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Guest on Canadian Writers Abroad

Posted on: April 23, 2022

I am pleased to be featured on a wonderful blog called Canadian Writers Abroad

In our ongoing tenth anniversary series, Darlene Foster answers three questions. Foster is the author of the Amanda Ross travel adventures series for children. (The cover of Amanda in Holland is perfect for spring.) She hails from Alberta, and divides her time between British Columbia and Orihuela Costa in Spain. Darlene Foster first appeared in Canadian Writers Abroad in 2017, with a guest post from Spain, “Foster’s Dream Life.” -DM

CWA: Where were you ten years ago?

read my answers here

Check out the interesting blog where Debra Martens interviews other Canadian Writers who have made their home abroad.

35 Responses to "Guest on Canadian Writers Abroad"

Darlene, this was a fun article to read.

Thanks, Bernadette. Glad you liked it.

Awesome Darlene! 🙂 well done for being featured!

It is a great blog to be featured on. Thanks.

Congrats on being featured on another blog. I enjoyed reading your responses. It’s funny how so much has changed over the past ten years. Sounds like you’re enjoying life in Spain.

Thank you so much. Yes, a lot has changed in the past ten years, some for the better, some not so. We are enjoying our life in Spain but I still like getting back to Canada every year.

This website seems tailor-made for folks like you. And Congratulations on being featured here. You are a shining star in the Canadian firmament, Darlene!

Thanks, Marian. I am honoured to be included with other amazing writers. It is amazing how many writers tend to write away from their home country.

Love the idea of a blog for Canadians abroad. Checking the post…

It is a great site and many well-known authors have been interviewed and reviewed on the blog.

Great interview, Darlene. Congratulations!

Congratulations on a wonderful interview, Darlene!

Thanks, Donna. Debra does a great job.

That was fun for me to read, Darlene. I love how you stuck with your dream. It sounds like you live at a dream location on top of it.

Thanks, Pete. I have the best of both worlds, but we are happy here on the coast of Spain with our two little rascals, I mean dogs.

This sounds interesting! Heading over to read now.

What a lovely interview, Darlene. I loved how you said you needed to learn to slow down. What a wonderful reason to live abroad. And your pandemic dog walking sounds like it worked out great. 🙂 Enjoy your beautiful corner of Spain.

Thanks, Diana. The pandemic dog walking did work out well. Of course, dogs don’t know the pandemic is over and they still want 4 walks a day!

Ha ha ha. Yeah, you can’t get out of that one.

Great article Darlene, It is always lovely to learn something new about your inspiring life journey.

Thanks, Gilda. I like to keep things interesting. xo

I enjoyed reading this! The relaxed lifestyle seems to be throughout Europe.

People work hard in Europe too but they seem to know how to take time to enjoy life and especially family. Glad you enjoyed the article.

Americans can learn a lot from Europeans. Best to you, Darlene.

I left a comment over there Darlene. I loved the interview. ❤

[…] Guest on Canadian Writers Abroad […]

Darlene the scene you describe standing in the rain for a bus that never came seems to sum up your decision to move. The last straw perhaps? As you know I admire how you made the dream come true and that the dream has played out as you hoped it would.

Thanks, Sue. How are you doing? I hope all is well.

Dave and I are both well. I had COVID at the end of March thanks to the grandkids but very mild symptoms. Thank you science! Keeping busy with our grandchildren. I recently did a road trip to visit my Mom. Hoping to fly to the Maritimes in June.

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