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Author Meet & Greet!

Posted on: February 16, 2022

I am one of the guests on Sue Roven´s Meet and Greet https://suerovens.com/meet-greet-author-q-as/ where we discuss how writing has changed our lives, audiobooks and other writer-type things. Check it out, I´m the third interview. You will meet some other amazing authors as well.

Author Meet & Greet!

All are welcome here.

The 4 most current interviews are posted here.

45 Responses to "Author Meet & Greet!"

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Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks for beeing part of this great interview series, Darlene! Enjoy a great rest of the week! xx Michael

On my way to read the interview!

I’m back! I enjoyed the interview, particularly your comments about blogging as an effective marketing tool.

Thanks, Liz. Blogging has made such a difference to me and my books.

Blogging has made all the difference to me and my books as well.

Great meet ‘n greet!

I thought it was a clever idea. Thanks!

How clever! I’ll check it out.

It´s a great idea. Thanks.

An excellent enter view, Darlene. I love your response to the audiobook question: “Any way our stories are read, is a good way.” So very well said!

I meant interview, but then when your books enter the market they are a must-view. So both work!!

Enter view and interview are both great words. Thanks!

Lovely to see you over at Sue’s Meet and Greet, Darlene. Zoom is a good marketing tool. I like it because not much happens with regards to book marketing in South Africa, there isn’t a big culture of reading among individuals here, so my marketing is aimed outside of SA.

ZOOM certainly helps to expand your market. I love the school visits. I have another one coming up in Birmingham, UK.

I loved your response of writing, giving you a sense of purpose. I’m sure it’s essential to use our brains, especially as we age. I’m all about the sound body, sound mind principles.

Thanks, Pete. I do believe the brain can atrophy if not used. I led an incredibly busy life before I retired. I needed to slow down but not stop!

Ok I’m a curious adult who agrees with you about the wit and wisdom of tweens – what a great age! Now I’m going to read my first ‘Amanda’ which one do I go to? First in the series or are you radical enough to propose an out of sequence start?
Always enjoy interviews with people I know. Far too nosey for my own good…

My hubby says I´m nosey, I say I´m interested! As for an Amanda book, I would suggest you be as radical as reading the most recent one, Amanda in Malta. They do not have to be read in order. Let me know what you think. I value your opinion.

I like the way you say you haven’t grown up, Darlene. I think that’s the way to be, lol!

Adulting is way overrated as far as I´m concerned.

I probably learned to type on a similar ancient relic, shown above. Meet and Greet is a good segue into the interview. Thanks, Darlene!

I love the picture of the vintage typewriter that features on this Meet and Greet page. I tried to learn on something similar, not quite that old, but to no avail. It wasn´t until computers arrived that I could actually type things up.

Wonderful! Heading over to check it out!

Thanks for your comment on Sue´s blog

Thanks for sharing. Agreed, any way our stories are read, is a good way!

Thanks, fellow Canadians!!

A great interview, Darlene. I’m glad you’re still a youngster at heart. 🙂

Thanks, Diana! I once read that we don´t stop having fun because we grow old, we grow old because we stop having fun.

Love that! I’m going to share that with my husband as we prepare our trip to NM… thanks to Amanda.

Nice feature, Darlene. I’m determined not to grow up too, though my body seems to have other plans.

Thanks, Mike. I just ignore my body. What does it know anyway!!

I especially like how you described your audience of 7-13 year olds. Super interview, Darlene!

Congratulations, Darlene. It is good to see you featured and in such good company as well. I love your comment about tweens. I agree that it’s a wonderful age. Stay well. ♥

Thanks, Olga. Tweens are the best and often misunderstood.

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