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Coast to Coast Canada Book Tour

Posted on: October 16, 2022

I just returned from a working holiday in Canada. In between spending time with family and friends, I launched Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral. It was so wonderful to be able to do this in person again. I love visiting bookstores, libraries and schools, and introducing my latest book. The people you meet at these events are amazing. Of course they are, they’re readers, my favourite kind of people.

I did author events in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on the east coast of Canada, in Vancouver, BC on the west coast and in Medicine Hat and Calgary, Alberta. Everywhere I went, I met new and long-time Amanda fans of all ages. It was a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures.

Book launch at Albany Books in Tsawwassen
The bookstore supplied macarons!

When I got home I received this lovely message from someone who bought a copy of Amanda in France for her mom. “My Momma just phoned to say how much she’s loving Amanda and the Cathedral!!! She’ll be ordering more from Albany Books.”

Popped into Blue Heron Books in Comox, BC to introduce myself and my books. They are now carrying the Amanda Travels books.

We had a great turnout at Unlimited Characters Bookstore in Medicine Hat.

Reading to the children
A school presentation – my favourite thing to do. The students were wonderful.
A happy Amanda fan.
Presentation and reading at the Okotoks Library
And sometimes in people’s backyards

While I was at Indigo/Chapters in Charlottetown PEI, a woman stopped by and bought 4 books. She was a long-time friend of a cousin from Calgary, Alberta. These are the amazing things that happen on book tours.

Thank you to everyone who attended the book presentations and signings. You make my job fun!

Next time, less of me and more fabulous scenery.

90 Responses to "Coast to Coast Canada Book Tour"

Thank you for sharing photos of your book tour, Darlene! It looks like a huge success and a lot of fun for all involved.

It was. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Of course, more could have been taken but you know how it goes.

A lot of wonderful smiles in this post.

It was a happy time! Thanks, Bernadette.

Thank you for sharing your tour, Darlene. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

I enjoyed reading about your very successful book tour. What fun!

Thanks, Anne. I’m one lucky girl!

Wonderful, have a great tour!

Better said, looks like you had a great tour!

I did. Now back home to rest. xo

Well deserved rest. You bring so many children joy and a sense of geography!

I enjoyed reading about your adventures and seeing the photos. Your eyes light up when there are kids in the room. Wishing you the very best, Darlene. ❤

You’re right, I just love kids and being with them. They ask the most amazing questions. By writing children’s books, I get to spend time with my favourite age group!!

Sorry that I missed you in Comox. That’s right around the corner from me!

I was only there for a day visiting a friend who just moved to Courtney. Next time let’s organize a meet-up for a coffee in one of those amazing coffee shops. That would be awesome. If you happen to stop in at Blue Heron Books, say Hi to Dirk from me. It is a very nice shop.

Thanks, Darlene – I would love a coffee meetup with you. I live in Parksville but could meet you anywhere on the Island when you are here. And definitely when I am next in Comox I will visit the bookshop!

That would be awesome!!

You are making hay while the sun shines, and even when it’s not, you are lighting up the firmament of the writing world. Brava, Darlene!

Thanks, Marion. I love that saying, one of my dad’s favourites. Perhaps that’s why I keep busy, as I was raised with that attitude. xo

Wow, that was a busy trip, but I’m thrilled that it was such a successful one for you, and that we got to meet again in person!

It was very busy. I’m happy to be back in Spain for a rest! I was delighted to see you once again. Thanks for coming all the way out to Tsawwassen.

Looks like a fabulous book tour. And all those lucky children introduced to Amanda!

Thanks, Barb. It was fabulous and meeting all those children was the icing on the cake!

How wonderful, Darlene. It’s a great book. I’m pleased the in-person tour was successful.

Thanks, Norah. It was successful and there is nothing like meeting eager readers to motivate a writer.

I can imagine. 🙂

How great to meet so many people enjoying your book. Just think how many future writers you’re inspiring.

Thanks, Pete. In fact, one young girl, in particular, is keen to write a book and has started one. She had great questions and we have continued communicating through email. I know I would have loved to meet an author at that age.

You are amazing and I am quite envious of your energy (and talent)!

Wow. You are tireless, Darlene. I figured by the end you’d be tired of smiling… but nope. It’s obvious you had a wonderful time. Congrats on a wonderful in-person tour!

Thanks. It was a busy three weeks but I figured I could rest when I got back to Spain!

Darlene, this is wonderful. Congrats on your successful tour!

Wow! A wonderful response to your awesome books!

It sure was! It made me very happy!!

How fun to do an across Canada tour for your latest book! I bet it was so nice to be able to interact with your fans again now that the pandemic is over. What a lovely collection of pictures. I must say, I love that lady’s sweater with the cats on it!

It was fun and reminded me of how much I enjoy these in-person events. I love her sweater too and her beret!

Such great photos! I love all the happy smiles!

Thanks, Jan. Lots to smile about!

Welcome home!!! Just received my paperback version on Amanda in France, Fire in the Cathedral. It will be a Xmas present for Frances. Shh…..its a secret.

Thanks, Rebecca. I hope she enjoys her gift!

It looks like a fabulous tour, Darlene. I love all the photos. Congratulations!

It was wonderful. Thanks so much, Lauren.

You are amazing! That looks wonderful and so busy. What a joy to connect with fans.

It was incredibly busy but so rewarding!

Do you do this with all of your book launches? Or this just worked out?

I try to do it for all my launches. It takes a lot of planning and I do it myself. Of course, I couldn’t do it for Amanda in Malta because we were in the middle of a pandemic. That’s why I did a book blog tour instead.

I’m exhausted just thinking of all that work!

You look like you are having entirely too much fun talking to kids at school and doing book signings! Great way to start off. My daughter always loved author visits at school.

It was a lot of fun. We didn’t ever have author visits to our school when I was a child. I know I would have loved it.

That was a lovely book tour, Darlene. Congratulations!

Good for you….what an amazing book tour!! Sounds like an awesome time!! My best to you!!

Thanks, Kirt. It was wonderful, a mixture of book promotion and family and friends visits. Sometimes at the same time!!

HI Darlene, thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. I am so glad you book launch went so well. You really are very photogenic and look gorgeous in every pictures. I will get to your book next month. October seems to have just disappeared on me.

Thanks, Robbie. No rush, I know how time slips away, especially for a busy person like you.

Looks as though you had a marvellous time!! Now, where’s that red top??? xx

It was an awesome time. I need to find a red top with Bonjour on it (or any French word) But there is the red jacket…

Bookstores, schools, and libraries… three of the best places to be. I’m glad you had a wonderful Canada book tour, Darlene.

My three favourite places! It was a great tour. Now back to Spain to my quiet life to recoup.

Recoup with fond memories!

Such fun, Darlene! Congratulations on the tour and your new book!

This is amazing! I wish I could go on book tours but I don’t have the budget or permission from my husband.

I don’t have the budget either but I find I usually make enough money from book sales to pay for the trip. I also include visits to friends and family at the same time. My husband is only too happy to stay at home and look after the dogs. But you can do in-person events in your own community too.

I haven’t made enough from my books yet to do this, and I live in Lebanon so I would have to travel to the US (my main target demographic) to do this. Maybe one day. It’s a dream. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it.

Darelene, this is wonderful. Love your book tour. I just found out about your books. Question: Is there a special order in which to read they books or do they stand alone? I would love to start reading them. I’m in Chicago.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. The books can be read in any order as each adventure is a stand-alone. I do hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Absolutely, I’m sure I will. The covers are BEAUTIFUL and I’m sure the stories are great too. It’s nice to be transported to a different country. I love your ENERGY!

That is kind of you. I love the covers my brilliant publisher has designed for me.

Wow, what an amazing time you’ve had! Well done Darlene!

Thanks, Stevie. It is a lot of work to organize but worth it in the end.

Looks like you had a wonderful time, and I’m in awe of your organizing abilities. And it’s great that Blue Heron Books is still in business in Comox. It’s been years since I’ve been there.

I had a great time, thanks. Blue Heron Books is a wonderful bookstore. Always nice to see these independent bookstores surviving.

Absolutely outstanding. Congratulations on being our featured member of the week at SSPS. Please check out the new post on Monday as well as our newsletter.

Thank you so much, Esme!!

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