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Pets on My Travels

Posted on: November 28, 2022

As much as I love to travel and visit my family and friends, I always miss my two doggies Dot and Lia. Fortunately, there are pets at many of the places I visit. Here are a few pictures of the pets I spent time with while in Canada in September.

Brandy, a Golden Labrador/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. A real sweetheart.

Brandy in her yard playing ball.

Come on, throw the ball.

Grandpuppy Petite on Mudge Island

Grandkitty, Bimbay on Mudge Island

Lexi, the oldest of my Granddaughter’s pets, enjoying a sunny day.

Mandy the Newfoundland dog. A big cuddly teddy bear.

Mandy, the guard dog.

Roni, another of my granddaughter’s pets. Those eyes!

Me and my buddy Roni

And there are many cats as well. This is Earl Grey. The coolest cat ever and I love his name.

We can’t forget the goats. Did I mention my granddaughter loves animals? I didn’t get pictures of all of them either.

Beelzebub, my grandson’s newly acquired pet who seems very happy with his new home.

Lola, my son’s family pug. Another cutie.

Willow, an Australian Shepherd. A special dog for a special girl in Vancouver.

Well, not really a pet, but my great granddaughter’s badger Halloween costume.

How about an awesome cake that looks like a pet?

So you can see I had many pets to keep me company until I came home to these two.

90 Responses to "Pets on My Travels"

Loads of cute animals

I know. But animals like babies are all cute!! Love them.

Understandable Darlene

All cute photos, Darlene. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you liked them, John. I guess you can tell we are an animal-loving family as are many of my friends.

Looks like you enjoyed every one of those pets.

You bet, they are all special.

Pets liven up our lives, and also add interest to writing. I especially like the photo of you bubbling over with joy with Brandy. 😀

It was actually my first time meeting Brandy and we got along very well.

We share this world with amazing 4-legged friends, Darlene. A wonderful collection of photos that remind me that wherever we travel we will meet, as Anne Shirley noted, kindred spirits.

I agree, animals can often be the best kindred spirits. They connect with us on a different level. Pleased you enjoyed the photos.

I would say those Canadian pets were very happy to have you as a guest!

Thanks, Liz. I was delighted to have four-legged friends to cuddle.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

Okay, so I’m completely borrowing that name, I’m afraid, if I ever adopt another grey cat! That’s perfect!

I know, right. It is just the perfect name and it suits him to a tea!!

Yes, I was thinking the cat looks very dignified. (‘Course, what cat doesn’t? LOL)

<—loves earl grey tea

I love Earl Grey tea as well.

Loaner pets are great but it’s SO good to get home to your own!

Exactly! The welcome I received when I returned was amazing. (I think they missed me)

That’s a lot of fur babies! I’m sure your babies were happy to see you!

They were so excited and kept pushing each other away to get cuddles when I got home.

Great pictures of your family’s pets, Darlene and Earl Gray – what a great name! Also, Willow is an exceptionally beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing these 🙂

Willow is a very special dog; a birthday gift to a 14-year-old who has wanted a dog all her life. I was so happy to meet her. She is gorgeous and very well-behaved. We bonded immediately.

I love your pet photos, Darlene. They gave me a big smile. How lucky you are to have been near all those lovely animals!

We are a pet-loving family as you can tell. They do tend to make you smile and it helped me as I was missing my girls.

These pet photos all made me smile. Thank you for sharing them with us.

I’m glad you enjoyed the pet pictures, Donna. Pets are extra work, but worth it! xo

It must be wonderful to have so many animals around you…

It was so wonderful to be around all these lovely animals. Even the goats behaved.

I hope your two were not jealous

Thanks, Derrick. I didn’t tell the girls about all the new pets I met. 😉

Hi Darlene. Wow, lots of pets! All so lovely. I wrote a poem about a cute little doggie I looked after in Do What You Love. His name is Zog and he is a beauty!

I can’t wait to read the poem in your new book. I was lucky to be around all these lovely pets.

Aww thank you. Yes so lovely, Darlene. x

A wonderful collection of pets plus I love the cat’s name …Earl Grey suits him wonderfully 🙂

I thought it was just the best name! Glad you enjoyed the pets. xo

So sweet! My husband and I are the same when we travel, always on lookout for friendly pets we can snuggle. Sometimes, we just need to have our “fix“ because we miss our own fur babies so much. I’m sure your two kids were happy to greet you when you got home! 💕🐾

I know. I sometimes ask people on the street if I can pet their dog. We certainly do need our “fix” Only pet people understand. Dot and Lia were very happy to see me, even though they had been spoiled rotten by their dad.

Dogs everywhere you went, Darlene, and some cats, goats, and an immense badger too. I’m sure your pups were delighted to see you home. 🙂

It was great to see all the pets and especially great to return home to my two girls. The badger costume was amazing.

I love the expression on your face when the dog demands that you play, lol

Thanks! Dogs can be very demanding!!

Earl Grey! Brilliant 🤩

I know, right! Thanks for commenting.

A lot of pets to interact with. Do they remember you? But, I love your two the most! So sweet.

I think my granddaughter’s dogs remember me, especially Lexi who she’s had for a long time. Some of them I met for the first time this trip. I love my two girls the most too. They are such sweeties. xo

Delightful pets, Darlene. I’m partial to dogs.

Dogs are special. I’m blessed with many in my life.

They are! My whole life has been with Labrador Retrievers.

Oh, you just went up another level in my eyes with this post. I’m a lifelong dog lover. Who couldn’t love an animal who loves us unconditionally? We just came home from traveling yesterday, and it was so good to see our pooch.

Thanks, Pete. We always had dogs on the farm, but they were working dogs and lived outside. My son had a couple of dogs when he was growing up. Then we had cats for our daughter for many years, even long after she left home. When we moved to Spain, hubby decided we needed a dog as we were missing family and friends. The best decision ever! Now I miss our dogs when I travel so I’m glad everyone else has pets for me to cuddle. Fur babies are the best!

What a marvelous array of pets!

All wonderful too. Thanks!

Oh I love this! Sounds like you made a lot of furry friends while you were in Canada.

They seemed to be everywhere I went. Glad you enjoyed the post.

HI Darlene, what a lovely array of family pets. Beelzebub is certainly an intriguing name.

Thanks, Robbie. My grandkids are great at naming pets.

Animals bring so much joy to our lives!

Earl Grey is a beautiful name for a beautiful cat. Great photos, Darlene!

Thanks, Priscilla. Earl Grey is such a lovely cat.

I hadn’t heard of an Australian Shepherd. I’m pleased your two were still there waiting for you. 🙂

Australian Shepherds are very popular herding dogs but are actually not from Australia but from the US. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Shepherd
Willow is a miniature Australian Shepherd. They come in many sizes and colours.

No wonder I hadn’t heard of it. Fascinating, Darlene.

What a pet-friendly family you have, Darlene. I think your family is tops, because those who love pets like yours does, they’re special people. I enjoy the photos of each of them (and their names). Who watched Dot and Lia while you’re gone?

We are a very pet-friendly family! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Hubby stays home and looks after Dot and Lia while I’m gone. (I have a feeling he spoils them rotten) When he goes off on his motorcycle, I watch them. It’s a good trade-off. xo

No shortage of pet friends to hang out with, Darlene – and they’re all so adorable. Love the name Earl Grey. And that cake – amazing!

They are all adorable. Some of the dogs my granddaughter has rescued needed a lot of training but she is amazing with them. We call her the dog whisperer. I love that cake. I think it needs to go in a story sometime.

What sweet animals. Can tell how much you like them from their happy faces in the photos. 🙂

Thanks. They are all very sweet. Pets give us so much.

Love all of the pics! I am an animal lover!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Glad you enjoy this collection of pets in my life. Seems my family and friends are all animal lovers.

What a fun post, Darlene. I love it! I got a kick out of naming a cat Beelzebub. He looks like he might have a fittingly devil-may-care personality too. Adored seeing the goats and the “badger.” Hugs on the wing.

I thought his name suited him perfectly too. Glad you enjoyed the pets post! Hugs back at you!!

Thank you for sharing. The cake is so beautiful, I would not feel like cutting it 🙂

I know. I feel the same way.

they are all so adorable! ❤ ❤

How fun that you get to visit all of these adorable pets!

It certainly adds to the trip. Lots of fun.

Wow, what a lot of pets! Good thing you’re not allergic like me, lol.

I know, I am lucky. All my family and friends are very respectful of folks who are allergic and always put them away in another room if that is the case.

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