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The Blank Rune

Posted on: May 27, 2022

The first time I pulled the blank rune, I was very disappointed. But then I read the meaning in the booklet my daughter put together and realized it was the perfect rune for me at the time.

The Blank Rune

The Blank Rune represents the unknowable, fate, nothingness, and mystery.

There is no answer to your issue. Some things are not knowable; that is the wisdom addressed by this rune. Rather than feeling a deeper frustration from no answer to be had, think of the unknowable as a relief. Ah, I no longer need to search for answers here. You must take what is to follow.

There are no specific preparation and certainly no way out. Courage is called for when leaping empty-handed into the void.

I am the sort of person who always wants answers. So this rune really speaks to me. And I often pull it. Like today. So I better gather up my courage and leap into the void once again!

I have written about my set of runes made by my potter daughter before, here and here.

Rune meanings are varied and have been handed down through the mists of time since their ancient beginnings in approximately the 1st Century AD.

The Norse runes are part of an ancient Pro-Germanic tradition and the runic alphabet consists of 24 rune symbols – with the addition of one notably blank rune to allow space for cosmic chance.

Runes in production with a furry supervisor.

Runes by  https://madmudslinger.com/

66 Responses to "The Blank Rune"

Neat! Do you see it as a way to write your own day?

Yes, that is true. A blank slate where possibilities are endless and I can write my own story so to speak. Thanks!

I admire your daughter’s pottery runes. The blank rune? You mention several meanings. I too like things spelled out, knowable. But the flip side of the blank rune could be the tabula rasa: a blank slate of endless possibilities, some a mystery. Anyway, my take. . . .

Exactly. I actually once pulled this rune as we were about to leave for Spain. I had to be open to anything. it was like giving me permission to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace whatever came along.

I agree that it can be a relief to accept that some things are unknowable.

It gives you permission to stop fretting. xo

And I’m a world-class fretter!

Fascinating, Darlene. I didn’t know there was a black rune, and appreciate you sharing this with us. I wonder how often writers with questions about their future would pull that particular rune.

I know. I can’t speak for other writers but I draw it quite often.

I know very little about runes, but always enjoy learning more about them. The explanation of the blank rune makes sense. Interesting that you pull that one on a regular basis, Darlene.

Rune can be fascinating. Perhaps they will have them, or something like them in the future. Something to consider.

I actually like the open-ended-ness of the blank rune. Which sounds like what it means. Very nice.

It is very open-ended and is trying to tell me something.

Pulling a blank rune must be a startling way to start your day Darlene…and it’s good to be “open to interpretation and prepare for anything”….I love my runes made by Marcelle…they are very special. I took them to one of my SFU classes and shared them with my classmates when I was studying ….the course was called Scribes.

I’m glad you enjoy your set of runes made by mad mudslinger. How cool that you shared them with your classmates. xo

I am similar to you in that I like logical explanations for things. That’s why when nonsensical events like school shootings happen, I have a hard time processing them

Like you, I just can’t fathom these horrible, inexplicable happenings.

“allow space for cosmic chance” I love that. We all need this now and again.

We do and me especially. I tend to like to be in control and we all know that is not always possible.

This would make a fantastic gift. Such an interesting way of taking the time to reflect on your life. Thanks for the idea and the link to your daughter.

Thanks, I have given many sets of runes as gifts over the years. They have always been appreciated.

Darlene, I just went to your daughter’s site but can’t find the connection to purchase the Runes.

She may be out of stock. I’ll check with her. Thanks for letting me know.

Oh I think the blank rune is the gift of a blank canvass. Create what you Will. Literally!

I believe you are right. I started a new Amanda story today!

I am so excited for you Darlene!! Great news! where will Amanda be this time?

I find the runes fascinating and you started a new Amanda venture which is good, Darlene 🙂

I have a set of runes I want to sit down with soon. I am the same way about answers, it is a gift to be able to let the ones go we need to.

Sometime what will be, will be. We need to trust the universe.

We do

You know how much I love the runes, Darlene, and your explanation today about the blank rune is so clear. Cosmic Chance. I love that! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks, Jan. I was hoping you would comment as I trust your take on runes.

I don’t know much about runes, only what I learn on Jan Sike’s blog. A blank one sounds rather fun to me. A bit like the blank in Scrabble where you can chose your own letter.

Exactly! Being handed a blank can be a blessing if used wisely.

Marcelle is remarkable, Darlene. I have come back to this post several times to view the runes. Oh, how wonderful to chose the Blank Rune – goosebumps on the meaning: unknowable, fate, nothingness, and mystery. More goosebumps.

Thanks, Rebecca. I think Marcelle is remarkable as well, but then I am somewhat biased. My initial disappointment in drawing a blank rune turned to awe when I realized the limitless possibilities.

I think it’s natural for us humans to want to have an answer or explanation for everything. I like to think of the blank rune as a choose your own adventure 🙂

I love my runes, Darlene, and have relied on their wisdom for years. Your statement: “Think of the unknowable as a relief.” I love the not-knowing approach to life. It relieves a lot of pressure, especially the pressure to be right. 🙂 That’s so cool that your daughter crafts them!

I’m glad you enjoy your runes as well. I tend to want to know so this is always a good lesson for me.

I recall you explaining runes before Darlene. I like the blank one allowing for possibilities and being open to them. Reading about you pulling it before your move to Spain seems perfect.

Thanks, Sue. It was the perfect rune for such a huge adventure. Talk about stepping into the void.

The way you explained it is super nice and I’m in love with that cat 🐈 😻

Thanks. That’s my grandcat and I love him to bits!

How fascinating! It is rather brilliant to include a blank one.

I know. Those Vikings were smart folks!!

“unknowable, fate, nothingness, and mystery”–anything is possible, so we have to be alert and wait. Thanks for sharing, Darlene.

I know it’s a good one! Thanks, Christa.

I find the whole thing so fascinating and remember when you first posted on your daughters runes!! Also….gotta love the picture of with the cat!!

That’s my amazing grandcat. He is really something, isn’t he?

Love your clay runes Darlene. And I welcome the blank rune with its mystery element of surprise. 🙂 xx

Thanks, Debby. My runes are special, especially since they are made by my daughter. That blank rune says so much! xo

So fascinating, Darlene – I had never known about runes before. I know I’m always frightened to move until I have all the answers and preparation done, trying to “control” everything, which of course I can’t do – so a good one for me, too. Toni x

As much as we want to be in control, we are certainly not. Runes are very interesting and very much part of the Norse culture. Thanks, Toni.

I don’t know too much about runes, Darlene! I liked Robbie’s comment that a blank rune is like a blank scrabble. It doesn’t have the known fact but is flexible. It can be a message of going with the flow of life. The furry supervisor is gorgeous.

Yes, I believe it is all about going with the flow and trusting in fate. My grandkitty is adorable and I love him to bits!

I had read your earlier post on your daughter’s pottery runes. I think, it’s normal human tendency to want to have all the answers. The blank rune is a good way to calm one’s nerves – it kind of gives one permission to go with the flow. Thank you, Darlene, for sharing this. It’s all very interesting.

Thank you so much, Smitha. I agree, we need that permission.

I also like for there to be answers, right away! I’ve learned to be more patient, though.

Perhaps that is a plus about growing older, we do learn patience. xo

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