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Cross Canada Scenery

Posted on: October 24, 2022

Canada in the fall is gorgeous with such a variety of landscapes. I started my recent trip on the east coast, in Prince Edward Island, travelled to British Columbia on the west coast, and ended my journey in Alberta, one of the prairie provinces. I want to share with you some of the fabulous scenery I encountered.

Taken as I was landing on PEI. The rich farmland is depicted with its famous red soil.
Even the beaches of PEI are red.
There are many wonderful rugged beaches on Prince Edward Island.
Typical countryside scene on Prince Edward Island
An amazing natural arch
The view from the deck of my favourite place to have lunch in Ladner, BC
On the way to Gabriola Island by ferry. Nanaimo, BC is in the background.
Overlooking the islands from Gabriola Island
Rowing to Mudge Island
A peaceful walk on Mudge Island, BC
The view from my daughter’s house on Mudge Island
Wouldn’t you love to live on Halibut Hill in the forest?
On Vancouver Island near Comox
Goose Spit Regional Park on Vancouver Island
Amazing sunrise in White Rock, BC, seen from my bedroom window!
A typical fall prairie scene in southern Alberta has its own beauty.
There is nothing like a prairie sunset.
Trees turning colour in Calgary, Alberta
One of many beautiful gardens in Calgary, Alberta

I was only in three of the ten provinces of Canada, but you can get an idea of the diversity in the landscape from one coast to another.

68 Responses to "Cross Canada Scenery"

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, Darlene.

Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks!

beautiful photos!

It is gorgeous, Darlene. What a treasure.

So pleased you enjoyed the scenery, Jacqui!

I agree, Darlene – there is nothing like a prairie sunset! Vancouver has the beauty of mountains around us, but when I visit my brothers in St. Albert, I am reminded of the immensity of the skies across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Thank you for including the view from Marcelle’s home. Spectacular! I have never been to PEI, but I can say that I have been there virtually with you. Many thanks.

This was my first visit to PEI! It was everything I thought it would be and more! I will probably do a post just about PEI as I have much more to share.
Those prairie sunsets are something else. I had my grandson stop the car so I could get a few shots.

I have never been across the Atlantic, but thanks to Ancestry DNA I know my grandmother’s older brother started a dynasty there! It’s a big country and not surprising there is such a wonderful variety of scenery.

It is very huge. How cool that you have relatives in Canada. Perhaps one day you will visit them.

Looking at these photos makes me think I really need to see more of Canada. I’ve only been to Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

I have yet to visit Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and have only been to Montreal once. There is so much to see in such a vast country. And then there are the Northern Territories, which I have yet to visit as well.

I have a grandmother and a great-grandmother who were from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

That’s wonderful. Did you visit them often?

My great-grandmother died before I was born, and my grandmother left Nova Scotia in the 1920s. My mother had many memories of spending summers on the Nova Scotia farm.

it would be fun to go back to the location of the farm. Many stories there.

We’ve been to the location of the Nova Scotia farm. It’s a blueberry farm now. Sadly, the original house is gone.

Amazing photos Darlene. We have been to every province and territory except for Newfoundland, a high priority on our bucket list.

That’s great! My dad took mom to all 4 of the Maritime Provinces for their 50th wedding anniversary. They loved Newfoundland. I haven’t been to the territories or the other three Maritime Provinces – yet.

Canada is SO beautiful, and I see you traversed it from east to west. Years ago we visited Montreal and Quebec, which felt very French to me. Then we visited Alberta and British Columbia, the latter a few times. On our 50th anniversary we stayed in Victoria and enjoyed Butchart Gardens, probably for the second time. So scenic, which you capture on your photos here. Thanks for the travelogue, Darlene!

I recall you going to Victoria for your 50th Anniversary. You’ve seen quite a bit of Canada so you know how beautiful it is. Glad you enjoyed the trip with me!

These photos are wonderful, Darlene. Canada looks to be a beautiful country.

Thanks, Clive. It is!

Marvelous stuff, Darlene. There are so many beautiful spots in Canada that my wife and I need to get back.

Thanks, Pete. So much to see and do. Three weeks just wasn’t enough.

Beautiful photos, Darlene! Come back soon!

Thanks, Donna. I try to get back once a year.

Lovely pix!

(And only in Canada would they take a gorgeous spot and name it Goose Spit!)

What a beautiful country. Gorgeous photos.

Thank you for sharing! Beautiful photographs!

Thanks, Linda. I’m glad you enjoyed them.

Hi Darlene, it is great to see these lovely pictures from your trip.

Thanks, Robbie. It was great to go back home and enjoy the diverse landscapes.

Beautiful from coast to coast to coast. I have yet to make it to PEI but I enjoy my visits to Vancouver Island and used to live in Ladner.

Thanks! Ladner is such a great community. I lived in Tsawwassen and worked in Ladner for a number of years.

Ladner was an easy spot to catch the bus to go downtown vancouver to work but I liked living in Steveston better, but it’s changed alot in 40 years.

Thanks for doing Canada proud Darlene. Gorgeous. 🙂 x

Thanks, Debby. A beautiful country I will always love.

Lovely shots to showcase the beauty of Canada’s landscape from the east to west coast. The natural arch at MacKenzies Brook in PEI sustained some damage during Hurricane Fiona and Parks Canada has indicated that it might collapse.

Thanks for the update on the natural arch. I’m so glad I saw it when I did. (Only days before hurricane Fiona) We went to see the famous natural arch in Malta only to find it had collapsed a week before we got there!

I’ve never been to PEI, though we were as close as Halifax once. My hubby’s uncle raises harness racing horses on PEI.
We camped at Little Bow Reservoir near Vulcan (Yes, it does have a spaceship, lol) and loved the beauty of the land- the crickets- not so much 🙂

I am well aware of Vulcan. They have made use of the Star Trek connection. This was my first visit to PEI, amazing. Have not been to Nova Scotia yet. Canada is so huge!

Wonderful photos, Darlene. Love the sunsets. You captured the ruggedness and open spaces of Canada! ❤

Thanks, Carol. Pleased you enjoyed the photos.

You showcased the beauty of those provinces so well!

Thanks, Debra. Canada is such a beautiful country, each province unique.

Thanks for sharing these incredible pictures. You do each geography justice with the individual beauties they hold!!

Thanks, Kirt. Every time I go back and visit, I am astounded by the individual beauty of each area.

Canada is vast and beautiful, Darlene. We’ve just started exploring and love it. Beautiful photos of the variety of landscapes. I’m glad you had a wonderful trip.

I did, thanks, Diana!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us. I have visited Canada several times. The scenery is wonderful!

I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and they brought back good memories of your visits.

Beautiful images, Darlene – thanks for the tour! Toni x

Thanks, Toni, glad you liked it!

Beautiful diversity, and aren’t you lucky to have experienced this, this fall? Here in New England it’s all trees, so the experience is color color. I haven’t been able to get to the water, where the color and view are so different.

I would love to be in New England in the fall. Enjoy.

Thank you for this gorgeous travelogue of pics, Darlene. Most likely I will never get out west, so these peeks into your life there are very much appreciated. We do hope to visit PEI in the future though.

So pleased you enjoyed this post and the pictures. I would love to visit your province one day too.

We would love to have you!

Thank you, thank you, Darlene. What a wonderful trip across Canada. The vastness is spectacular. I love the prairies and sunsets. I did not know about the red soil.

So glad you enjoyed the trip across Canada with me. I learned about the red soil in Prince Edward Island when I read Anne of Green Gables as a child. It made me want to visit PEI.

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