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Who Should Read Children’s Books?

Posted on: May 1, 2022

Today I am a guest on Karen Sanderson’s blog where I talk about reading children’s books, at any age.

Are Children’s Books Just for Children?

by Darlene Foster

I write children’s books. Actually, I should correct that. I write books suitable for children. But they are books any age can read and enjoy.

            Recently I listened to an interview with Lawrence Hill, author of the award-winning novel, The Book of Negroes.He discussed his latest release, Beatrice and Croc Harry, which he describes as a story for children and adults. He mentioned there should be no separation between children’s and adults’ books. He mentioned that as authors, we should not shy away from including serious and painful issues in children’s stories as they can handle them. He also mentioned, and I agree, many adults enjoy reading from a child’s point of view.  

Read more of the article here

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52 Responses to "Who Should Read Children’s Books?"

I agree with everything you said in the article. Why limit ourselves to books aimed for the adult reader? 🙂

Just think of all the wonderful stories we would have missed if we didn’t read kids’ books from time to time.

Some of my favorite books, I have found in the children’s section of the library.

I’m not surprised. xo

Way, way back, one could have been forgiven for thinking that many of the children’s stories by the Bros. Grimm were written for adults they were so gruesome and frightening. I read several, aged eight, and apart from the odd nightmare emerged OK. It’s totally understandable if adults are curious as to what is being written for children today. They would be pleasantly surprised if they read Darlene’s entertaining stories.

Thanks, Joy. The Three Bears gave me nightmares as a small child. I was convinced a bear would break into our house. On the prairies, we didn’t even have bears around!

This is true. I personally love reading children books too. Aren’t they full of fun, i mean from a kid’s perspective the way you say it. 👏😊💖

They are fun and sometimes sad, but kids look at things differently and it is refreshing to see things through their eyes.

You’re right ✅ I sometimes even wonder how humbling the writers have to bring themselves down to fit into the kid’s psychological basket. It’s amazing and wonderful ❤

I couldn’t agree more Darlene. I find your books and other ‘childrens’ books every bit as enjoyable.

Heading over to read the rest!

Heading over, Darlene. I already agree with you!

Bravo, Darlene, I’m going over to finish reading.

I just re-read a children’s book, You Are My Friend by Aimee Reid, which tells the story of Mr. Rogers and His Neighborhood, actually a biography in a nutshell.

A well-written children’s book works for all ages!

I will look out for this book. Thanks, Marian.

I’m with you, Darlene! Sharing the good news–reading is fundamental for all ages and adults enjoy many of today’s picture books as well the the children they read to/with. Happy Writing & Reading every day! ❤ xo

Thanks so much, Bette. Great to see so many kindred spirits here!

Great post, Darlene. You make an excellent point. I’m going to look for more stories in this genre.

You have the perfect excuse for reading children’s books as you share them with your granddaughter!

I do! And recommendations are welcome!

[…] Who Should Read Children’s Books? — Darlene Foster’s Blog […]

On my shelves there is no separation between books for children and adults

I love that Derrick! I can just imagine Harry Potter beside War and Peace, Charlotte’s Web beside Lord of the Rings and The Wizard of Oz tucked between The Grapes of Wrath and The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s always great to see and read things from a different perspective.

So true. I used to limit the type of books I read but once I became open to all sorts of genres, age groups and topics, it broadened my thinking.

Oh, we always have the child inside of us (thank goodness!), so yes, I agree. children’s books are for adults as well.

We do need to acknowledge that child inside us! Thanks, my friend.

Loved this post Darlene!! You are so right and glad to see a post reminding adults!!

I am often surprised to find an adult embarrassed to say they read books designed for children. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Wonderful feature Darlene. Agreed, anyone can ready any genre, children’s books should just be stated suitable for children 🙂 x

That is a great idea. It reminds me of when my young daughter went to rent a movie and asked the sales clerk if it was an immature movie. The poor guy suppressed a laugh, avoided my eyes and said, “It is suitable for children.”

I think it’s a perfect grading 🙂

[…] Who Should Read Children’s Books? […]

Thanks for sharing.

I agree with you, Darlene. I read children’s books all the time. After I wrote my first children’s book, I was especially interested in how other children’s books writers write their books, so I read with special attention. 🙂

As a children’s author, it is important to read books written by other children’s authors for research as well as enjoyment.

“I don’t believe children’s books are just for children. I think I need to change my tag line to—I write books for everyone to enjoy! Because, let’s face it, we are all children at heart.” I’m keeping this quote on my computer, Darlene. And excellent article that reminded me about how books have influenced my life from early childhood. I laughed out loud when I heard that you mother hid books from you. So did mine!

LOL! I think many mothers did that. The thing is, I eventually found them, read them, and carefully put them back. (How else would I know they had been hidden?) They didn’t damage me in any way. I am honoured to be quoted by you. Thanks!

This was fabulous, Darlene! It hits the nail on the head. Good children’s books aren’t just for children.

I knew you would agree, Jennie! Thanks.

Absolutely! 😀

That is an excellent question with a surprising answer. Even books for the youngest carry some truths that the adult me has forgotten.

This is so true and reading a book geared for children is a good reminder. Thanks, Jacqui!

Visiting you from Esme’s Senior Salon. I love reading (and reviewing) children’s books!

Thanks for stopping in Gina. I love hearing this.

Children’s books are fun. I especially like picture books because sometimes the art is amazing!

That is so true. The art is wonderful in many picture books. I admire anyone who can tell a meaningful story in such a few words.

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