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Places in our Memories: With Darlene Foster #MondayBlogs #Memories

Posted on: October 20, 2022

I am pleased to be featured on Judith Barrow’s blog where I share a memory of a different time and place. Judith is an accomplished writer of family sagas and runs this wonderful “places in our memories” series on her blog.

Judith Barrow

There are places that remain in our memories, the details may become slightly blurred, nostalgia may colour our thoughts, but they don’t fade. And how those places made us feel at the time is the one thing that remains.

Today I’m welcoming Darlene Foster, a friend I’ve known online for quite a while, and had the great pleasure in meeting and getting to know her in real life at Barb Taub’s writing retreat on Arran, a few weeks ago.

Darlene is here to tell us about the time her baby brother was born during the blizzards at her near Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

I remember when my brother, Timothy, was born. It had been a typical cold and snowy prairie winter. Blizzards created impassable road conditions. Mom expected the third member of our family to arrive in early February. Dad was concerned that when the time came, the…

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26 Responses to "Places in our Memories: With Darlene Foster #MondayBlogs #Memories"

Wow, this sounds to be a very interesting story. Let me head over to read. Thanks, Darlene! Enjoy a nice week! xx Michael

Thanks, Michael. I hope you enjoy the story.

It’s a wonderful telling, and i am sure born under such circumstances your brother must be blessed so much. Thanks for sharing, Darlene! Have a nice week! xx Michael

Good start! Clicking through…

What a wonderful story, Darlene. Have you ever thought of writing a memoir?

Thanks. I have a series of short stories I want to compile into a book of memories. I may try self-publishing it.

Darlene, this is on of my favorite stories!

Thanks, Jennie. I thought you would like it.

Very much so! You’re welcome, Darlene.

This is a great series, Darlene. I’m going over to read.

It is a wonderful series. Judith is such a lovely person too.

Thank you, Darlene, she is. And talented too.

I love this story, Darlene.

Thanks, Norah. A glimpse back into my past.

It’s good to have those memories. While not so dramatic a birth, my brother was always special as he was born four days before my tenth birthday. (The other five were special for other reasons. 😂)

Dear Darlene,
are you at the Frankfurt Bookfair?
We could meet there. I will be at Königsfurt-Urania today and tomorrow.
It would be great meeting you
Klausbernd 🙂

I would have loved to meet you. Unfortunately, I’m not at the Frankfurt Fair. Perhaps another time. Enjoy the fair. Darlene

Wonderful story, Darlene. I also vote for that memoir! I look forward to reading it!

Thanks, Donna. I better get on it!

I had to read this story again, knowing I would enjoy it as much as the first time. It’s a winner!

THanks, Anne. So pleased you enjoyed the story.

I can see why this memory has stayed with you over all these years. What a way to make an entrance!

It was very special. Glad you liked it.

This was such an interesting read, Darlene. Sounds like something out of a children’s book with a lovely, happy ending. A memory to treasure indeed.

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