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45 Years of Adventures

Posted on: January 22, 2022

An emotional bond is more binding than any chain could ever be.

by Pamela from https://butterflysand.com/

York, England January 22

45 years ago in York, England, a girl from the Canadian prairies married her handsome Yorkshireman. And there has never been a dull moment since! We´ve taken risks, travelled much of the world and had lots of laughs. We´ve lived through happy and turbulent times, collected amazing friends and have some wonderful memories. Not willing to be conventional, we even had a Dougal the Dog wedding cake. A few snaps of our wild and crazy life.

Paris. France 2018
Liverpool, England 2017
Spain with Dot, 2017
Spain, 2017
Mediterranean Cruise 2015
Orihuela Costa, Spain 2014
Budapest, Hungary 2012
Germany, 2012
Cozumel, Mexico 2010
Covent Garden, England 1998

May the adventure continue!

111 Responses to "45 Years of Adventures"

A wonderful set of memories, may you have many more of them. It just goes to show that “us northerners” can be emotional in our bonding too. Although your hubby is a southerner compared to myself! That should light a few fires 🤣🤣

Thanks so much for the good wishes. I think hubby feels more Candian than Yorkshire now as he lived in Canada for over 40 years before we moved to Spain. He never did have a thick Yorkshire accent, but his father does!

Wow, a Yorkshireman relinquishing his Yorkie “passport”🤣🤣🤣

Biggest congrats. You nail the ‘best smile on a Canadian’s face’ category Darlene. And that zapata tache. I had a few of those. Really, what were we chaps thinking?

Thanks for the kind words, Geoff. I do prefer the full beard look hubby has had for the past 35 years.

Happy Anniversary, Darlene! The pictures tell the story!!

You make me smile and tear up at the same time! Congratulations to you both!

Awe, thanks. And thanks for the perfect quote. xo

Wishing you many more wonderful adventures together

How wonderful, Darlene! Happy Anniversary to you and your man. 💐😊

Happy Anniversary, Darlene. Congratulations!

Happy Anniversary! Some wonderful photos here to go with all your memories 😊

Great memories, well done for sharing.

Aww, Darlene. What a lovely post. You’ve had amazing adventures and I’m wishing you many more. I love all the smiles. 🙂

Thanks, Diana. Lots to smile about. Nice to look back.

Such a lovely post and what wonderful memories. Looks like an amazing love story 🙂 Wishing you many, many more adventures.

Girl from Medicine Hat in Canada meets a Yorkshireman, they marry and live happily ever after in Spain. It sounds like a fairy tale and also the first line of a blurb for your memoir.

Your marriage to a loving, protective man is rare and wonderful. I recognize that as I read your story. Congratulations to you and best wishes for many more decades together.

Many of us in the States are enjoying the PBS series All Creatures Great and Small, based on the vet James Herriot book series, which you are probably familiar with. The Yorkshire dales and valleys are so very picturesque, but Spain’s warmer less rainy climate has to be a lure. Also, you have ready access to Europe from your vantage point now. I married a man (from a completely different background from mine), who likes adventure too and we’ve taken plenty of risks over our 55 years together. Laughed a lot too.

Again, CONGRATS! 😀

I love the new series of All Creatures Great and Small. It is very well cast. I read the books many years ago and watched the first series. I actually gave my dad the set of books which he enjoyed. When we all went to Yorkshire for a visit, Mom and Dad had a tour of the original James Harriot´s house and practice. They were so excited. Adventure and laughter certainly help to make a lasting marriage.

Oh Darlene I just love these pictures! Happy 45th Anniversary to you and to many more adventures! 🙂

You two look so happy, Darlene. And I am so happy for you. What more could you ask. Marriage has to have problems. It’s how you get through them that counts and it seems like you two did fine.

Thanks, Jacqui. We survived a pandemic, I think we will be OK. xo

Happy Anniversary, and many more to come! Wonderful memory photos of much happiness!

Thanks, Irene. Much appreciated.

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple!

Many congratulations Here’s to many more, happy years together, A lovely collection of photographs to document the happy times Hugs Joy & Eric xx.

Thanks, Joy. Glad you liked the photios.

🎉🥳 Congratulations! Here’s to the next 45!!

It seems an awfully long time but we made it so I must have been there.

Happy happy happy anniversary – what a great adventurous life together!

Happy Anniversary Darlene and wishing you both many many more. Those are lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing glimpses of your life. Cheers to togetherness and happiness.🌺🌺

Thank you Balroop for those kind words.

You two completely rock!!!!

That is so sweet of you! Thanks.

Congratulations on a wonderful life of adventure and love!!

I am most impressed that you have so many photos of just the two of you. I doubt I could come up with that many good ones of John and me. We were just talking about people not taking photos on Valentine’s Day, so I’m aiming to get a good one in February.

Happy Anniversary!!

I am not shy about asking people to take pictures of us. What I don’t have is a good picture of us and the dogs. I need to rectify that. Thanks for the good wishes.

You know what struck me as I was scrolling through the photos? One thing never changed – your smile!

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks so much Goldie. Lots to smile about.

Huge congratulations to you and your lovely husband. I love your collection of happy moments ❤️❤️ Keep having fun together 👏🏼👏🏼

You know what they say, You don´t stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun. Thanks for the wishes.

Congratulations, Darlene. You’ve had a great life together. We’re 10 years behind you.

I must say I have trouble believing it’s been 45 years but we have the papers to prove it!

Congratulations to both of you. Why do I sense that you laugh daily together? 41 years for us in March. I loved your natural photos together, and continue being non conventional – why not?

Yes, we laugh every day over silly things. Often it’s over the dogs and their antics these days. Thanks!

Happy anniversary! What wonderful memories you’ve created together!

Yes, we have. Thanks so much!!

Happy anniversary, Darlene. Here’s to many more adventures for your both.

Thanks, Robbie. The pandemic slowed us down but we plan to do more travelling soon.

Wonderful photos with such beautiful moments shining in them. 🙂

You guys are absolutely adorable. Happy anniversary. Wishing you lots of more memories and lots of love and laughter.

Thanks so much. How sweet of you.

So wonderful to see; happy anniversary!

My dear friend, what a glorious adventure. We are the very best when we share life with a kindred spirit. It is as Dr. Seuss wrote: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

That is a great quote. Thanks so much.

Happy Anniversary to you both! Our anniversary is on January 21. We just celebrated 22 years! 😀

Just a day before us! Congratulations. Every year is special. Wishing you many more. xo

Beautiful photos with wonderful memories. Happy Anniversary, Darlene!

Thank you, Teri. It’s been interesting, to say the least.

Happy anniversary Darlene, to you and your handsome Yorkshireman! (And he truly is! 🙂 ) Your series of photos is wonderful and definitely shows your dedication to love, adventure, and fun. Wishing you all the best, Terri

Thank you so much. We’re still having fun and he’s still the one!

This is so lovely Darlene. 45 years that’s wonderful and you both look so happy and suited. Hubby and I have been together since I was eighteen! Wishing you many more happy adventures. Marje xxx

Thanks, Marje. Long term relationships don´t happen very often anymore. So we are happy to say we did it. This is my second try at marriage.

Ah, yes it’s tough for the youngsters nowadays. And true rare to be together for so long. Soul mates.. X

Happy anniversary to you and your man, Darlene! What a love story you shared with us. I love seeing all of your photos and the places you’ve traveled. Thank you for sharing! ❤ ❤

Thank you, Miriam. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. We have so many it was hard to pick. xo

I know what you meant, Darlene! You picked some good ones. I’m sure the other ones are lovely also. ❤

Happy Anniversary, Darlene!

Thanks, Jennie. Since we couldn´t have a party to celebrate, I decided to have a party on my blog. It´s actually turned out well.

I’m glad I was at the party! It was wonderful. 😀

Congratulations to you both!! I love this picture storyboard of your life with your beloved Yorkshireman! Yeah! A Dougal the Dog wedding cake! That’s just brilliant! What wonderful holidays together and in every photo, your smiles & your care for each other shines through!

Thanks, Annika. Glad you enjoyed the walk down memory lane!

Congratulations Darlene to you and your husband. You both look so happy and you haven’t aged at all!

That is very sweet of you. I think we have aged somewhat but we try to keep positive and that helps.

I think you’re right about trying to keep positive. Worries add lines to our brows. 🙂

Such romantic photos – happy anniversary to you both. Toni xx

How did I miss this, Darlene such a lovely photo gallery which shows your enduring love and devotion to each other…Happy Anniversary xx

Thanks so much, Carol. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Belated anniversary greetings to you, Darlene! Lots of smiles — and far-flung places — in these images. And sweet Dot even made an appearance.

As for your husband’s Yorkshire roots, a branch of my family actually comes from Yorkshire. I’d love to make it up there someday to explore those family ties.

You would love Yorkshire. Gorgeous scenery and down to earth, friendly folks. Thanks for the Anniversary wishes. We have some great memories.

Here’s to more special memories and adventures in 2022 and beyond. 🙂

And to both of you as well.

Lovely memories there, Darlene! May you have many more!

happy anniversary & tx for sharing your years of happy smiles with us ❤

Wonderful photos and memories, Darlene! ❤ The love shines through… Happy Anniversary!

Thank you so much, Bette.

Beautiful share your memories. Beautiful all photos. I like. 🙏

Thank you very much.

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