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Memories in Photographs

Posted on: July 7, 2022

My blogging friend, Beetley Pete, has been running a series of posts featuring photographs from post-war Britain. They are fascinating, a great look back at another time and another place. I would suggest you check them out here.

I love old photographs and am so pleased that my family is a family of picture takers. Over the years I have accumulated some wonderful old pictures from the Canadian prairies. So I thought I would post a few of them from time to time as others may enjoy them too. Many will be of family and some will be poor quality. The following are from the 1950s.

This four-generation picture is one of my favourites. Seated is my great-grandmother, and on the left is my grandmother holding little me (and teddy). My mom is on the right. These three women were a huge influence in my life. The shadow of my dad taking the picture makes it even more special.

Another favourite with special women in my life. From left to right, my aunt with my cousin, Mom holding my little brother, me (with teddy), my paternal grandmother, a close family friend I called Aunty and her two children (who I’m still friends with).

Now here is one I just love. I am on the right with my aunt and my brother. We were playing wedding and needed a bridesmaid so we put a dress on my younger brother. He looks so happy because we actually let him play with us. We look a bit guilty, I think. He is not fond of this picture but has forgiven us. I think he looks so cute!

Two farm kids from the 1950s at Hilda, Alberta. One now lives in Thailand, the other in Spain. Who would have thought?

Here I am on the farm with my brother and a snowman we had just built; our dog lurking in the background.

My next little brother with my mom’s teenage sisters, my dear aunts. Another favourite picture.

There you have it, six pictures from another time. I have more to share later.

Thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane.

Do you enjoy looking at old pictures?

103 Responses to "Memories in Photographs"

I love all your pictures. Like you I enjoy all the old family shots and have ended up with many of them.

Thanks, Denise. They do tend to end up with me. But I don’t mind. They need to be saved for the next generations.

These are wonderful photographs and a great remembrance, Darlene! Thanks for sharing this intimate treasure with us. Best wishes, Michael

As we get older we appreciate how important these pictures are. Many of the people in the pictures are no longer with us.

I love how happy everyone looks, Darlene.

I do too. There wasn’t much money but we always had a laugh and a smile.

That’s how my family was. It tells us happy isn’t about money, is it.

Lovely memories, Darlene. I have some photos like that. (Somewhere…)
Best wishes, Pete.

It was your posts that spurred me to look for these pictures.

Hi Darlene, these are lovely pictures. I always enjoy looking at your pictures of your family and dogs on instagram too.

Thanks, Robbie. Pleased you enjoy my pictures. These seem from such a long time ago. My little brothers were so cute. There was one more but he came along later.

You had three brothers and I had three sisters. It’s nice growing up in a larger family. There is 9 years between Laura (the youngest) and me (the oldest).

I agree, it’s great to have siblings. There are 16 years between my youngest brother and me. But we are very close as he’s such a great guy.

Gosh, a late lamb as they say here in South Africa.

Old photos are irresistible, Darlene. Thanks for sharing these. Hugs.

They are aren’t they? Thankfully we have these old pictures. Especially when some family members are gone.

Love these old photos, Darlene. Thanks.

Glad you loved them, John. Must dig out some more.

Yes. I wish I had some too.

I love this series of images Darlene and it’s great to have a context to them. I have quite a few old photographs that I’ve digitised myself. I should consider a similar post to yours to showcase them.

Oh yes, you should do that. These all hold great memories. Glad you enjoyed them too.

So many of those photos could have been in my own street in my own village 👍

The world is not so different, is it?

These family photos are wonderful, Darlene! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

You’re welcome, Liz. So pleased you liked them.

These pictures are precious! Even to someone who doesn’t know your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Priscilla. Pictures can say so much, can’t they?

Our family are a picture taking family too Darlene! I’m happy you have all of these wonderful pics! Great memories! Xx

I’m so happy that I have these as well. What is great is that when someone passes away, their pictures are shared with those of us still here. That way the memories stay alive.

SO WONDERFUL ! I just love the generations portraits—so many connections!

I know. So great to look back and see where you came from.

These are wonderful, Darlene! So many lovely memories for you in these photos. All I have is a ‘first seven years book’ with some photos in it, plus a couple of others from a few years later. I’ve shared some on my blog over the years, and you’re right: people do find them interesting!

We have pictures of our family from the late 1800s on. So great to have people and places documented for future generations. Glad you enjoyed these, Clive.

These were such fun to look at, Darlene! You’re so fortunate to have these precious memories preserved. I love that you dressed up your brother as a flower girl, lol.

I am so fortunate to have these pictures. I know, that picture is priceless.

Darlene, I love these old sepia pictures. They are just precious. The one of you girls dressing up your brother as bridesmaid is hilarious. You do look a little guilty, but he seems to be happy!

He was happy then but a bit annoyed years later when we showed him the picture. Fortunately, he has a good sense of humour. Glad you enjoyed these old pictures. Thank heaven for photography.

I love looking at old pictures. Thanks for sharing. Yours are terrific!

Thanks, Debra. They are fun to look at, aren’t they?

It’s fun to look back at old photos, even if I don’t know the people. I used to do a project with my class where they brought in a baby picture and then wrote around two headings: “I Used to Be” and “But Now I Am.” Part of the fun was trying to guess the owner through the baby picture and the writing. What made me think of that was I was the only one whose baby picture was in black and white.

What a fun thing to do with your class. I did something like that for a teambuilding exercise once. Of course with adults, it is more difficult to guess who belonged to which baby picture. Pleased you enjoyed these oldies.

Helping keep memories fresh … these are just wonderful.

Photographs are a great way to keep memories fresh. Thanks, Catherine.

These are priceless treasures, Darlene. You may know my penchant for past pictures. Having been born in 1942 I am just off to Pete’s post.

Thanks, Derrick. You will love the photographs Pete posted.

I did. Nicely nostalgic

It’s always fun to look back at old pictures. It also makes you appreciate that at least someone in the family enjoys taking pictures and it’s a good reminder to try to capture more memories. This is a lovely collection of pictures of your family.

I am so grateful that my relatives enjoyed taking pictures and we need to remember to do so for the next generations.

Wonderful idea to share! I love old photos and often thumb through my albums, especially to see my parents as young people and my kids as babies.

There is a certain comfort in looking through old pictures. I bet you have some wonderful pictures as well.

To me, they are exceedingly wonderful. 😍

Such wonderful photographs!! I so enjoyed this trip down memory lane. As it is said, a picture tells a thousand words, and these photographs do just that.

Thanks, Linda. I agree, a picture does tell a thousand words. Glad you liked these old pictures.

These are such wonderful photographs, Darlene. Thank you for sharing them with us. I especially love the one of the ‘two farm kids from Alberta’ and the exciting roads that you have each travelled!

Thanks, Donna. At that point, we never dreamed life would take us on such an incredible journey. A trip to Medicine Hat was very exciting for us.

How lovely! I just love looking at old photographs. Thanks for this post, Darlene.

So pleased you enjoyed these, Stevie.

I love classic photos like these.

Me too. Thanks for commenting, Rebecca.

I love old photos. We don’t have a lot, but the ones we do have are precious. Thanks for sharing.

They are indeed precious. Glad you enjoyed a few of mine.

The photos are wonderful. You sure liked your teddy. 🙂

Thanks, Laura. I didn’t go anywhere without my teddy.

Lovely pictures and even more precious memories. Thanks for sharing. 😊

I do love old photos, Darlene, and these ones are great. Thanks for sharing them with us. I found your blog through a comment you left on Donna’s Retirement Reflections. It’s nice to “meet” you!

Thanks for popping by, Christie! Nice to meet you as well. Glad you liked the old pictures.

Such wonderful memories flood back through old photos. Look at the clothing, shoes and hair styles. Enjoy the weekend. ox

I know, right. Thank heaven for old photographs.

Darlene, thank you for the lovely comment. I laugh when I see what I wore and how my hair was. Nothing quite like vintage photographs to evoke memories. Thanks for sharing with me. Enjoy the weekend. oxox

I absolutely love these photos, Darlene! Thank you for sharing. Perhaps I will follow you and Pete and post some old photos. They are treasures!

They really are treasures and evoke memories of past times and people no longer with us. I’m sure you have some great ones as well.

Well said, Darlene. I probably do have quite a few. 🙂

I love all these precious memories, Darlene. The four-generation one is especially heartwarming. I’m so glad you have kept the photos. Your bridesmaid brother is so cute. I hope he laughed at it and appreciated the fun he had. Is he living in Thailand now?

Thanks, Miriam. So pleased you enjoyed these old pictures. Yes, that brother is living a good life in Thailand.

I did, Darlene! My ex lived in Thailand for more than 15 years. He loved it. He died of brain tumor there.
I’ve seen both of my maternal and paternal grandmothers, but not grandfathers. They were in China when my parents were in Hong Kong.
Every Mother’s Day, my daughter and I made sure to have three-generation photos taken. I’ll be very old or even gone when my grandkids have kids. But there’s always hope to have four-generation photos taken.

Fantastic pictures! I especially love the one of your teen aunts. Their personalities really jump out of the photograph.

Thanks, Bonnie. They were very special and as a young girl, I just idolized them.

Wonderful pictures and such history I wish my family had been as prolific in taking photographs 🙂

Thanks, Carol. We are lucky to have so many great photographs.

I love these photos Darlene but especially your descriptions. In the first I am struck what some
Would perceive as a huge photography error and yet having your Dad’s shadow could also be seen as artful. Most of all a gift to those who knew him as he is part of the memory.

I do think the guilt is clearly captured in the wedding scene. The bridesmaid
Looks incredibly happy to be included.

Thanks, Sue. I agree, the mistake has turned out to be a gift. These amateur photographs can tell such stories, can’t they?

Wonderful Darlene.. fabulous memories and it is great that the technology now allows us to scan and preserve them..♥

Preserving them is key. Our family are not hoarders but we do save photos.

Love these old pictures. I have so many in a box downstairs — shame on me. Wonderful to be able to look at the past with love.

I have many of them, in boxes as well. I need to go through them again. I’m sure there are some gems.

Old photos are really beautiful memories of our life. Nice post Darlene.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thanks for sharing the old photos, Darlene. They’re so evocative and full of stories. 🙂

They are, aren’t they? Glad you liked them. I plan to share more.

Okay, you had me at ‘playing wedding’. I have never known anyone else who played wedding like me! Lol. Great nostalgia ❤

We loved playing wedding. Sometimes we would have our teddy bears marry our dolls. It was the dressing-up part we loved. It is great nostalgia!

For sure it was the dress up part! 🙂 x

LOL. Since everyone in that picture has been married 2 or 3 times, perhaps we should have just played wedding instead of actually doing it.

[…] Memories in Photographs […]

I’ve also enjoyed Pete’s old posts, and love this one as well. What a lovely teddy you had, and your brother was very photogenic as well, as was the whole family. Thanks for sharing all those, Darlene!

Thanks, Olga. Teddy was very special to me and I didn’t go anywhere without him. My brother, who just turned 70, is still photogenic.

[…] We were playing wedding and needed a bridesmaid so we put a dress on my younger brother ” – […]

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