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The Story Behind the Story

Posted on: August 17, 2022

One of the most common questions asked of a writer is, “Where do you get your ideas from?”

Fellow Canadian author, Allan Hudson, runs an interesting series on his blog called, The Story Behind the Story. Recently, I was honoured to be featured on his blog where I talk about how I got ideas for my latest book, Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral

The Story Behind the Story: My dream to visit the romantic city of Paris came true when we took our dog on a road trip to visit friends living on the outskirts of the city. Paris, and the surrounding area, was everything I imagined it to be and more. Our friends kindly took the time to show us around this fabulous city as well as Monet’s gardens in Giverny and the amazing Palace of Versailles. I was so excited and knew it would be a perfect setting for Amanda’s next adventure.

Hop over and read more about my inspiration, and what I like and don’t like about writing.


Allan Hudson is an accomplished author from New Brunswick, Canada. I recently read his novel Father.

Blurb for Father by Allan Hudson

In 1942 everything is going good for Tanner Hill. He has a good job, two healthy sons and a wife who loves him. As he makes lots of extra cash with his moonshine, he can afford many luxuries his neighbours cannot. And he’s not worried about conscription.
However, he soon realizes good things do not last forever. One argument after church with a disgruntled man with revenge on his mind and Tanner’s world is turned upside down. Forced into making a choice, Tanner chooses to follow his brothers and enlists. He leaves for the fighting so far away as a private in the Royal Canadian Engineers.
It will be three years until Tanner returns home. It won’t be the same.

Here is my review:

A quick read that carries a punch. There are no wasted words in this tale about family and the effects of war on relationships. The characters are real and relatable. The main character, Tanner Hill, is a flawed individual, but one you can’t help but love. The author paints a picture, with carefully chosen words, that take the reader to a specific time and place. An enjoyable read, I recommend this book. – Darlene Foster

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38 Responses to "The Story Behind the Story"

I have read a few of Darlene’s entertaining, informative books and appreciate that she does ‘spot on’ research before putting fingers to keys…You can’t beat the sense of ‘authenticity’ which comes from sound ground-work, however imaginative the story may be…

Thanks, Joy. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me.

The blurb sounds interesting. I would imagine that story happened a lot pre-war–at least, the first part. Great idea for a series! Clicking through…

Father was a great read, war is hard on families.

Hi Darlene, thanks for sharing your inspiration for Amanda in France and your review of Father. I am always drawn to stories from WW2. (Heading over now to read more about the story behind the (Amanda) story!)

I too am drawn to WWII stories and the effect it had on families.

I think for me it’s because my parents were just graduating high school when the war was getting bad and that experience makes it real to me too – a generation later.

Me too. As kids, we heard a lot about the war as it was still fresh on everyone’s minds.

Congrats on your post, and great review. Sounds line a good read.

Thanks, Denise. It was an engaging tale.

Good review, Darlene! Father sounds interesting and well written.

Thanks, Priscilla. It certainly kept my interest.

FATHER sounds very good.

It really is, I think you would like it.

I find the question of a writer’s process and where they get their ideas among the most interesting aspects of writing.

It is always great to learn where writers get their ideas. Sometimes ideas come from the strangest places. I once got a great idea while in the pool at our complex or listening to a conversation on the bus!

I always find the author’s story behind the story really interesting. Your travels take you to the most amazing places, Darlene.

I know, I am so lucky to get to travel and see these amazing places. (and turn them into stories)

Paris really is a special place and I can see why it provided inspiration for one of the books in your Amanda series. Editing once or twice isn’t bad, but once you’re on your third+ reading or round of editing, it can start to get tedious!

Paris is amazing and I can’t believe it took me so long to get there. I have gone through some of my manuscripts over 20 times! I almost have the story memorized.

Hi, Darlene – I loved reading more about your inspirations for Amanda in France. Father sounds like an excellent read!

Hi Darlene, It is lovely to see Allan featured here and you featured over at his blog. I enjoyed reading about your inspiration.

Thanks, Robbie. Allan is so supportive of other writers.

He is, Darlene. I have two of his books on my TBR and I really want to read Father soon.

I enjoyed the interview!

I enjoyed your interview, Darlene, and learning about your inspiration. And I look forward to reading your book next month. Thanks also for your great review of Allan’s book.

Thanks, Lauren. I hope you enjoy Amanda’s adventures in France.

Reading is like travel–addictive. So, is combining writing with travel. Stories sing when the author uses vivid imagery and realistic dialogue as your do. In the States established authors who publish books in exotic settings can sometimes take part of the travel expense as an income tax deduction. I wonder if that applies in other countries too. Just curious.
Thanks for the interview, Darlene, and your review of Allan’s book as well.

Thanks, Marian. The same applies to Canadian writers as well. Glad you enjoyed the review and interview.

Wonderful interview Darlene. And great review for Allan’s book. I am desperately trying to push up books of many writing friends in my Kindle. ❤

Hi Darlene, congratulations to Allan on this great review from you – it sounds wonderful. Toni x

That was a fun interview at Alan’s, Darlene. I left a comment there too, but I’m not sure it stuck. I have to say, I envy your “being there” research. What a wonderful way to amass ideas. ❤

Thanks, Diana. It was a fun interview. I think Alan has to approve the comment before it shows up. I just returned from a trip to Scotland and collected a ton of ideas. I am so lucky.

Ooooh. I’m planning a trip to Scotland sometime in the next couple of years. I’ll need to read the book for ideas. 🙂

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