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Reading Challenge 2021

Posted on: December 31, 2021

One of my goals for 2021 was to read more and to read a variety of books. I set my goal with the Goodreads reading challenge at 40 books. I am pleased to see I have read 46. And what a variety. From classics to contemporary, humorous to serious, books for children, middle grade and young adult, cosy mysteries, romance, historical, fantasy, poetry and short story collections, I covered a lot of ground. It’s good to expand your reading interests.

Check out all 46 books I read in 2021. I wanted to list my favourites but it would be too difficult as they were all good. I have left a review for each of them on Goodreads. https://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/25837732

80 Responses to "Reading Challenge 2021"

That’s a LOT of books, Darlene. I always wished I could read faster but am grateful to be able to read at all. Thank goodness for Kindle so I can make print huge. I do the same thing here. I love to read but I’m slow. Reading one now another blogger has written. Light and easy for night reading. I like to read from different genres as well but there are some I absolutely have to stay away from. I want to read more children’s books too. I had stacks on my headboard that went into storage. Maybe I’ll keep better track of them next year. You have inspired me. Happy New Year.

I’m a fairly slow reader as well but I have made a point of reading every day and it makes a difference. I love being able to make the print bigger on my Kindle reader as well. I can’t read horror or graphically violent books. I love the Goodreads challenge as it inspires me to meet a goal. Happy reading in 2022.

Challenges are good for us.

I have tried to keep a consistent reading pattern this year, mostly non-fiction in the genres of travel, food and film, but a few slices of fiction as well…thanks for sharing these!

I found making sure I read a little every day helps keep me on track. I was particularly proud of being able to say I completed The Brothers Karamazov. It was part of a readathon I joined. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have been able to do it. Have fun reading in 2022!

I also use Goodreads to log and record books I have read. I don’t set targets though, but I know that I read a book each week plus listen to 24 Audible books across a year. I see Brothers Karamazov was first on your list, it was a book I read just after university in 1974. But, the more interesting part of my tale is that my wife and I went to a “production” of the story at The Fortune Theatre in London. The weird thing was that there were only 3 actors and one prop, a fur coat. After each scene the actors would change roles, and the only way you could tell who was now playing the role of the father is that he would be wearing the fur coat!

Oh my. That would have been an awesome performance. I can’t believe I waited this long to read the book, but am so glad I did.

My poor wife hadn’t read the book and couldn’t follow it at all 🤣🤣

Hi, Darlene – I love reading challenges. You and I read a similar amount of books this year. I am currently reading Michelle Good’s Five Little Indians. I hope to finish it by midnight on the 31st. Fingers crossed!
Wishing you a wonderful new year ahead!

Thanks, Donna. I found Five Little Indians riveting but heartbreaking at times. Good luck with completing it before the end of this year. Happy reading in 2022!

I will take also you as a role model, Darlene! What an objective, and what a great discipline you had achieving it. Chapeau! Thanks for sharing your interesting and motivating reading list. As we dont meet online before again, i wish you and yours a wonderful beginning of 2022! xx Michael

Thank you so much, Michael. I also wish you a fabulous start to 2022. May it be a kind year to you.

:-)) Thank you, Darlene! I am working on it. 😉 xx Michael

Kudos on meeting your 2021 reading challenge, Darlene!!

Thanks! It made me feel good to meet and exceed my goal.

Good that you surpassed your goal, Darlene! I used to do the Goodreads challenge but found that I’d wind up choosing shorter books to keep up with my goal of 50 or 52 a year. In 2021, I decided not to do the challenge, and read whatever appealed to me, and took a bit more time with them. This year a read 43, but which is fine. Some of the books were longer and well worth reading.

Thanks, Debra. I do better with a goal in mind but don’t pick a book because of its size. I read a variety this year which I’m pleased about. 43 is a good amount.

Well done Darlene.. I always set the goal of the number of books I will read but halfway through I forget to log them onto good reads.

You are a reading machine. Congratulations.

Ooh, and that book, “Lava Red Feather Blue” looks intriguing. I’m checking it out on Amazon now.

Thanks! I think you would enjoy Lava Red Feather Blue. I know I did.

I am so glad that you joined me on the #KaramazovReadalong. What an adventure. Congratulations on all the marvelous books you read in 2021. Happy New Year!

And I´m so glad you let me know about the readalong! happy New Year to you and yours as well. xo

Congratulations on not only reaching your goal, but surpassing it, Darlene.
Have a wonderful reading-filled 2022!

Thanks, Norah. I´m looking forward to more amazing books in 2022.

We’ll never be able to read them all, but at least we can try. 🙂

Way to go, Darlene! I also read Eternal Road this year.

Thanks, Pete. I loved Eternal Road.

Awesome job on reading so many books this year.

Thanks, Tori. Happy New Year to you and yours!!

Happy new year to you and your family too.

Way to go, Darlene!

Well done for reading so many books. When I click on your link I am taken to my own ‘Year in Books’ page…

Oh dear. That´s not good. Not sure how to fix it but I´ll try. Thanks for letting me know.

Congratulations, Darlene!😀 A wonderful achievement to read so many books no matter writing reviews for them all! I see some I’ve enjoyed very much and also quite a few I’d love to read as well.

Wishing you a very Happy and Harmonious New Year — filled with lots of reading & writing! xx

Thanks, Annika. Were you able to see all of the books I read when you clicked the link?

The link actually took me to my own page, not sure why? I found the books through your Goodreads page! Wonderful selection!

Thanks. I’ll see if I can fix it.

Thanks. I changed the link to my page and it works better. Glad you liked the selection of books I managed to read last year. Happy reading in 2022!!

That’s perfect, Darlene! Well done on sorting it. Seeing The Mermaid Chair and loving all Sue Monk Kidd’s books I just had to buy this!

I love her books too. The Mermaid Chair is quite good. Enjoy.

My favorite thing about the Goodread’s Challenge is browsing the covers at the end of the year and remembering the great reads. Congrats on 46 books, Darlene. Here’s to another year of wonderful books. ❤

Mine too. It’s like revisiting old friends. Thanks for helping me add the covers of all the books I read to this post. Have a fabulous New Year!!

Looks good, Darlene. Hugs.

Hi Darlene, well done on reading 46 books last year. Thank you for reading A Ghost and His Gold 😊🤗

Thanks, Robbie. For me, 46 was a good number. A Ghost and His Gold was very good.

💖 I’m glad you enjoyed it.

That’s quite a feat. Thank you for reading and reviewing THE FAMILY WAY and thank you for being so supportive. 🙂

You are so welcome. I loved The Family Way and gave a copy to my great-granddaughter, who also enjoyed it.

Good for you, Darlene. It’s always nice to exceed one’s expectations. I set a goal of 40 books too, I think, but ended up reading 53 (I’d expected to do more writing than I did).

Good for you. 53 books is a good amount. You can never read too many books.

I’ve just seen the review you left on Amazon for ‘His Ladyship’. Thanks Darlene!

You are so welcome. I did enjoy it and think the world needs books like this to better understand.

Congrats on exceeding your reading goal. 46 is an impressive amount of books to read in a year. Are you going to up the challenge for 2022?

Thanks so much. I plan to read 48 books this year.

Congratulations Darlene, I read a similar amount. You’ve got through some great reads!

Congratulations on exceeding your goal of forty books! It looks like you read a lot of wonderful books…:)

They were all very good. I was pleased I was able to get through that many. Thanks, Linda.

So many good ones in there. I just finished THe Midnight Library. I really liked it.

I really liked The Midnight Library too but know of some who didn’t like it at all. Oh well, we all have different reading tastes. And that is as it should be.

Oh wow, 46 books. I must admit that I do not have time to read books, as I mainly read these blog posts, so hopefully, it will count for something. @esmesalon #seniorsalonpitstop

It counts. Reading is reading. Many blogs have short stories as well. Made your Chocolate orange muffins yesterday. A huge hit! If I don´t have a book on the go, something is missing for me.

I am happy to hear that you tried the muffins. If you have a moment, between your reading, please may I respectfully ask that you drop a rating and review on that post, it will be highly and much appreciated. Thanks for always being part of #seniorsalonpitstop

Thank you so much for joining us at #WOYBS. We greatly appreciate it!

My pleasure! A fun challenge.

What a diverse set of titles! I agree, it’s great to read outside your normal genre. Thanks for linking up with us.

Lately, I’ve been having fun mixing my reading up a bit. So glad I did.

Lovely to have you join us in our WOYBS challenge Darlene, I have read some of the same books as you 🙂

Great minds think alike…

Congratulations on exceeding your reading goal!

46…good for you. I love to read—and have read all of my life. I’m just a terribly s-l-o-w reader. I’ve got to pick up the pace. I have no idea how many I read last year. I read several at once and rotate them. (Read a chapter of one, skip the next and read a chapter, etc until I get back to the first book and start it all again.) That way, if one book is tedious are dull, i tell myself I just have to get through that chapter to get to the next book. Also, if there is a book I really like, it forces me to burn through the other books/chapters to get back to the great book. It’s a dumb way to do it, but it works for me. Good luck with 2022.

I get too confused if I read more than one book at a time. Having said that, I am reading War and Peace, one chapter a day this year and always have another book on the go as well. As long as the other books are more contemporary and without a gazillion Russian characters, I should be OK. I’m a slow reader as well but I make sure I read for at least an hour every day. My TBR pile is toppling over and my Kindle is packed.

That’s great 👍.

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