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Sweet Valentine

Posted on: February 14, 2022

A perfect short story by Pam at https://butterflysand.com/  for Valentine´s Day, featuring a Maine coon cat. If you´ve read Amanda in England: The Missing Novel, you might recall the Maine coon Rupert in the book. Enjoy! Happy Valentine´s Day to all.

Butterfly Sand

Madeline stood across the street for a moment thinking about what she was about to do.  She had always considered herself an intelligent woman; she had a good career and a lovely new home.  She believed that she was mildly attractive.  And yet, she was lonely.  Her divorce had come through a few weeks ago, just before a job offer here, in what for her was a new town.  She had no family and no friends nearby.  Essentially, she was starting her life over. Alright, she thought.  Change is in the air.  Let’s do it! She squared her shoulders and crossed the street to the Pet Adoption Agency.

When Madeline entered, a young woman behind the desk immediately looked up and smiled.  A huge, tabby, feline-like creature also looked up, yawned and promptly went back to sleep.  Upon closer inspection, it was indeed just a very large cat.  He…

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33 Responses to "Sweet Valentine"

Thanks for the intro Darlene!

Such a cute story, I had to share.

Loved it Darlene!.Thank you. xx

I love the tie-in to your book, Darlene. Clicking…

such a sweet story, thank you. wonderful beginning to my Sunday. – David

It is a sweet story. Glad it brightened your day.

Perfect theme for this week! Thank you, Darlene. 😀

I thought so. Glad you enjoyed the story.

Heading over to read the rest of the story.

You will love it!

You’re right. I loved the story!

What a fantastic story to read on February 13! Thank you for sharing it.

I thought so too. Glad you enjoyed it.

A lovely story! Valentine looks so much like the cat I had until he passed in 2019.

We had cats for years, but never a Maine Coon. I did a lot of research on them when I wrote book 3.

I absolutely loved Rupert (the Maine Coon Cat) from Amanda in England! It’s great to see a photo.

And this cat looks just as I imagined Rupert. Glad you loved him!

Maine Coons are such adorable cats. They are also reputed to be very easy going, affectionate and loyal. Thanks for sharing this story, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

They say Maine Coon cats are more like dogs than cats in many ways. HOpe you are having a great Valentines day!!

What a lovely story, Darlene. Perfect day to share it!

I thought it was perfect for the day!

A perfect story for Valentine’s Day. So sweet. ❤

It is! Hope you had a nice day.

I adored this sweet story. Thanks for pointing me in that direction, Darlene!

Pleased you liked it too.

Aww what a wonderful story, I thought it was going to be sad but what a good ending 🙂

It is a feel good story. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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