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Good News and Dogs

Posted on: June 6, 2022

This could easily be our house.

One of my blogging buddies, John Howell, posts good news on Fridays, which always makes my day. We are bombarded with so much bad news and negativity, that good news is so welcome. Here is a good news story about dogs he recently posted https://johnwhowell.com/2022/05/27/friday-johnku-aka-tgif-fri-yay-good-news-16/

John has two adorable dogs himself, Lucy and Twiggy, who write their own post every week. Check out John’s blog to read more about them. He is also the author of some very good books.

Speaking of good news, I want to share an incredible story posted in one of our local papers here in Spain. It is a story about Zeppelin, (Zep) a dog who showed up at a local animal rescue shelter. He was a friendly dog, well behaved and popular with the volunteers. The shelter was eagerly looking for him to be adopted. Two months later, a woman and her family came in looking to adopt a dog.

A burglar had broken into their home two months earlier and had stolen everything. Even the dog was gone. They assumed the burglar had killed him. They had had a very bad year and were obviously depressed. All their things had been stolen, their dog was dead and their father had passed away a year earlier. After two months they decided to adopt another dog to help ease the pain. When they went to the local animal shelter, who did they see but Zeppelin. They all shouted, “That’s our dog!” There was Zep, alive and well and happy to see them.

It was reported that there weren’t enough tissues that day at the shelter!

Doesn`t that just make your heart melt?

As many of you know, we have two rescue dogs. We adopted Dot six years ago and added Lia to our family a little over a year ago. We love them to bits and there is never a dull moment with them. Here are a few pictures of them.

Me and my girls, Lia and Dot
Lia made herself at home very quickly
Sharing the bed

You may think all they do is sleep, but it is the only time I can get a good picture!

OK, I got one when they were not sleeping.
They love their yard

They enjoy going to the beach and playing on the rocks
Going for coffee with Dad
Sharing treats with their doggie friends
Dot on her third birthday. She was happier when she got to eat the cupcake.
Waiting for dad to take them for a car ride
A good friend painted this for me. I love it!

They spend a lot of time barking at nothing.

Perhaps I should try this

Do you have any good news or dog stories to share?

106 Responses to "Good News and Dogs"

That story makes my heart melt. Your dogs are adorable 🥰🥰

Thanks! We think so too.

Your dogs are so cute, and your good news so very welcome. The worse world news gets, the more committed I am to sharing the good. I applaud you for doing the same thing. Thanks, Darlene!

Thanks, Marian. I feel much the same. I swear my dogs have kept me sane the last two years especially. xo

What a great story. Your dogs are darling–I love that they have each other.

Dogs bark at nothing? Who knew???

We love them so much but they can drive us crazy. They suddenly start barking and we run to the door to see what it is and there is often nothing! Perhaps an imaginary cat. Enjoy your new fur baby. xo

A lovely post, Darlene. I can’t imagine how happy those folks were to see Zep again. Terrific photos of Dot and Lia. They look like best friends. As you know Lucy and Twiggy are rescues as well. They make the best fur babies. Thank you for the link too.

They are pretty good friends, although Lia annoys Dot at times, just like little sisters do. I recall you mentioning that Lucy and Twiggy are rescues. I love your good news Fridays, especially the one about the signs the children made for the rescue centre.

That was a good one too.

Such sweet dogs. Loved the adoption center story you shared. I just realized that they each have big black dots on their backs.

They do! They are the same breed. Dot is a Valencian bodeguero and Lia is an Andulusian bodeguero (the smaller version) Thye are very sweet girls.

Thanks for the smile this morning. Dogs are the best.

I agree, dogs are the best. Laughter may be the best medicine but dogs come a close second. xo

This post brought a hug smile to my face and a uber warm feeling!! Thanks for sharing the story of the family reuniting with their dog!! And thank you for all the pictures of your dogs….so cute!!! Again…brought a big smile and a warm feeling!!! Thanks for sharing!!

My job here is done! That was the idea. My dogs bring me so much joy, I just had to share. Have a great week!

I love the story of Zep’s reunion with his family. Talk about a happy ending! Your two pups are just adorable.

Thanks, Liz. Such a great story, I had to share it. I tend to agree with you on my pups. xo

You’re welcome, Darlene. 🙂

I have no dog stories to share, but I certainly enjoyed yours. Marvelous!

Thanks, Anne. But you do have a wonderful granddog. xo

Oh! You have a good memory! Son $ sends us a photo of Sadie every now and then.

What a lovely post, DArlene. I have just been over at John’s place reading about Lucy and Twiggy. It is a great doggy day.

Aren’t Lucy and Twiggy great! A feel-good doggie day is needed sometimes. xo

The salami trick is a good one! Made me laugh.
Dogs are such great companions! It’s funny that they both have that spot on their lower back.

The salami trick is a good one! Dogs are the best!

Hi Darlene – what a great story! So glad they reconnected with their dog. I enjoyed your pictures – part of a happy home! 🙂

So pleased you enjoyed the story and the pictures of my fur babies. xo

Oh and I meant to say I also love John’s blog and Lucy and Twiggy’s posts 🙂

I know. Lucy and Twiggy are so entertaining!

I like that idea of posting (or reading) good news on Fridays. We can all use more positivity in our lives. That’s awful to hear about what happened to that family, but I’m so happy that they’ve been reunited with their dog. I also enjoyed the pictures of your dogs. They’re very adorable.

By Friday we all need some good news, I think. Glad you liked the pictures of my dogs. I have so many pictures of them, it was hard to decide which ones to share. xo

I love “happily ever after” stories and that was certainly a nice one about the family being reunited with there dog.

I know. It was such a wonderful story, I just had to share it. xo

Oh, Darlene – what a wonderful story! I nearly needed a tissue just reading it. With all the negativity in the world stories like this and those John posts on Fridays are just what we need. Your furry friends are so adorable!

Thanks, Teri! My fur babies make me so happy. Love them to the moon and back.

Aww, the story about Zep makes me cry, Darlene! What a wonderful “lost and found” story. Your dogs are darling, especially waiting for your dad for a car ride! I love your friend’s painting!

Thanks, Miriam. That story made me cry too. I was so impressed with my friend’s painting. She gave it to me for my birthday. A nice surprise.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

There was a scary story long time ago. I was pregnant with my daughter. A friend took me home and wanted to carry the stuff into the house for me. She thought it was quick so she left her son in the car, had the car door open with the key in it. A guy came by to drive the car away. She was horrified and chased after the car, yelling, “My son, mon son.” The guy stopped and got her son out, left him on the street but took the car.

I would feel very guilty if anything happed to her son!! The police found her car several days later.

OMG!! That is very scary. So glad her son was OK. At least the thief had a conscience.

I think even bad people in the old days had a conscience. The recent crimes worry me.

Awww, I love all the doggie pictures. And what a heartwarming story! Thank you for sharing!

So pleased you enjoyed it, Jan. Love my pups. xo

I loved the story about Zep! Thanks for sharing it and the photos of your dogs!

The Zep story is so wonderful I had to share it. We have a lot of animal rescue centres here. All run by volunteers.

That’s the type of volunteering I’d love to do.

I am a lifelong dog owner, and I can’t imagine my life without one or two in the house. They add so much and love us unconditionally. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I’m a big fan of John’s positive Friday stories.

I’m not surprised you are a dog owner. We need to see pictures on your blog too. Their unconditional love is so special and often needed. I was so happy to see that the care home my mom spent her last 6 years in, allowed dogs to visit.

aww adorable doggie photos! 🙂

I love this post, Darlene. Your dogs are so sweet! You remind me of a bad news story that turned into a good one: When we first moved to Newtown, Vivian got out and disappeared. We were heartbroken. But after 19 days we heard her crying out by the front door. She was hungry and oh so tired, but we nursed her back to health. She’s been clingier ever since. 😊

Wow! 19 days. I bet you thought she was a goner. How wonderful that she came back to you. Bless her. Glad you enjoyed our pups.

Wonderful dog story and cute photos of your perritos.

Glad you enjoyed it, Rebecca!

Wonderful story! 🙂 I love dogs, and these photos are just adorable!!!

Thanks, Linda. Dogs are such wonderful companions.

I had goosebumps reading this post and I can understand completely why the tissues needed to be replaced. In fact, I had to reach for one myself. I agree, Darlene, there are so many wonderful stories full of humour, encouragement, and adventures. This is the second time around for me – it gave me a good feeling once and I came back for more. Many thanks! Sending hugs.

Thanks for reading it twice Rebecca. I just had to share it as it was such a happy ending story, even though it requires tissues. I remember my little brother tearing up whenever we watched Lassie on TV as there was always the possibility that something bad might happen to Lassie before the end of the show. There is something about dogs that tugs at our heartstrings.

I love this!
And John Howell is also a favourite!

I thought you would enjoy this.

A great shout out for Lucy and Twiggy and John, Darlene, and a lovely glimpse into you life with Lia and Dot. I just love the photo of them waiting patiently for their walk. Lol. They look like they get lots of love. And amazing story about Zep. I can imagine the tears. Thanks for the fun post. Enjoy!

Thanks, Diana. Our pups do get lots of love and attention. I love that picture of them waiting as well. So cute. Glad you enjoyed the post. Take care. xo

They look so well behaved!

Such a heartwarming blog post, Darlene. And the photos of Dot and Lia are adorable. ❤

Thanks, Laura. Glad you liked the story.

Your dogs are very cute, Darlene. They look both energetic snd cuddly.

Thanks, Rebecca. They are both. We love them so much.

Dogs are wonderful companions.

This is wonderful, Darlene! Your dogs are adorable. You must read “My Father’s Words” by Patricia MacLachlan- shelter dogs are special. As for John, his posts are are hilarious, always interesting, and his ‘girl’s’ adventures are always a wonderful read. Yes, his Friday good news posts make my day. And the story of Zeppelin…❤️

This is so funny as I was just commenting on your latest post! It is as if we were having a conversation. Glad you enjoyed this post and I will look out for My Father’s Words as it is one of Patricia MacLachlan’s books I haven’t read.

I know!!! Literally we were reading each other at the same time. How wonderful is that? I’m so glad I can recommend a Patricia MacLachlan book. I know you loved “The Poet’s Dog.” So sad that she passed away… I will write a post on her and her books this summer.

I look forward to that post. I was saddened when I heard of her passing. The Poets Dog was so good. Have a wonderful weekend! (I just made a fresh batch of gazpacho, perfect for our hot days right now.)

Thanks, Darlene. Enjoy the weekend, and the gazpacho. 🙂

Great post! So happy that the lost dog was found again by his owners. Love the photos too, especially having coffee with Dad! 😆

Thanks, Nancy. I like that one too. xo

I just love the photos of your dogs! I also like the idea of good news and am off to John Howell’s link. Thanks for sharing this great post, Darlene. BTW, I also love your yard! 🙂

Thanks, Carol. Glad you enjoyed the post. You will enjoy John’s blog. Thanks for the compliment on my yard.

Lol, I like the treat idea for taking a good photo- should try it with the kids, too!
Your pups are gorgeous and look happy with their humans 🙂

Thanks, Jacquie! Yup, that would work for kids, maybe with candy or an ice cream.

What a wonderful post Darlene… love the funnies the fabulous photos of Dot and Liz… and of course the good news story.. thank you for a lovely start to the day. ♥

So pleased you enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing it. Licks and snuggles from Dot and Lia.

Gladly accepted Darlene in lieu of hopefully one of our own soon. ♥

Somene had a list of how to have a happy marriage. It was a good list but I added, get a dog or two.

Dogs rescue us – day after day after day. I love John’s posts and his two dogs, and I love your two. I think your photos of them are grand. And Zep!! He and his people were meant to be together. Thanks for the ‘feel-good’ post, Darlene. ❤

I know you are a dog person as well. So true, they rescue us! I just had to share the Zep story.

You’re right – it’s great to have a post with good news in it. By the way, I hear you’re baking hot over there in Spain?

It is very hot right now. Living in the pool.

Dot and Lia are adorable! I’m so happy for Zep and his family, too.:-)

Thanks so much, Priscilla. Happy to see you here and thanks for following my blog.

Great story. Zeppelin is a great name!

I thought so too. I love some of the names of dogs we have encountered here in Spain.

They are both looking so cute, and i am sure they are the good souls in the house. Thanks for sharing this funny photos and the story, Darlene! Have a good week! xx Michael

Thanks so much, Michael. They do make our house a happy home.

What a sad yet beautiful story Darlene. Your dogs are adorable and the photos are a beautiful sight. ❤

Thanks, Debby. They bring us much joy. xo

No doubts! 🙂 x

Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful story about Zep! And your fur babies are cuteness itself!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. We think our dogs are just the cutest!

every one of these melts my heart ❤

Thanks! We love them so much!!

obviously they love you too!

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