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Guest Author Mark Durman

Posted on: January 27, 2022

I am pleased to introduce, Mark Durman, as a guest author today. Mark lives here on the Costa Blanca and we met at a local book fair. He writes exciting Thriller, Suspense, Crime and Mystery stories.

Tell us about yourself and your books and what inspired you to start writing?

My first career was as a British Army officer. During those years I served on combat operations in the Cameroons, the Congo, Borneo and Yemen. During the “cold war” period I  spent several years in Germany, in NATO headquarters in Brussels and in The Netherlands. After leaving the army, I was a director of Brinks, the US-owned international security company. These diverse experiences gave me much of the inspiration and motivation to write. My books draw heavily on these personal experiences.

Do you have a writing routine?

I have no particular writing routine. Sometimes my writing is confined to mundane business correspondence and letter writing to personal friends and relatives. When I get an idea for a book, I tend to spend a period on research, getting fully immersed in the subject and then writing the book in one concentrated period. There then follows the lengthy (and rather tedious!) period of proofreading, correcting and dealing with the production process with my publisher.

What sort of books do you read? Can you list a few of your favourites?

To relax, I enjoy reading fiction by such authors as Robert Harris, John Grisham and Lee Child but my main interest has always been on world affairs, politics and economics.

What writing project are you currently working on?

Much of my present reading and research is about philosophy, religions of the world and atheism. This is an enormous subject from which I’m focussing on elements for my next, fifth, book which I’m currently writing. This has the working title of “I think, hope and want to believe, yet still I don’t know.” There is such a mass of literature on this subject, that I find I’m constantly pausing the draft while I research further relevant texts. This is the most complex yet enthralling work I have so far undertaken!

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?

Danièle and I are both keen walkers. Here in Spain we have belonged to a local international walking group for several years and meet with them once a week. We are blessed by having wonderful local areas to explore such as the Sierra Creviente and Carroscoy features. The excellent Spanish climate enables us to walk throughout the whole year. We are also fortunate to own an apartment in Paris where we spend about two months per year. There, we enjoy the theatres, cinemas and other cultural and social venues not available in this part of Spain. Later this year, subject to COVID restrictions, we plan to visit our two sons who both live and work in Asia; one in Bangkok, the other in Bali.

Mark’s latest book:

Adsum: Mission and Passion

Peter Chambers is eighteen when he is summoned to serve two years’ compulsory military service in 1959. He deliberates whether to defer or serve his country. After some tough infantry training, he is commissioned as a young officer and sent to join the Nigerian Army far away from England where he grew up. Peter is thrown in at the deep end and becomes immersed in combat operations in the Cameroons and the Congo where he must lead his platoon in many dangerous situations. He is also embroiled in politically sensitive and deeply personal issues including murder, mutiny, war crimes and passionate love. Adsum is based on the true story of a young man facing the harsh lessons of life.

A recent 5-star review of Adsum: Mission and Passion

Adsum means “I am present” in Latin. This book by author Mark Durman is based on his experience as a conscripted soldier in the British army from 1959 to 1961. He could have avoided the two years of military service by attending university, but he chose to serve his country instead. This interesting book gives you a sense of what it is like to be in an army training camp. You also get an inside look into countries in conflict in Africa and get to learn about his missions there. In some cases, people were killed, both friends and foes. The author himself killed several people in his tour of duty. What happened in the Congo when Durman was there as part of a UN peace-keeping force was particularly disturbing, although I thought he sounded heroic after reading about his description of the events that took place at a Catholic Mission hospital in the Congo.

I liked the author’s descriptive and sometimes humorous writing style. He was not afraid to use the F word when called for and that made reading about his experiences in the military more interesting. Although he seems to have been a capable and honourable military leader, it must have been quite frustrating for him to be frequently buffeted by political forces beyond his control, especially during his tours in the Cameroons and the Congo. For example, here is a typical quote from the author towards the end of the book, “Looks like I’m being dragged into some political quagmire just for doing my fucking duty.” Such is the life of many a soldier.

Reviewed by Nancy Blodgett Klein, author of Torn Between Worlds: An immigrant’s journey to find herself

Other books by Mark Durman

Mark’s books can be found on all Amazon sites.

41 Responses to "Guest Author Mark Durman"

Thank you for introducing Mark Durman to us, Darlene. It’s good to know you have such a rich background and experiences, Mark. The subjects you’re researching currently are huge and complex. I’m glad you enjoy doing it.

Mark’s background certainly gives him a lot of material to work with as an author.

I’m sure his books are very rich!

It is a pleasure to meet Mark here. Thanks for the introduction, Darlene.

You’re welcome. I love to spread the word about other authors.

Great job, Darlene, helping a fellow author get his books noticed!

And thanks for plugging my book too! You are awesome!

Thanks for introducing this wonderful author. I am sure his experiences gave also a good grounding for the stories. xx Michael

I’m happy to spread the word about this author. Life experiences are better than schooling when it comes to writing a book.

Thank you for the introduction to Mark and his work!

It’s what we do as authors, we support each other.

Love this genre. Looking forward to reading one of Mark’s books!

It is a popular genre. I hope you enjoy his books.

Interesting interview and I love the look of the books. Great font for the titles. What a tag line for your next project–““I think, hope and want to believe, yet still I don’t know.” That applies to so much.

I thought you would like the covers. They are well done.

Oh good a new author for me! Thanks for the introduction

I’m sure you would enjoy Mark’s books.

I’m not familiar with Mark Durman’s mysteries and I’m always looking for new authors/titles for my husband and friends. I am especially interested in the research and book he’s working on about philosophy and religions of the worlds. I have done a great deal of studying on my own the past 35 years. I wish him luck. Thanks for sharing today!

It’s always good to learn of a new to you author. The next book sounds fascinating.

A wonderful interview, Darlene! Thank you for the introduction to another fabulous author.

Happy to get the word out. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Hi Darlene, thank you for this introduction to Mark. His book about his time in the Congo really interests me. I’ve grabbed the ebook from Amazon US.

Thanks, Robbie. I hope you enjoy the book.

Thanks Darlene. Mark sounds as though he has enough experience to make a very good writer.. Books for thought…x

Those experiences certainly make for good stories.

Mark has had an interesting life, which obviously has given him many experiences to write about. Thanks, Darlene.

Thank you, Darlene, for this introduction to Mark. He is a new author to me, and I loved learning more about him!

Great! Always good to learn about new authors.

Thank you for this introduction, Darlene.

You are so welcome. Have a great weekend.

Hi Darlene, How nice to meet Mark here and learn about his very interesting writing projects. Mark, I loved learning about your routine. Toni

Thanks, Toni. Mark has a great lifestyle here in Spain.

Thank you fir your comments Toni

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