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Book Review: Amanda in France – Fire in the Cathedral by Darlene Foster (Amanda Travels Adventure Book 9) #childrensbooks #kidslit

Posted on: August 7, 2022

Another great review for Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral by Toni Pike. Toni is a multi-genre Australian author who enjoys writing page-turning fiction for adults, hilarious books for children, and non-fiction. Please check out her blog and her books. I am so delighted that readers all over the world are enjoying my latest book.

Toni Pike

I was delighted to hear that Darlene Foster had written another exciting adventure in the Amanda Travels series – and this time it is set in Paris, one of my favourite cities. It’s available now for pre-order, and I’ve been lucky enough to receive an advance copy for my honest review.

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33 Responses to "Book Review: Amanda in France – Fire in the Cathedral by Darlene Foster (Amanda Travels Adventure Book 9) #childrensbooks #kidslit"

Thank you so much for sharing my review, Darlene, and for your lovely boost. I loved Amanda in France. Toni x

And thank you for the wonderful review. I love it when a reader gets what the story is about.

Darlene, Toni Pike’s review is so good, congratulations!

Thanks, Priscilla. Toni is very good at writing reviews and I was delighted with this one.

Celebrating your every success, Darlene!

Thanks, Annette. So sweet of you. Have a lovely day. xo

Wonderful review. Glad you shared it here.

I was gobsmacked by this review. I am feeling good about this book.

Congratulations on the excellent review, Darlene! I finished reading of Amanda’s Paris adventure just last night. I loved the mystery aspect. I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

Thanks, Liz. So pleased you liked the mystery. I wrote this one during Covid so I had lots of time to come up with ideas!!

You’re welcome, Darlene.

Congratulations on a great review by Toni! Toni – your captured the adventure in your review.

Thanks, Rebecca. She sure did capture the adventure well!!

Congratulations on an excellent review by Toni, Darlene.

Yay, Darlene! I have Amanda in Arabia coming up soon on my Kindle.

Thanks, Pete. That’s where it all started. I’ve learned a few things since then. Enjoy.

Another stellar review, Darlene. Congratulations! You’re on a roll!

Another awesome review Darlene and well deserved!! Congratulations!! Have a great week!!

Thanks so much, Kirt.

Awesome review, Darlene. It’s great to get the views of someone who’s been there. Congrats!

Thanks, Diana. I agree, getting a review from someone who has been there is very valuable.

Bravo, Darlene, I’m looking forward to reading this book.

Thanks, Robbie. I hope you enjoy it. xo

Glad to hear that you received another outstanding review of your latest book!! Cheers! Linda

Thanks, Linda! These reviews make all the hard work, worthwhile.

Excellent, and congratulations!

Thanks, this made me very happy!!

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