate and cherry brownie dessert but didn’t adjust for the time difference it would take to bake the brownies in the cute little “bowl” pan I had found. They were rock hard like hockey pucks, similar to your description of the overdone Yorkshire puddings. Never a dull moment in the kitchen!

But isn’t that what makes for a great story? Imagine how boring the comments would be if you solicited stories about the holiday meal that came out perfect! 🙂

LOL! Love your stories. Anyone who says they have never had a Christmas dinner disaster – is lying!

My turkey was coming along brilliantly until the power went out on Christmas Day. It wasn’t even close to being done. We pulled out the barbecue and set it up in the snow. Negotiating placing the turkey on the barbecue was another story, but as terrie guru wrote “never a dull moment in the kitchen.”

Oh my gosh! Outage is everyone’s worst kitchen nightmare. Never a dull moment at the barbecue, either, apparently. I can only imagine the slipping and sliding! 😂

I was singing that song!! I just signed up to follow you Terrie. LOVE your site!!!

Aw, thank you! Any friend of Darlene is welcome in my kitchen. 🙂

Losing power is an awful thing to happen. Thankfully in Canada, just about everyone has a barbecue. Otherwise, you would have had to start a campfire and roast it on a stick! I bet it still tasted good.

I saw this earlier on Bernadette’s blog. For me a roast is incomplete without a Yorkshire pud.

I was going to share with you my disaster story, which I’ve posted twice, but then saw that you had seen and commented on it. The Great Pea Disaster was a Christmas to remember!

That was funny. Send me the link so my followers can read it too.

Oh my goodness! It would have been a great time to have a dog.

With hindsight, maybe 🤣

I read it again and laughed just as hard. Just visualizing it made me giggle. Thanks.

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I read it again before sending it to you and it brought back some happy memories. It also brought back how long ago that was: both of the girls are married now, and my younger granddaughter turned one today!

This looks delicious!

There are never any left overs!

I was over at Bernadette’s blog and saw your recipe. I’m going to try it as mine never seem to turn out light and fluffy. Thanks for sharing!

Good luck! Let me know how they turn out. xo

That was great, Darlene. Who doesn’t appreciate a good cooking disaster story?

If we didn’t have any cooking disasters, we wouldn’t have any stories to tell! (as long as no one got hurt!)

Well, my cooking disaster came early in our marriage. I decided I would make Italian style artichokes. Of course, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know where the trim them or how to remove the choke. When I took the artichokes out of the oven, they were inedible. The story only gets worse. I through the whole batch into the garbage disposal and completely wrecked the garbage disposal and had to have a very expensive visit from a plumber. I estimate I spent about $25 per artichoke and this was back in 1976!

Oh my! That is quite the disaster. It probably comes up all the time too. People forget the fabulous meals you make for them but never seem to forget the disasters. In 1976 I would not have known what to do with an artichoke as well! Again, it makes a darn good story. xo

Hahaha! Oh, your hubby probably thought, “what did I get myself into?” 😂

I love cooking disaster stories – reminds me that I am not alone. I am off to Bernadette’s now. See you there!

I’m sure we all have these stories. Not everyone is brave enough to share them. xo

I avoid cooking if I at all can, but I have been the guest at some less than successful Christmas meals, including one where several of us ended up with food poisoning, so your story sounds like a great success to me.

Oh no! That would be awful. My son and his new wife got food poisoning one Christmas but it was from a truck stop restaurant they stopped at on the way to my house. It was still awful as they were up all night Christmas eve and didn’t get to enjoy Christmas dinner the next day.

The first dessert my husband ever made me was yorkshire pudding. Sorry to hear that it hasn’t always turned out the way you had hoped, especially when you were hosting Christmas dinner, but now that some time has passed, I’m sure it makes for a funny story!

That’s funny as Yorkshire pudding isn’t usually a dessert. (even though it sounds like it) Since I’ve been using the recipe I posted, they have always turned out and everyone loves them smothered in turkey gravy. A very British tradition.

I might be confusing it with something else then. All I know is that it was some sort of British pastry/ pudding that was served with some brown sugar sauce and ice cream. Either way, whatever it was, it was delicious.

I’m sure it was delicious and the fact that he made it for you was very special!

Sounds familiar. One year I forgot to turn down the oven to second bake my biscotti. Oh yeah! Crispy Crispy biscotti anyone? Lol

Oh dear. There is just so much to remember at Christmas time. I’m sure the biscotti still tasted good. My husband would call them cajun biscotti!

That looks delish Darlene. Happy holidays to you, and happy feasting. 🙂 x

Thanks, Debby. Wishing you a good Christmas and a super New Year!! xo

Thanks so much Darlene ❤

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