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Today’s Rune: Perth

Posted on: February 28, 2022

Runes by https://madmudslinger.com/

I decided today would be a good day to pull a Rune. I wrote about my special set of Runes made by my daughter here. The rune I pulled today was Initiation-Perth. I am using the explanation from the booklet published by the potter and included with every set. There may be other explanations. In the introduction of the booklet, she encourages people to look at other books on Runes and learn more about the history of this ancient Norse and Germanic alphabet.

Perth is for becoming whole, a secret matter, something hidden, and mystery.

Your ways to becoming enlightened are very private and cannot be shared. You are freeing yourself to gain a broader perspective. Be prepared for lucky rewards.

If you pull the Rune in a reversed position:

What you see as bad luck, will come with rewards also. Lessons are being learned.

Stay in the here and now, this is where the self-work gets done. Perseverance and patience are your friends.

I pulled the rune in an in-between position, lateral instead of vertical, so I feel both messages are fitting for me. Gaining a broader perspective is something I work on, looking carefully at both sides of every situation is important. Perseverance and patience are indeed my friends and was worth a reminder at this time.

I hope you enjoyed the Rune reading. I plan to share more.

65 Responses to "Today’s Rune: Perth"

I love this practice and I have learned about runes thanks to you!

It is all very practical which works for me. I´m glad I could share something new with you. Of course, when I pick one out and hold it in my hand, I know my daughter made it with her hands which means a lot to me. Sending hugs.

What a fantastic post, Darlene! I have wanted to see your clay runes for a long time! Your take on Perth is right on. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks, Jan. I appreciate your comments as I wondered if you had a similar take on this rune. This one shows up for me often.

I like your daughter’s mystical approach to art. The message I most liked from the clay runes: “Stay in the here and now, this is where the self-work gets done. Perseverance and patience are your friends.”

Tweeted this! Thanks, Darlene! 😀

Thanks, Marian. I like that message as well and need to be reminded from time to time. Thanks for tweeting!

That is interesting. Jan does great discussions of Runes, too.

Thanks, Jacqui. I love Jan´s posts on runes.

This is a subject of which I’m completely ignorant, so I’m grateful to you for the introduction to it. Looking forward to reading more on it 😊

Thanks, Clive. Always good to introduce folks to something new, like you do for music!

I re-read your first post on this, too, and am looking forward to learning more about runes. They have always seemed mythical and distant, so knowing what they mean is good.

As for music, tomorrow’s post is ready to go, and I reckon at least three will be new to most 😉

I still think it’s so cool that your daughter made these for you, Darlene. And what a thoughtful message. I always viewed Perth as a call to be open and nonjudgmental as the universe presents us with opportunities. I hope that whatever awaits you brings happiness.

Thanks, Diana. Being open to whatever comes our way, even the not so good stuff, is how we see opportunities we may otherwise miss.

I agree. The journey makes the most sense at the end.

Hi Darlene, it is quite strange that I read this post just now. I have just finished telling my husband that I think perseverance and determination are two of my most prevalent characteristics. I have patients for some things like writing and artworks, but much less for people and work. I like to just get things done [so I have time for other things]. This is a good rune.

This is a good rune and works well no matter how it is pulled. I don´t have much patience with myself, but I do with other people. I am learning to be more patient with myself these past few years.

Fascinating Darlene!! I love these posts….very informative and enlightening!

Glad you enjoy them Kirt.

I really like the explanation that came with the Perth rune, in particular, “Your ways to becoming enlightened are very private and cannot be shared.”

I like that too and the more I think about it, the more it speaks to me.

Bring on those lucky rewards! I love that your daughter made these, Jan.

I meant Darlene, not Jan, lol – sorry!

No problem at all!! Yes, they are extra special because my daughter made them.

Fascinating! Makes me want to learn more about runes.

You will find them fascinating, Christa.

I am so glad that you are sharing your Rune Readings with us, Darlene. They are truly fascinating. Looking carefully at both sides of a situation, perseverance and patience are so important — especially in our current times.

Thank you, Donna. I agree, we need to dig deep and pull out all our perseverance and patience right now.

First up the pottery pieces are beautiful…. and the fact the Potter is your daughter delightful.
But… am I the only one who thinks runic interpretation of a randomly selected piece is just a touch astrological? Like reading your stars in the papers?! But who am I to say there isn’t meaning to be divined?
Ho hum. I’m off to make a cuppa. Maybe I’ll read the leaves….

I guess it´s how you look at it. Reading runes isn´t fortune telling, just makes you think about your current situation and often it’s a reminder of things you already know. Enjoy your cuppa. I´m off to have one too. xo

I’m sure that’s the healthy attitude. Have fun with them.

What a lovely set of runes. That’s helpful that there’s a guide to help with interpretation. It seems like a good exercise to reflect and take stock of your current situation.

It´s a great little booklet with simple explanations. There are other more complex and detailed explanations but I like to keep things simple.

That’s a lovely practice, Darlene, very encouraging and inspiring.

Thanks, Nora. I only pull a rune from time to time. Often at times of confusion.

If they help with clarity, the timing is perfect.

I love Runes, they are often considered the nicer divination form over such things as Tarot. Those runes are beautiful!

They all have their place but I find Runes a bit more practical. This set is beautiful.

I enjoyed this very much and especially needed to hear perseverance and patience today. Thanks Darlene !

Thanks so much, Chris. Glad it spoke to you today.

Darlene, it’s almost as if there is an aura from the runes even through your photos – they are special to you and becoming so to us. I love this reading and teaching us that luck does not just fall upon us but to trust to patience and perseverance. (I feel I’m good on the latter not so much the former! 😀)

Patience is a tough one but I´m working on it. I´m glad you feel these Runes are special as well.

Many, many thanks for introducing me to Marcelle aka as the Mad Mudslinger, Darlene. I just published her follow-up conversation on TTT that added so much to my understanding of the artistic journey. Whenever I connect with Marcelle on the phone, I want to record our conversation. Even in supposedly “ordinary” conversations, Marcelle has a way of sharing extraordinary insights that ignite my curiosity and provide new perspectives. Marcelle is a kindred spirit that gives joy and beauty to my life.

I just listened to the podcast and loved her final description of you, “They cal her bud, but she´s the whole flower.” I´m so glad the two of you connected.

I like the dual meaning of the rune you presented. I often struggle to see the purpose of suffering in the moment. I enjoy reminders to learn from difficult situations. Thanks!

We do learn from all situations, it sometimes takes a while to see the lesson. Thanks for the visit.

Really enjoy the Rune readings, Darlene. Something about them resonates with me. Looking forward to learning more!

I´m glad you are enjoying these posts, Debra!

I liked the way you pulled the Rune in a lateral position to feel both messages, Darlene! Either way, you’ll be prepared for lucky rewards.

I know, right. I love how that worked out.

Your interpretations are insightful. Much to learn, and you’re teaching me.

I believe we learn from each other. Glad you find this interesting. xo

Thanks, Darlene. I love seeing the rune stones your daughter made!

Darlene, I hope you continue to post about Runes. This is fascinating, and history, and heart.

Thanks. I plan to do more posts each time I pull a rune. I don´t have a schedule, just when I feel the need.

That’s good to know. I could never post on a schedule, either. That would take all the joy out of writing.

Fascinating, Darlene. And so beautifully illustrated

I am not at all knowledgeable about the runes I have just purchased a wooden set…Thank you for the introduction , Darlene 🙂

That is so cool. Enjoy them.

I’m finding these Runes inspirational! Thanks, Darlene 🙂

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