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Looking Forward

Posted on: January 5, 2022

It is four days into 2022 and so far so good. January is named after Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions in Roman mythology. So it is appropriate for me to look ahead and set some goals, maybe try something new. It is hard to plan right now but without goals, I find I am adrift. Goals help me stay grounded and not dwell on things I can’t do anything about. 

So here they are, my goals for 2022

  1. Publish Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral
  2. Publish a collection of short stories
  3. Learn how to self-publish
  4. Start writing a new book
  5. Market my books in person and online
  6. Return to Canada and spend time with family and friends in BC and Alberta
  7. Travel to at least one new place
  8. Update my blog
  9. Buy a new computer
  10. Take an on-line course
  11. Read at least 48 books
  12. Keep up to date with technology
  13. Make new friends and stay in touch with old friends
  14. Keep calm and stay positive, no matter what

I have decided on three words for 2022




And I’ll leave you with a quote I’ve always believed in.

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I wish everyone an interesting year and would love to read about your goals for the coming year.

85 Responses to "Looking Forward"

That’s a very long list, you’re going to be busy!

That’s the idea. I like being busy. 😄

48 books? I’m lucky if I can manage 8 in one year! Hope that you will achieve all your goals, Darlene.

I know, it will be a stretch. But I make a point of sitting outside and reading at least an hour a day. (a product of the pandemic)

Bit cold here for that, lol.

Yea! This is fabulous Darlene! You know from experience it is all doable (thinking of your last year’s list) and you are the true spirit of Rosie the Riveter! You go!!

Something to look forward to! I love Rosie the Riveter.

Organized woman! My goal is to write one agent query letter per quarter for my memoir Supergringa in Spain.

That is a very good goal. Best of luck with it!

Thanks, Darlene. Enough duck paddling, time to fly! 😉

You’ll never get into mischief with a list like this–ha!

You are the only writer I know who makes such an ambitious list and checks all the boxes at the end of the year. Forward ho! 😀

Oh, I’m sure I’ll find time for mischief as well!! Thanks, Marian. It’s the only way I get something done is to write it down.

All of these are doable, the last being the most challenging–“Stay positives!”

Yes, it can be difficult, especially if you watch the news. I consider t a challenge.

That’s quite a list, Darlene. The best of British! Hugs x

Based on what you’ve already accomplished, I would say that these goals look very achievable for you. I’d be interested in hearing about why you’re considering self-publishing. As for me, my main goal is to focus on my new novel-in-progress.

Thanks, Liz. I was thinking of self-publishing my collection of short stories. Best of luck with your WIP!

You’re welcome, Darlene. I think self-publishing a collection of your short stories is a great idea! I hope you’ll go for it.

You have me at # 1 Publish Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral. Frances with be absolutely DELIGHTED. She has been asking if you have written another book. You are going to have an amazing year. And I am going to tag along on your adventures.

Thanks, Rebecca. I think Francis will enjoy the story set in France, Paris mostly.

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.”

I love your list, Darlene! I would further do a spreadsheet with timelines for each and check them off periodically. Where are you at as far as self-publishing? I started from scratch in 2018 and learned most of the things before published my poetry. I made it hard for myself as far as the way I formatted the poems.

I was thinking of self-publishing my short stories about growing up in rural Canada. A friend self-published her book last year and said she would teach me how to do it.

That’s wonderful, Darlene. Check out the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) also. It has all kinds of tutorials. I learned it the long way.

I found some people from fiverr.com can format your book to be ready for upload. The first gig charged $45 each version. The second gig only charged $5. Fiverr.com has all kinds of publishing services.

Thanks, Miriam. I appreciate all the advice.

It’s just me, Darlene. I’m a visual person and I make check list every day to check off what I’ve done. When I was working, I led a planning team for the annual conference for the parents in seven school districts. So I had to set timeline for the tasks done throughout the year. Hope I didn’t overdoing with my comment.

A sensible, doable list. Good luck, Darlene!

Keep ticking boxes and kicking ars…. well, whatever. Enjoy each one.

Yup, both of them. Thanks.

Great list of goals. Good luck with them.

Personally, other than my 52 book Goodreads reading goal, I’m not setting any actual goals for the year (and it’s only that it would feel strange not to that I’m even bothering with the Goodreads reading goal). I have several creative things I enjoy doing, and I want to just enjoy the process of doing them when health and life allow me to do so. Anything I finish creating – whether a book I finish writing, a song I learn to play on the keyboard, or a craft project I make – will be shared when appropriate. That’s it, because I feel like I need to remove the pressure of a list of goals this year.

Sometimes that’s the way to go. All the best, Tori.


I’m like that too. If I don’t have goals or a slip of paper with a to do list, I’m wandering. I love all the quotes. There really is no limit to what we can do. Most limits are self-imposed and once we decide they are no longer our limits, we go beyond them.

This is so true. Self-imposed limits stop us from doing things we are more than capable of.

Dear Darlene,
Janus was the god who looked in both directions, he looked back and into the future. No future without the past.
Our greatest goal and challange is to let go of goals.
All the best
The Fab Four of Cley
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

This is true, which is why I titled one post Looking Back and the other, Looking Forward. No future without the past. I like that. Take care.

Hi Darlene, three great words for 2022. I hope yours will be magnificent.

I’ve always enjoyed setting goals for myself at the beginning of the year too. It’s always nice to have something to work towards. Best of luck with everything.

Thank you so much. It works for me.

I love goal #14 and your three words the best, Darlene. I hope you achieve your list!

I guess I shouldn’t have to remind myself to keep calm and stay positive, but these days it’s easy to forget. Thanks, Jacquie.

Just wonderful, Darlene. This is so ‘you’. I’m impressed by your goals, and I think you will have a high score by December. Your new Amanda book in France sounds so exciting!! And, I love, love the quotes.

Thanks, Jennie. I’ll try my best. I knew you would love the quotes.

Those are great goals, Darlene, and I suspect you’re already working on a number of them!

I’m sure with your positive attitude, you’ll achieve all your goals. It’s a great list. 🙂

Thanks, Laura. We´ll see.

Great goals and inspiring WOTYs.
I especially like calm. It can make such a huge difference to any situation.

Thanks, Donna. I wish I had learned the difference calm can make, much earlier!

You won’t be bored, for sure! I look forward to following your progress, and I hope you achieve all your goals and even more, Darlene! Happy 2022!

Thank you so much, Olga. Happy 2022 to you as well.

My what an impressive list! Even if you miss a couple of goals on your list, you’ll still have done a lot, so I hope you’ll take plenty of those calm breaks. Have a wonderful new year, Darlene!

Thank you, Marcia. I tend to over plan for that very reason. And I have, after all these years, learned to take calm breaks. May 2022 be good to you. xo

Darlene, good luck with your list for 2022 and I’m sure you can achieve all these objectives! How clever to use the fire at Notre Dame as part of a storyline for your next Amanda book! Phew, after those points the final one is much needed, methinks! Do you have any idea where you will be travelling as part of your new place? Another inspirational setting for your book series? Wishing you a fabulous and exciting 2022! xx

Thanks, Annika. I have a few ideas of where to travel next but am hesitant to make any plans until we know where the virus is going. Ideas are Thailand to visit my brother, Ireland, Scotland again but a different place, or Portugal. All would make good settings for an Amanda adventure!

They all sound like terrific destinations. We are too hesitant to book anything at the moment but hope to travel abroad this year!

Loving the goals! I am sure you will succeed with them. lol it seems everyone I know has really big reading goals (in my eyes), when I can barely make it past 10 books a year these days. 😀

I love the idea of having words for the year!

Some years I don’t get much reading done, but one of the things the pandemic has done is give me time to read. A few other bloggers have chosen words for the year so I started it about 5 years ago. I like it too.

For some reason, the pandemic gave me less time for reading! I definitely need to start prioritising it more.

Great list! Some of them are linked, of course. Thanks for your support on my blog. I really appreciate it, and apologise for not getting to yours as often as I should 🙂

Thanks, Jemima. There is only so much time in the day so one can’t read all the blogs. I appreciate you stopping in.

Excellent goals, Darlene. They sound doable! I like the balance between writing and enjoying other important parts of your life. Happy New Year!

Thanks, Diana. Balance is important as is being kind to yourself. I´ve learned that. Happy New year to you as well. So far so good!

Happy New Year to you Darlene ❤

And to you, Debby. Perhaps we will see each other this year. xo

Let us hope! I will keep you posted. 🙂 xx

Darlene, I admire your ambitions and wish you the best in 2022 in accomplishing each one of them! ❤

Thank you, Carol. Wishing you a wonderful 2022 as well.

Hi Darlene, it sounds like an exciting 2022 for you, and I can’t wait to read Amanda in France! Toni x

Thanks, Toni. I think you will like Amanda in France. Have a great 2022!!

Happy New Year, Darlene. Those are great goals. I wish you success in achieving them.

Thanks, Norah. Working on them as we speak!

You are so organized…I applaud you and admire your goals!! For me, I’m just focused on the first few months at this point! We have been house hunting in this crazy market for the a last few months. We are headed up to Seattle to be near our two Pacific Northwest daughters and their husbands and the arrival of a new grandchild and hopefully one from the other daughter! We committed to three years in LA for our first batch of grandchildren with the understanding that we would be heading up to Seattle. Those three years went by fast and here we are! We close on our new home February 7th!! Then the fun of moving!!!

How exciting! Obviously, you have met your goal of finding a new home and the next step is the big move and settling in. It all sounds very positive to me. And a huge congratulations on another grandchild. Happy days ahead.

Thanks Darlene!! The hard part is leaving our current grandchildren…it’s been great being so close to them!! Mom and Dad have talked about moving in that direction at some point as the three sisters are close, but they own a production company and that is based here in LA! At least it’s a relatively quick flight up and down the west coast!! My best to you!!

That is quite the goal list. Best of luck. Don’t come home now. It’s freezing. I recommend a computer with touch screen. It’s quite handy.

Thanks, Lisa. I know, even the west coast has had abnormally low temps and snow. Not sure I could handle it anymore. Thanks for the tip on the computer.

I understand what you mean by feeling ‘adrift’ without goals. I feel the same. I like the idea of publishing your goals for the year. I think it makes you feel more answerable. I’m going to give it a shot too. Thank you for sharing yours, Darlene. Hoping you achieve all your goals for the year.

I may not meet them all, but that´s OK. You are right, sharing the goals makes you more accountable. Good luck with yours.

Thank you! I hope you meet most of them. Its a very balanced set of goals that involves work and family.

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