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A Christmas Letter from Dot and Lia

Posted on: December 21, 2021

Hi everyone. Dot here. This is my sixth Christmas in my forever home and I’m looking forward to it. At least Mom hasn’t tried to put those silly reindeer antlers on me again. Mom decorated the tree and put up stockings for me and the little terror, I mean Lia. I’m trying hard to be good so that Santa brings me something nice. I hope he remembers I don’t like squeaky toys. I like bones to chew but sometimes Lia takes them away from me. (Even though she has one of her own) That’s crazy little sisters for you.

Dad put sparkly lights outside. We like Dad. He takes us along for coffee and if it’s cold we wear our coats.

This is Lia. I’ve never written a Christmas letter before. They tell me to be good because if I am, some guy named Santa will come and bring presents. I don’t know anything about this Christmas they keep talking about. Dad brought a tree into the house and Mom hung shiny things on it. I didn’t think trees belonged in a house, but this one doesn’t smell like the trees in the forest. I like living in a house. It’s cosy and warm and there are three blankets on the bed for me to cuddle up in. I guess one is supposed to be for Dot. The bowl is full of yummy food and I get to run on the beach with Dot. I’ve made other friends too when we go for walks. I used to bark at them until I realized they weren’t going to hurt me even if they are much bigger than me. I hope there will be treats for Christmas, whatever that is. Dad gives all of us treats if we are good. Maybe he is like this Santa Claus they keep talking about. I’m trying very hard to be good. Honest.

Dad giving out treats to everyone.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you get many treats and lots of cuddles!

Here is something from all of us. Well, Lia wouldn’t sit still long enough to be in the video.

Love, Dot and Lia

60 Responses to "A Christmas Letter from Dot and Lia"

Aw, such sweet pups! Santa must bring them lots of treats!!

I think they will get some special treats for Christmas. I put in a good word to Santa!

Ha! They sound like good pups. You should trust them.

Thye are good little girls! Love them to bits.

Adorable and happy friends for life!

Our fur babies. Love them to the moon and back.

Lovely. Christmas will reach you sooner than me. Enjoy. I hope it is an awesome one.

We´ll be eating our Christmas dinner when our family and friends in Canada will be waking up. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas as well.

Tell Dot and Lia they are great writers, so convincing they need more treats. Fun video of the whole family.

Feliz Navidad to all! “-D

Thanks, Marian. I passed the message on to them. xo

I haven’t had a dog since I had my german shepherd named Tiger as a youngster. Your dogs look very nice. I enjoyed the viewpoint in this post, and he spells well.

I hadn´t had a dog for over thirty years when my son had a dog as a small boy. When we moved to Spain I was missing my family, so my husband suggested we get a dog from a rescue centre. We got Dot and she changed our lives. Then last year we rescued Little Lia. Double trouble but double the love. Thanks!

I am sure Santa will bring them lots of treats.

I think so too. I have a feeling Santa loves dogs.

Merry Christmas Dot & Lia. I am sure that Santa will bring you each something extra special!

Thank you. We are hoping!

The video is so cute! I enjoyed the Christmas letters, too.

Thanks! We made the video before we got Lia so she isn´t in it. Glad you enjoyed the letters. xo

Merry Christmas to you all as well.

Happy Christmas Darlene, Dot, Lia and Dad! The video is fabulous! 😊

Thanks, Clive. Glad you enjoyed the video.

I did, and you’ve reminded me that I made a few of those several years ago. You may be seeing one on my blog soon… 😉

Happy Christmas Darlene!

Thanks, Stevie. And to you and your family as well.

Darlene that last photo of those two is especially beautiful!

Thanks. I like that one too. They are in the back seat of the car. They love going for car rides.

I see them often – they are such dear, well-behaved little dogs. “Hi Dot and Lia. Hope you have a cosy, happy Christmas. Be good for your Ma and Pa! Wishing you many pats and treats…Love Joy & Eric (the bacon man.)”l xx

Thanks, Joy & Eric. They love seeing you as well.

Dear Dot and Lia, I am so glad that you sent this letter to me. What a wonderful family. All the very best of the special season to you and yours. From your friend and fan, Rebecca. P.S. I know that Santa will be visiting your house because you both have been very very good!

Thanks, Rebecca. We love our fans. Only a few more sleeps until “he” comes. Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas! bow wow.

Sounds like they’ve been good this year!

They have made this year special!!

Happy holidays to you both! Love the doggie letter! We are much the same here. Robin still working on his PHD, getting closer to the dissertation. He is also consulting for the MMU(mobile medical unit for PHSA) and designing other units (smaller) for other clients. I’m in my little studio working away on decorating birdhouses, painting and sculpturing. Happy life really. Garden is now in winter mode but Robin has a glass green house full of Japanese maple seedlings he has collected for some time. We think of you guys often and wonder how things are going and by the sound of it you and the family are thriving! Take care and the best for the NEw Year, Lea and Robin!

How wonderful to hear from you and to hear you are both well. We think of you often as well. Have a Happy Christmas. xo

Hi Darlene, I am so pleased you kept up the tradition of sharing a letter from Dot, and know there is Lia too. I’m going over to watch the video.

Thanks, Robbie. Lia is such a little monkey. Today she was very pleased with herself as she found her Christmas gift hidden in my office and came out with it in her mouth. I guess I need to hide it better!

That card is so cute, Darlene. Thank you for making me smile.

I´m glad it made you smile. We didn´t have Lia yet when I created it but Dot does a good job. It is a fun one.

Friends at last — for at least the last pictures. New siblings can be tough. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! What is the temperature in Spain?

They are goid friends for the most part. Dot gets a bit annoyed at Liz sometimes but Liz adores her. It’s between 15 and 20 Celsius so quite pleasant. But chilly if there is a North wind off the sea. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Love the video! So funny :). And thanks to Dot and Lia for the Christmas wishes. Glad to see they’re enjoying the holidays 🙂

Glad you enjoýed the video. They are enjoying Christmas. Wait till they get some turkey scraps.

What sweet little pups!!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas

From Bridie @ Heart, Heath and Crafting

Thank you for visiting!

I’m sure Santa Paws will bring you both lots of great stuff. Mummy always says trying counts when it comes to being good, so I hope Santa Paws agrees. My little brother still gets stuff usually, even though he eats my stuff and runs off with my ball sometimes when I’m trying to play fetch with Mummy or Daddy, and I got stuff my first year when I made a few mistakes about what I should and shouldn’t chew, so I guess Santa Paws must count trying. Lots of licks, Lilie

Thanks, Lilie. We are hoping that trying counts. Have a great Christmas and hope Santa Paws brings you some nice treats. Dot and Lia

Thanks. Lots of licks, Lilie

I love how focused the dogs are when dad is about to give them a treat!
Happy Holidays Dot and Lia. Hope you get lots of great treats! The best, I have found are those dropped under the table.:)

Thanks, Carol. We will be watching under the table!

Merry Christmas Dot and Lia! I’m sure Santa left you plenty of treats and toys.

Thanks, Jennie. We got lots of goodies in our stockings. Bow Wow!!

I’m late getting here, but I hope Dot and Lia got lots of treats and fun toys for Christmas!

They got lots of treats. Lia gobbled hers up and then wanted Dots. Kids!

How cute they are, so sweet. Love the jackets too. 🙂 Merry Christmas Darlene. ❤

Thanks so much, Debby! They are sweethearts. I hope you had a nice Christmas and hope we all have a better 2022. Sending hugs.

Amen to that Darlene! xx

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