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Reach out and touch somebody’s hand. (Remembering Mary Smith) #Memories #Friendship

Posted on: July 18, 2022

A wonderful tribute to a good blogging friend we lost last year, in honour of her birthday. She is so missed but lives on in her published books. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mary-Smith/e/B001KCD4P0?

Barb Taub

Mary Smith: writer, poet, teacher, friend.

Over the pandemic and lockdown, many of us lost family and friends, a loss made even more difficult when we weren’t able to say goodbye.

Mary Smith, talking about her lockdown experience, quoted Diana Ross:

Reach out and touch

Somebody’s hand

Make this world a better place

If you can.

Those words have never felt so meaningful and so poignant. It’s what we all need right now. The touch of someone’s hand on ours would make the world seem a better place. Such a simple gesture and yet, many weeks ago, we allowed ourselves to be frightened into excising a huge part of our humanity, to keep ourselves and others safe. My heart breaks seeing young children file into their classrooms, keeping the regulation six feet apart, learning they mustn’t touch or hug each other. Learning to be fearful of their friends and their…

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53 Responses to "Reach out and touch somebody’s hand. (Remembering Mary Smith) #Memories #Friendship"

A nice tribute Darlene 🕉

It is, thanks to Barb.

What a lovely tribute, Darlene, but how sad to lose someone loved and admired!

She was wonderful and her books are amazing, especially her memories of living and working in Afghanistan.

Beautifully done…

Agreed. Thanks for commenting.

What a lovely tribute to Mary, Darlene. Thank you for sharing and reminding us how precious life is.

I’m so glad Barb put this together.

That’s a lovely tribute. Thank for for sharing. Her books sound really interesting.

Her books are wonderful. Thanks,

Thank you for sharing Barb’s birthday tribute to Mary. I miss her.

I think we all miss her very much.

Thanks for sharing Darlene….awesome tribute!!

I’m so glad Barb thought to post this tribute.

A lovely share, Darlene. I saw it was Mary Smith’s birthday recently. The loss of Sue Vincent and Mary is still heart breaking for me. Two such wonderful women.

I agree, the world lost two amazing women. You and I were both fortunate to meet Mary too.

I miss Mary as well. Thanks, Darlene

She is missed by many. So pleased Barb put this together.

Hi Darlene – I just connected with Mary in the last few months of her life. Heading over to Amazon to find her books. A wonderful tribute by Barb! Thanks for sharing!

Her books are so enjoyable. She had a full and interesting life.

What a beautiful tribute to honour your friend

Thanks, it is perfect.

A beautiful tribute and a great reminder!

It is, isn’t it? Pleased to share it.

Thanks so much for the reblog Darlene. Mary was certainly loved and will be missed.

Happy to do so. Mary was so highly regarded.

So much wisdom in Mary’s thoughts. Small gestures carry a lot of weight.

So true. Mary was a genuine person.

Hi Darlene, I didn’t know Mary, but I’m sorry to hear of her passing, and this is a lovely tribute. ❤️

We all needed the reminder. Lovely post.

So true. Thanks, Patricia.

Beautiful, Darlene. Toni x

Thank you for sharing this. She was a lovely lady and writer.

She really was. A wonderful person with amazing stories.

Agree 100%. She left the world a better place. oxox

I miss Mary’s wonderful, heartfelt posts about the Afghanistan people. She was a guiding light to many ❤

Thanks, Jacquie. I so agree.

Thanks for sharing this, Darlene. I’m heading over to read the rest. ❤

I’m so glad Barb posted this.

It was a lovely tribute.

I have just returned from Scotland and the first thing that I thought about when I arrived there was Mary. How sad she is no longer with us. A lovely tribute to her Darlene. x

I know. I am going back to Scotland next month and it will seem weird that Mary will not be there. Miss her so much.

Yes, I remember Mary. Thank you Darlene for adding this lovely tribute.

What a wonderful tribute!

It is. Thanks, Bonnie.

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Fabulous! Thanks, Esme. Have a super week. xo

You’re welcome Darlene

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