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The Holy Grail in Valencia

Posted on: April 4, 2022

It is the stuff of legends. There are many tales written abut the Holy Grail, the cup believed to have been used by Jesus at the Last Supper, and a number of places claim to have it in their possession. When I visited the Spanish city of Valencia, I happened to stop in at the Cathedral of Valencia. And there it was, in its own side chapel, the Holy Grail! At least that is what was claimed. I took a picture at the time but didn´t think much about it. It was hard to believe that this goblet or chalice could indeed be the original Holy Grail. Scholars are not even sure one existed.

The Holy Chalice in the Cathedral of Valencia

The chalice in Valencia is a finely polished agate cup that archaeologists consider to be of Eastern origin from the years 100 to 50 BC. The finely engraved gold handles and foot, as well as the jewels that decorate the base, were added in medieval times. More about this Holy Chalice can be found here

The story is that Saint Peter entrusted it to Saint Lawrence who eventually sent it to his parents in Huesca, in the north of Spain for safekeeping before he was martyred during religious persecution. The Holy Grail was subsequently hidden in different places around Spain for the next 450 years before its final arrival at Valencia Cathedral in the 15th century as a gift to the king. And it has been there ever since.

Recently I saw this short video that provides some facts indicating it could be the original chalice. I would like to think it is and that I was lucky enough to see it. Who knows after two thousand years? What do you think?


Valencia is an amazing city and worth a visit should you be in Spain. I will write more about it and the troupe of dancers I was lucky to meet outside the cathedral, in another post.

Dancers in traditional Valencian dress.

81 Responses to "The Holy Grail in Valencia"

Great post! I always like to think about the possibility !

Me too. The Holy Grail is often the symbol of achieving a difficult goal, so that alone makes it valuable to me.

It is beautiful, whether it is the original or not!

I agree, it is. I’m glad I was able to see it, although I wasn’t even aware it was there until I saw the sign.

Thank you for sharing the video, Darlene. I found it fascinating. The scholars seem to make a compelling case.

They do, don’t they? I loved how passionate they were about it too. I need to go back and look at it with different eyes.

I love this! So fun to see another Grail. (Someone once told me there are enough pieces of the “True Cross” to build the Ark.)

I know. How many Holy Grails can there be? Of course, I always think of Monty Python.

I was in Valencia last fall and had no idea about the Holy Grail until we visited the Cathedral. It was a nice surprise. Whether it’s authentic or not, the relic caused me to pause and imagine Jesus and his disciples during that first communion. Thanks for writing your post!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting,Timothy. I love stumbling upon things like this. Whether it is authentic or not, it does serve a purpose.

Intriguing! Enjoyed the film. Sounds like they have the real deal.

Thanks. It does make a good case for it. I love how passionate they are about it too.

I may never see this version of The Holy Grail. Thanks for bringing it to your readers. What a timely post, Darlene! 😀

Whether it is real or not, it symbolizes hope, which the world needs. I wasn’t looking for the Holy Grail but found it anyway. Something special about that.

I suppose it doesn’t matter, really, if you believe you are holding that holiest of cups (or in this case, seeing it). I remember a teacher in an anthro class I took had artifacts for us to look at from earliest man. I help one and must have stared at it… forever… He finally fessed up that it was a replica.

I agree, in the end, it doesn’t matter, it’s what it symbolizes. I imagine that class was the start of your pre-historic books, even though you may not have realisedd it at the time.

True, long ago but never forgotten.

What a fascinating post with so much historical information. You are quite the photographer. Loved the picture. It’s nice to look at something so special. I’d also like to think of the Holy Grail as portrayed in the DaVinci Code.

It was quite a surprise. It’s amazing how many books and movies feature the Holy Grail. I became aware of it as a child, reading King Arthur stories.

I watched the video. It’s very interesting. I hope it is too and that you got to see it!

The video does make a good case for it. I am pleased I saw it and may go back and have a closer look now since watching the video.

Great post, Darlene. I’m curious, do you know if anyone has had the cup analyzed to determine its age and the source of the metals or minerals that comprise it? It’s amazing what technology can determine about the source of an object these days.

According to the video, this has been done, which is why they feel so strongly it is the original. Modern technology is amazing.

How amazing, Darlene. I think seeing the Holy Grail would give me goosebumps! I love the ladies in traditional costumes. Thank you for sharing!

The ladies were wonderful as was the entire troupe. You will hear more about them soon as they invited me to watch them perform and gave me a front-row seat. I love stumbling upon these things and it happens to me often.

Fascinating post, Darlene. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Thanks, Donna. It was amazing to view this and even more meaningful when I watched the video.

There are possibilities it is. If it was safely kept, then it has to be somewhere.

There are always possibilities. It symbolises hope and people need that.

Yes, I very well agree to this 👏

Good to see the Catholic Tourist Board of Valancia has been working its oracle over so many years… and indeed Monty Python does spring to mind. Do they have a shrubbery?

What always amazes me here in Spain is that these things are not well advertised and usually free to visit. I see they are charging a bit now but I didn’t have to pay to see it a few years back. They need to work on their marketing. I wanted to give them some tips but hubby said to just leave it. Didn’t notice a shrubbery! (I love Monty Python)

Maybe Brave Brave Sir Robin had taken it with him when he ran away…

Interesting post, Darlene. In my humble opinion, people who want to believe it is the Holy Grail will be happy to do so.

My first impression was that it was too fancy. Then I learned that things had been added to it over the years. Still, I think it would have been a simple object. But then it wouldn’t fit with all the stories, would it?

The Holy Grail has such a fascinating history and I love that it’s had such a huge impact on literature and art. I’ve never been to Spain before but it’s very high up on my travel bucket list. Valencia seems like a great city to explore.

Valencia is amazing but often overlooked in favour of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Granada. All great cities in their own right, Barcelona is my favourite city in the world. But I found Valencia to be very personable with a great blend of history and modernity. It’s about three hours from our place, and for Canadians, not far at all. (Like driving from Calgary to Edmonton) I do hope you get to Spain one day. xo

I have seen that, thanks for the memory nudge.

I imagine you have. I found it was quite understated and I only came upon it by accident.

Hi Darlene, what a wonderful item to have seen and an interesting story of its journey. Thanks for sharing.

There are so many amazing things like this here in Spain. Glad you enjoyed this.

[…] The Holy Grail in Valencia […]

Whether it’s the grail or not, it is truly beautiful and an interesting piece of history.

I agree. I love historical things like this.

What a lovely place, Darlene! I like to imagine that the Holy Grail would have been plain and humble, given that Jesus was not eager to impress. But I can certainly see the intrigue around this beautiful chalice, and your experience in Valencia sounds amazing. Surely Amanda has been there, yes?

I agree with you that it probably was a simple cup or bowl. Valencia is wonderful. Alas, Amanda has not been there, yet.

Awesome post Darlene and I am so happy you got to see it. Original or not, beautiful piece of history!

It was a great find and I agree, whether it is real or not, it is what it symbolises that is important. Thanks for popping in during your busy move to your new home.

How cool is that! And what a story of how it came to be in Valencia. It’s beautiful and does seem to have a special aura around it. Thanks for sharing, Darlene!

It is a great story and I’m pleased I got to see it. There is always the possibility it is the real one.

If that is truly the real Holy Grail, your photo is is a treasure. Somehow it doesn’t fit Jesus, a man of simple means. Perhaps I’m too influenced by Indiana Jones who ‘chose wisely’ a simple cup. I really enjoyed the video!

I tend to feel it is too fancy as well with all the additions to it. Perhaps the simple agate cup was the original. The video is very good.

So interesting, Darlene – it seems a bit too elaborate to be convincing, but a lovely idea. Toni x

It is interesting and I must admit I didn’t feel any vibes that it was the original but I respect those who believe it is. Anything is possible.

I’m open-minded and believe anything is possible! I did like the scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc when they have to choose the right goblet. Harrison Ford picks the one made of clay. 😎 That would be long gone. One drop to the floor and KABLOOEY! Sounds like something I would do. LOLOLOL!

Anything is possible of course. But I like the skit of you dropping it. Oops, I think I broke the Holy Grail. Quick, let’s replace it with this agate cup. Vey Monty Pythonish. LOL!

LOLOLOLOLOL! That would be me, FOR SURE!!

Wow! Interesting video Darlene. I’m convinced you have the real thing there. I want to visit Valencia now!
I would love to see the Holy Grail in real life. 😍

It is pretty convincing. You never know. You would love Valencia!

We’re going to Santander in May for a few days. I just checked the map to see if we’d be close to Valencia. Not really! We’ll have to make it a separate trip some other time!

No, it’s not close. Spain is a very big country. Enjoy Santander. May is a great time to visit Spain.

Whenever I hear the Holy Grail mentioned, I always think of the Indiana Jones movie, lol.

I always think of King Arthur stories (which is where I first heard about it) and of course Monty Python!

Valencia is a beautiful place. The traditional dress reminds me very much of the German Dirndl worn mainly in Southern Germany in summer. Thank you for the post and photos. Have a lovely weekend.

I really enjoyed Valencia when we visited. I agree, the costumes looked somewhat similar to the Dirndls worn in Germany.

You must have visited Torremolinos too. Loved it there! Be well. 🙂

I have not yet been to Torremolinos! So much to see and do in this country. xo

Very touristy but very beautiful. The Costa del Sol is a favorite of mine. ox

Wow, a lot to see in Valencia. Thanks for this post.

Glad you enjoyed it. There is more to come. Have you been there?

Thanks for inquiring, Darlene. I have not traveled to Valencia, yet. 😉 I’ve only seen beautiful photos.

When you get there, you will love it!!

It’s a nice object, but surely it is too elaborate to have been used at the Last Supper. I would expect a wooden object to have been used, so I’m not convinced it’s the Holy Grail.

I feel the same, except that most of the “bling” and gold were added much later. The original is the agate stone bowl which was used back then. So you never know. Thanks for commenting.

No one really knows but it’s lovely to hope …it is beautiful but I do agree with the comment that its too elaborate ad would have been a far simpler drinking vessel 🙂 x

If you just look at the stone cup and not the decorations added later, there is a possibility. xo

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