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Time For Another Rune

Posted on: July 23, 2022

I was dusting in my bedroom, where I keep my set of runes (made by my daughter) when I decided it was time to pull another one. This is what I pulled.


This rune is about new beginnings, possible pregnancy, good omens, satisfactory conclusions, a new idea or venture, a new path.

You must complete what you have begun. It may be a project of perhaps resolving a personal difficulty.

Very soon you will achieve inner balance, and with that, inner peace.

This was the perfect rune for me at this time. Although I had to chuckle about the possible pregnancy, I do crave new beginnings. I started another Amanda book but have not been working very hard on it, so the suggestion that I finish what I’ve begun is timely. Achieving inner balance and inner peace is a lifelong ambition.

I’m so glad I pulled this rune. Now I suppose I should finish the dusting. Sigh.

I wrote more about runes here, here and here

Enjoy this short video of runes being stained and then fired by Madmudslinger. The runes are made from wild clay dug from the ground on her west coast island home.

From the website of Madmudslinger:

Known as ‘oracle of the self’, Runes help to access the infinite wisdom existing within ourselves. The Runes help to focus and reassure what we usually already know.

87 Responses to "Time For Another Rune"

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing, Darlene! As Germans we have a little distance to runes, because they were misused in our history. Best wishes, Michael

Like anything, there are always those who will misuse or misinterpret things. Thanks for commenting and reblogging.

Now I know dusting leads to wonderful things, perhaps I should try.

Occasionally, but I wouldn’t overdo it.

Very little chance of that happening Darlene.

I was thinking the same thing!

That’s quite the burner your daughter has there! It’s cool she collects clay from her home to create the pieces.
I need to pay attention to the Fertility rune and get my WIP finished, too!

I know. She built that kiln herself with recycled bricks she brought over to her island 6 at a time. Like your daughter, her tenacity has no bounds.

That’s amazing- good for her!

So nice. I’d like inner balance and peace.

Something many of us strive for. xo

Wonderful post …I always treasure my time with Marcelle seeing her in her happy zone, and too creating pottery as a student of hers at Sandstone Pottery ❤️🙏❤️…off to pick a rune:)

I forgot that you had joined one of her classes. Great memories. I hope your rune was as meaningful as mine was. Sending hugs.

Ah, I haven’t used my Rune set in ages. Thank you for sharing the fertility Rune with us!

Thanks, Annette. Maybe time to pull out the set and see what it says to you. xo

How cool to have a set of hand made runes! Good look on the Amanda book in progress. Hugs on the wing.

I know, I’m so lucky to have a talented daughter who made these for me. Hugs back!

Awesome, Darlene. It’s no coincidence that we often find ways of tuning into what we need at any given time in our lives.

Hi Darlene. . Your daughters runes are beautiful. As Chris says, maybe it’s time to dust to see what pearls of wisdom I might uncover. Although I must say, I still haven’t purchased the runes.

LOL! You never know what you can discover while dusting.

Yes, finish dusting and then back to the Amanda story.

Thanks, John. The dusting can wait. I’m happier writing. I just need to teach my dogs how to work a feather duster! I mean, they should earn their keep.

Get a tail attachment and say “Good Dog,” a lot.

A great idea. Thanks! Might need to put the breakables away.

That’s an encouraging rune to pick! It’s good to have a little affirmation once in a while.

We all need affirmation, that’s for sure.

Hi Darlene – I don’t know a lot about runes, so now I’m going to visit your other posts. I think we all have things we have started and need to finish!

Glad you learned more about runes. Finishing things we started is always good!

The ruins of Rome teach us many things too.

They do! Thanks, Carl.

Hi, Darlene – Yes please work on your new Amanda book! BTW – Women are on record as giving birth up to age 74. Just sayin’! 🙂

OMG! 74. Not going to happen. xo

Too bad you didn’t pick this rune before you started dusting.🤣 Sounds like a pretty optimistic choice.

You should see what happens when I dust my book shelves. I am easily distracted.

I am with you, Darlene – time for another rune!

I walk by that bowl of runes a number of times a day. Every now and then it calls to me!

Wonderful post, Darlene, and I should do some dusting, too. Maybe I’ll find some wisdom as well. The pregnancy bit brought a smile, been there done that. 🙂 I’m also working on another book but in slow motion. You have inspired me…good luck on your new Amanda book. 💕

Good luck with your next book. Glad you enjoyed this post!

It’s a good thing to get distracted when dusting, if it leads to THIS! I enjoyed the video, especially the firing in the kiln. You have a creative and purposeful daughter, Darlene!

Glad you enjoyed the video. She does amaze me!

Never heard of Runes before, something new for me to investigate!

Don’t you just love learning something new!

Interesting that this rune is about new beginnings and also satisfactory conclusions.

I like that concept. Every beginning must have an end, hopefully satisfactory.

Ahhhh dusting I’ve had a welcome break from that as I flit about on my travels…lol…x

Another reason I love to go back home, no dusting required.

Seems like pulling this rune was meant to be. Your daughter sounds like she’s very crafty and creative to have made such a beautiful set of runes.

That’s the thing with runes, they always show up at the right time. My daughter is an amazing potter who lives on a west coast island. Here is her website. http://www.madmudslinger.com

Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to take a look!

Hi Darlene, I also smiled at the pregnancy part of the reading. Banish the thought. I do like the rest of the reading although I doubt change is on the cards for me right now.

Change can be anything, like having a son old enough to drive! That’s a big change. And I know you are working on another novel. xo

Yes, and I have a new children’s book coming out soon.

I love your posts on ruins. I also love the fact that this one hit home with the writing of your newest book. Thanks for sharing….have a great week “of writing”. 🙂

Thanks, Kirt. So pleased you enjoy these posts.

Love the runes your daughter made for you. What fun! Used to read them myself. Dreaming of pregnancy or new babies is also a sign of a new project or venture. So keep writing!

I have heard of that too. I will keep writing. Thanks, Patricia.

I did not know anything about. Runes. The MG novel I have just completed writing has an almost 12 year old narrator who is very interested in “cosmic signs and omens”. I read about your Amanda books on Bonnie’s Blog.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. So great to meet you. I see we have a lot in common. My family name is German as well and I also am allergic to snow. (which is why I moved from Canada to Spain) And we write for the same age group. Your book looks interesting

That’s exciting that you’re starting another book, Darlene! Wishing you all the best with your manuscript 🙂

Thanks, Christy! It’s been slow going but I plan to get working on it seriously soon.

Here, here to new beginnings Darlene! And loved the video ❤

Sometimes we chose new beginnings and other times they are forced upon us, but we do need to embrace them. Glad you enjoyed the video of my sweety at work on her west coast island. xo

At first, I thought, “oh yay, a baby!” Hahaha
This is interesting and reflective, and of course, so many things can be “birthed.”

Another baby in the family would be great. Need to talk to my grandsons about that. Yes, we birth many things in our lives. Thanks for the comment.

The Ingwaz-Rune (Inguz) stands for polarity in the old Germanic mythology. It symbolises the 6th step od Tyr’s individuation that is to understand polarity in the picture that the ice of Niflheim melts under the hot rain of fire from Muspellsheim. That’s how the old Futhark explains this rune.
Ing is an early name of Freyr. Tyr is the forerunner of Odin.
Where does your interpretation comes from?
Greetings from the sunny sea
Klausbernd 🙂

I realize there are many interpretations of these ancient rune stones. My daughter has compiled short, simple explanations based on research of various descriptions. Thanks for sharing the Germanic mythology. Greetings back from hot hot Spain.

Hi Darlene,
the basic text about runes:
The Edda, 7th group, 141 – 166
There is no other authentic text. Texts from about 12th c. mentioning the old or young futhark all go back to this Edda text.

I always love reading about your runes, as it is so spiritual and all new to me. Toni x

I smiled at the possible pregnancy as well. Good to get the message at this time as you work on another book. I can imagine it is challenging sometimes to stick with the effort. Wishing you all the very best with it.

Thanks, Sue. It can be challenging to get motivated and come up with new ideas. It’s also very hot right now and hard to think straight. So it’s a good rune to pull. xo

Fascinating. Runes seem similar to me to Tarot cards, in that you pull one out, read it and interpret to something you’re going through at that time. Can be quite inspirational and motivating. So, get going with your new Amanda book!!

Thanks, Pam. I needed a bit of a push right now. xo

I understand. I think we blogger-authors can do that for each other…

Does your daughter have a kiln, Darlene? I love what she did for you. What a wonderful way to start a day with positive messages.
I did ceramic with clay with my students when I was teaching. I helped the school to buy a kiln but not too many teachers utilized it. I wish to have a personal one. I look for it from time to time. There used to be a workshop in my neighborhood for me to do my projects from clay, greenware (before firing), or bisque (after one firing before painting). The workshops these days only offer bisques. We have to buy the bisques and pay for the paint. I still have many bottles of paint.

My daughter is a professional potter and built her own kiln using recycled bricks which she brought to her island a few at a time. Here is one of the blog posts I wrote about her. Thanks for your interest.
https://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/2018/08/17/my-amazing-daughter/ and here is her website https://madmudslinger.com/

Pregnancy? Are you trying to tell us something, Darlene?

LOL! I thought the rune stones were trying to tell me something but then I realized we can birth many other things besides babies. Whew!!

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