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Brides All Over The World.

Posted on: December 3, 2021

Everyone loves a beautiful bride! I know I do. I´m always excited when I stumble upon a bride while travelling. Here are a few of them.

Barcelona, Spain

Outside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, also known as Barcelona Cathedral, the Gothic cathedral and seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona, I came upon a bride getting ready for a photo shoot.

Getting the gown just right
Don´t they just look adorable?

Aix-en-Provence, France

In Aix-en-Provence, we came upon a bride in the courtyard outside the town hall, waiting for a civil ceremony. One of the flower girls was having a rest.

Almost time.

Genoa, Italy

As we left a cathedral in Genoa, the bride had just arrived.

Notice how enthralled the little girls are.

I know I have more, but these are a few I was able to find in my thousands of pictures.

Have you encountered brides or weddings on your journeys?

71 Responses to "Brides All Over The World."

My wife thinks it’s good luck to see a Bride like this – and we’ve seen then in so many places around the world, like Paris, Napa Valley, Chicago, New York, and most recently the Greek Islands!

I think she is right! And I keep running into them as well.

What fun! (Although I really wanted to see the front of the first bride’s gown.)

I know, I wasn’t at the right angle to get a picture of it.

That’s what I figured. 🙂

Fabulous, Darlene. I makes me want to get married all over again. But I don’t think I could quite fit into my wedding dress. YIKES!!

Getting married again would be fun but only if it could be at an interesting place like Barcelona or Genoa!

What a beautiful backdrop for a lasting marriage.

Great backdrops for sure. Very romantic.

Gorgeous. Don’t brides always make you feel hopeful and happy?

Exactly, Mary. I love it when we accidentally see one, especially while travelling.

Hi, Darlene – I also take ‘bride’ shots when travelling! Your photographs are fantastic and really tell great stories!

I thought you probably did as well. Where was the most interesting spot where you saw a bride? Maybe you can do a post as well. I’d love to see your pictures.

I have not come across brides. I think it must be a sign of good fortune!

I have been told it is a sign of good luck to see a bride.

Yes! I’ve seen them quite a few times and it always gives me pause – here I am, going from point A to point B and these people are starting such a journey. It’s a collision of worlds.

It is, isn’t it? It never ceases to amaze me that I was there at the right moment.

Beautiful photos, Darlene. All the brides are beautiful because it was the happiest day in their lives. I saw a Caucasian couple in Hong Kong dressed in the traditional Chinese wedding outfits. We went to Barcelona Cathedral.

That would have been interesting to see. Barcelona Cathedral is awesome.

It is, Darlene. I love the architecture in Spain. I wish the tour was slower for me to absorb the beauty and take more photos.

Yes, I have, Darlene! I think it was in Rome we saw a photo shoot like your’ve illustrated here. Maybe other places too. I almost always wonder if the bride and groom have prepared for the marriage as thoroughly as they have for the wedding. The epidemic has reminded us all of how important good marital relationships are. Some haven’t survived.

Anyway, I love brides too and always hope the marriage thrives! 😀

I too hope the marriage lasts after the party is over. I think these past 2 years have been hard on some marriages and have strengthened others.

I misread this as beautiful bridges so imagine my surprise when I clicked on the email link to find… no bridges! Though last summer when I was crossing Tower Bridge in Central London there were three brides and grooms waiting their turn for a photoshoot!!

That is funny. I could always do a bridges post just for you as I have seen a number of them. When I was editing the post, I thought I had accidentally written birds all over the world. So many posts could be created from this one!

It’s part of those Lost Consonant prompts I expect

How lovely, Darlene. We came across a wedding at St John’s College in Cambridge. The coupled had a harpist and I also took some pictures.

That would have been lovely as well.

Nice pics, Darlene. Relieved to see that some of these dresses had tops to them instead of the usual bare shoulders. We were lucky enough to see a wedding too when we went to Spain a few years ago.

I liked all of these dresses. I haven’t seen any with bare shoulders. In Spain that wouldn’t be the thing as it is still a very Catholic country, Italy as well.

Over here it seems the norm – not good.

Beautiful brides! I don’t remember that we’ve encountered any, but my youngest son totally interrupted a proposal in a fantastic setting when he was about eight-years-old, lol. That couple will never forget him, I’m sure.

That is too funny!! Kids do the darndest things.

I’ve come across weddings on occasion, but I think they’re a magnet for you, Darlene. How fun to find them in your travels. 🙂

Thanks!! They do tend to show up at the right time for me.

I don’t see them anymore because I lost all hope. They are all so beautiful though. I do love seeing brides and bridges. 😉

It´s true. We really don´t know if Cinderella lived happily ever after, do we?

I never thought of that but you are correct. I tried 2 princes that turned into frogs. Now I just make the best of singlehood and watch more murder mysteries than love stories. 🙂

What a fantastic idea, Darlene. Photos of brides certainly lift the spirits! Show us more, if you can!

Thanks, Debra. I’ll see what I can find.

Darlene, I so enjoyed this post. Barcelona is a beautiful city too. Brides have a special aura about them as if magically transformed once they don their white dress. Thank you for such a lovely post. ox

Thanks so much, Maryann. I agree, all brides turn into a princess for one day. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in the world.

Darlene, now I am curious: how many languages do you speak? Which ones? 🙂

I only speak a smattering of a few languages but am only fluent in English (Canadian English). I could speak German as a small child as that is what was spoken at home but once I attended school, I seemed to forget most of it. Then I learned French in school as all Canadian children do but again, I didn’t have any opportunity to use it in Western Canada. I live in Sp[ain so I have picked up some of the language, but I live in a multi-national ex-pat community where the common language is English. Even the Spanish people prefer to speak English as they want to improve theirs. But my Canadian English confuses the British expats!

I love your language descriptions. What was your maiden name? I expect it was German and do you know where your ancestors are from in Germany? As a Fulbright Teacher in Germany twice, I had to teach English as a Foreign Language and had to quickly learn British English words. My students had to get used to an American English void of any regional accent. We managed fine for the most part. Parts of cars were interesting especially for my American students who were perplexed when I told them to put the suitcase in the boot before traveling. I minored in and taught French for about 7 years. The remaining time of an almost 50 year career was teaching all levels of German. I had Latin in high school which, as you know, is no longer spoken. I have dabbled in a few other languages which is fun. Canadian English and British English are different. Grammar rules were different too so I had to adjust to what we term run on clauses not separated by a semi-colon but simply a comma. Faux pas in American English. Once texting too over, the spelling and grammar of students declined dramatically. I imagine you have fun!
p.s. One of my favorite expressions is: That’s life. French is also brief: C’est la vie. German is MUCH longer: Man muß das Leben eben nehmen, wie das Leben eben ist. (One must just take life, just as life is.) Tedious?!

My maiden name was Frisch, my mother’s was Mehrer and her mother’s was Hoffman. I’m not sure where in Germany they originated but before immigrating to Canada in 1911 they lived in South Russia near Odessa. I have written about it, here is one post

The Sunday Living History Interview – A Tale of Two Katharinas, a Legacy of Strong Women by Darlene Foster

What an amazing tale of the strong women in your family, the two Katharinas. Now I have the story about your family names. Thank you for sharing. Have you ever read Peter Klopp’s blog on wordpress? He has translated from the German, stories and family history. He also lives in Western Canada. The Peter and Gertrud Family Project I believe is the title if you would like to look him up. Be well and enjoy the weekend. oxox

Yes, and oh such beautiful gowns! We recently witnessed a proposal and that was fun to see too!

That happened to us once too. So special. Paul jumped up and offered to take a picture, after she said yes of course.

Lovely idea to snap some bridal moments. Our grandson just got married in mid-October. Didn’t take one photo. Too hard.

How wonderful to see your grandson get married. When I stumble upon these brides in lovely settings, I just have to take a picture.

I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to bridal gowns- so beautiful! There’s something extra special about weddings in Europe, though. Those cathedrals are something else!

I know. We got married in York, England, at the registrars’ office, then walked over to the York Minister and had a few pictures taken.
No fancy dress though. Hope you are feeling better, Jacquie.

I love this, Darlene! What a treat to see a bride. The venues are gorgeous.

The backgrounds in Europe make it even more fairytale-like. glad you love the post. xo

Yes, the backgrounds do! It is definitely like a fairytale. When our daughter was married in Florence, Italy (she was living there at the time), she told us she would be married at Town Hall. We put on a happy face and told her it would be wonderful. Low and behold, Town Hall is the palace, the Palazzo Vecchio! It was much like your photos, and she was married my the mayor of Florence.

A lovely post and what beautiful venues they make ..the cathedrals and churches are such a magical setting for the brides…most of the brides I have seen here are posed for magazines still beautiful as there are some stunning beaches but not the same as seeing a real bride 🙂 x

The old churches and buildings make the occasion even more magical. Glad you liked the post. xo

Is it the happily ever after for princesses stories that makes us feel this way about brides?

Perhaps or maybe it´s the magic of the occasion. I love the expression on the little girls’ faces when they see the bride in Genoa.

I think it entrances us all – melts hearts with promises of love and happiness.

wonderful darlene! ❤ so cute! Lovely pics!

all so beautiful. the one of Sta. Eulalia brought back lovely memories of when I visited 🙂

It is a gorgeous place, isn’t it? Perfect for a bridal photo shoot.

I love how each photo captures the joy and freedom of what makes a wedding day special!

Thanks! They all look very natural and happy.

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