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Trailer for Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral

Posted on: August 1, 2022

I’ve created a short trailer for Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral. Let me know what you think of it.

MJ Mallon posted a review of Amanda in France on her blog which made me very happy.

My Review

Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral by Darlene Foster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series of books set in different countries is a fun and clever way to introduce youngsters to different cultures.

Darlene Foster’s entertaining style draws the reader in and keeps their attention throughout. In this latest adventure, Amanda in France, we are treated to the wonders of Paris with mention of many famous places.

Read more of Marje’s review here

I’m so pleased with the positive reviews and feedback I have received for this, the ninth book in the Amanda Travels series.

Thank you all for the amazing support this blogging community provides. You have made this journey so much better.

100 Responses to "Trailer for Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral"

Darlene, this is a great trailer. I definitely want to read this book. I’ll be in Europe this fall for a few weeks. Perfect time for it!

Thanks, Christa. So pleased you like the trailer. Have a super trip.

Congratulations on this latest great review for Amanda in France! I think the trailer does a good job of whetting potential readers’ appetites for the book.

Thanks, Liz. That was what I was hoping for. Glad it worked.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

My pleasure Darlene, wonderful books to encourage youngsters to travel and learn about other cultures. x

Your review was super!!

My pleasure Darlene, really enjoyed travelling with you and Amanda! x

The trailer is first rate. The audio goes so well with the photos. If you created it–Double Dose of Hoorah!
Fine book review too.

I thought the song was perfect to go along with the pictures and words. I use Animoto which is quite easy to navigate. Most of the pictures are ones I took when I was there.

Fabulous trailer, Darlene! I am looking forward to travelling to Paris with Amanda! How wonderful to be a volunteer in a book store.

So pleased you enjoyed the trailer. It was fun to put together.

That trailer is wonderful. I feel the energy of the book.

That’s great to hear. Thanks!

It’s a fabulous trailer. Congratulations on MJ’s wonderful review!

Thanks, Priscilla. I’m delighted with MJ’s review.

I will share this soon and of course buy the book to give to my granddaughter to complete her series!

Thanks, John. Your granddaughter is lucky to have a grandpa who supplies her with books!

I agree with the previous posters – it is a great trailer!

Thank you so much!

You are very welcome!! 🙂

I love the trailer (although it came across as low res, but that might have been my wifi here). It was so much fun to see the familiar Paris scenes. Can’t wait to read the book!

Thanks, Barb. I’ll check out the low res part. xo

Excellent trailer Darlene! Perfect tidbits of info and awesome scenes.

So great you enjoyed it, Irene.

Love the trailer you created!! Beautifully done…love it!! Congrats on another great book review!! Well deserved Darlene!!

Thanks, Kirt. I’m happy you enjoyed the video and review.

Great idea to make a trailer. Well done!

It was fun to do and thanks to Animoto, not that difficult.

Awesome trailer and review, Darlene! I greatly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to others!

Thanks, Donna. I appreciate all the good reviews I have had for this book so far. xo

Lovely work, Darlene. I liked the music too. I just picked up your book.

That’s great! I was pleased with the music too. Sometimes things just work out.

Congratulations on the review, and I really like the trailer. The captions and images are wonderful, and will make readers want to read the book 🙂

Thanks, Debra! It was fun to put together and Animoto makes it fairly easy. Except for two pictures, I used my own.

Congratulations on the review and the trailer

Thanks so much, Derrick.

Congratulations on the review, and I really liked the trailer. A nice song to accompany it: maybe a credit for the singer would be good?

I chose this song from a list provided by Animoto, called Always by Fraser Smith and Josh Powell. I thought it worked perfectly. I’m pleased you liked the trailer.

I agree, it was really nice and was a great fit!

I have added the name and performers of the song but it won’t show up on this version. It will be on the YuoTube version though. Thanks.

Thank you, that’s good to hear. I think they deserve their moment in the spotlight 😊

Congrats on the video trailer, never easy to do. Good luck with it all. I always add song too, so much better than silence or a piece of stock music that can irritate. x

Thanks, Jane. Animoto makes it fairly easy and provides a list of songs to use royalty free. I always find one that works. Even though it is easy, it still takes me a long time to do it as I want it to be as close to perfect as possible. Glad you like it.

Yes, I do. I have used Animoto for a long time. I had it free, then decided to pay. Then I went back to free because the choice of songs is better and there are more. But when paying, the logo is missing off the end. I didn’t find what I’d paid for was superior to the freebie.

I agree. Free works for me too.

Look forward to your next production. x

I just returned from Paris. I sure wish I had run into Amanda. I know she would have been fun to hang out with.

Amanda would have loved to run into you in Paris! I’m sure you had as good a time as Amanda did. (with a bit less drama!)

Love your trailer, Darlene, and am looking forward to reading it.

Fabulous trailer and review, Darlene. I’m ready to go to France!

Bravo, Darlene, a lovely trailer. I think I saw it pop up on YT. I’ll look for it there and like and share it. My book will come when it releases.

I am working on getting it on YouTube. If you see it there, let me know. Glad you like it.

I really thought I saw a notification for it. Hmmm!

Hi Darlene, I agree the video trailer is a great way to promote your book. Well done. I might steal your idea. Best of look with this new publication.

Thank you, Chuck. Creating a trailer with Animoto is not difficult and it is fun.

Loved the trailer, Darlene 🙂 I look forward to this one.

This story is packed with action! Loved the trailer. Well done!

Glad you like the trailer. There is a lot of action in this book and a few thought-provoking issues.

Wow, you created a wonderful trailer, Darlene! I liked the music and images for what sounds like it will be a great book 🙂

Thanks, Christy. So pleased you like the video.

Well done, Darlene – and congrats on the great review. Toni x

Thanks, Toni. I am over the moon with the early reviews of this book.

Fab trailer Darlene. And congrats on the lovely reviews coming in. ❤

Thanks, Debby. Pleased you like the trailer. xo

Wow, you did a great job with the trailer, Darlene! Super! Marje did a fantastic review of your book Congratulations.

Thanks so much, Miriam. I enjoyed creating the trailer. I’m delighted with Marje’s review too. xo

That’s great, Darlene. I love creating trailers in PowerPoint. I did one for my new book, will show it during launch tour.

Wonderful trailer, Darlene, and Congrats on the great review!

Thank you, Lauren! xo

What a great trailer, Darlene! Time is closing in on your next Amanda book. Congratulations on all your success. 🙂

Thanks so much, Laura!

This a great way of advertising your work. I loved it.

Thanks, John. So glad you like it!!

What a wonderful trailer for your latest book. This makes me want to return to Paris (and to read Amanda in France)! Nicely done.

Great! I was hoping it would do that!!

Hi Darlene, the trailer doesn’t work, so let me know when you have it up on YouTube. Very exciting!

Sorry about that, Jennie.

It’s on YouTube now!

I got the Animoto video. It’s wonderful!!

So pleased you enjoyed it!!

Very much so! 😀

I love what you did here Darlene! Brilliant review too! ❤

Wonderful trailer and review, Darlene! Sharing.

Thank you so much, Bette. And thanks for sharing.

A pleasure, Darlene. This is such a wondeful series for all ages!

Darlene, beautiful images to match the music. It’s so much fun to play with both. Thanks for sharing your talents. Enjoy your week. oxox

So pleased you enjoyed it, Maryanne!

Darlene, my pleasure. Creative people inspire me and are so interesting. oxox

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