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Where were you?

Posted on: November 23, 2021

I posted this last year and feel it is worth running again. A sad day that affected many of us.

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One question often asked of those of us who were around at the time is, “Where were you when you heard that President John F Kennedy had been shot?” I remember the day clearly even though it happened fifty-seven years ago.

I’d like to share with you a poem a poet friend of mine wrote.


A shot rang out across the years

embedded itself in a nation’s fears.

November the month with stains on its soul

history stilled near a green grassy knoll.

The New Camelot was shattered

and everyhing that mattered

suddenly not an issue

as fragile as brain tissue.

poem by John McGilvary

John F. Kennedy May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963

It was a sad day indeed. I remember it was recess time at school and one of the boys said that Kennedy had been shot. I said that it wasn’t funny and he shouldn’t…

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52 Responses to "Where were you?"

Thanks for calling attention to this historic event here, Darlene. Because of my age, I remember this anniversary very clearly every year, even if I don’t see mention of it in the news. I was in the first year of teaching and an administrator knocked on my classroom door, announcing that our President had been shot. A few minutes later, another knock came with the sad news of his death. Needless to say, classes were suspended for the remainder of the day.

It must have been very traumatic for anyone living in the US. I guess you would have had to inform your students. A day you will never forget.

From the other perspective, I was in 6th grade and so upset because it was the first time I saw a teacher cry! An anniversary to never forget. I think it changed American forever.

A very sad day. Although I had just turned six years old, I remember the day clearly.

A day most of us will never forget.

I was ten when this happened. I remember BBC News that evening on tv. My Dad was sitting in stunned silence, Mum was in tears. My sister and I realised it was something big.

It really did affect folks from all over the globe.

And still does. We may not like it, but we have to accept that events in the US have wide-ranging effects.

As I mentioned on your original post last year, when JFK was shot I was in my last week of basic training in Fort Knox, Kentucky. I described it in the second half of this blog post, which is mainly about 9/11.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your memories of that fateful day.

It is clearly etched in my memory. The TV was on and my first two children were playing nearby – too young to understand at three years old and one. They did wonder though, why their Mummy was crying. A tragic, unforgettable day.

It is amazing how many people recall that day.

Hi Darlene, I remember this post. A touching message.

I was walking across the college campus, heading to lunch and choir. The news was a shock.

I’m sure it was. Even more so for those living in the United States.

I had yet to be born, but my mother cried for the deaths of only two famous people: JFK and Elvis.

I can understand that. She probably talked about that day too.

I too remember the moment I saw it on TV back in Switzerland. And, of course, like many people, I didn’t want to believe it.

It certainly did shock the world.

I hadn’t turned 5 yet, but I knew from the tears in the house that something sad had happened.

A small child would know something was wrong.

I was 12 and sitting in 7th grade history when we got word. I think everyone was in shock. And, it was the biggest event in my young life.

I also remember the day, because 39 yrs ago I was run down on the street by a drunk/drugged driver. Nearly took my life. But I turned that memory into something good.

Oh my! That indeed is a memorable date for you. Glad you were able to turn the memory around. xo

JFK was before my time. I didn’t understand how a whole nation could be in pain pain until 9/11 happened. Now I understand.

Until you’ve experienced a global tragedy, it’s hard to understand. Thanks for commenting, Priscilla.

I remember it well. Walking down the grand staircase at Eastwood High School 16 years old, announcement over the speakers, school closed. I cannot imagine another event causing such reaction in a Canadian High School. We actually closed our schools.

It really was something, even in Canada. Imagine how the kids in the US felt. It must have been quite scary for them.

Surprisingly it came as a shock when decades later I made a comment to my then teenage sons about how every one remembers what they were doin when JFK died sand they said, ‘Who is JFK?’

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Yes, a very sad day. I remember exactly where I was and the moment in time.

Hi. Darlene. One of those dates we will never forget. I was living in Scotland at the time and I remember my two little children playing around my feet as I Island and heard the news.

It was so long ago but still fresh in our minds.

I was not much of a Kennedy fan but when the funeral procession was aired and little John John saluted his father’s casket as the horses pulled the carriage I broke down and cried. I still have several newspapers I saved from that day.

That scene was incredibly moving. It wasn’t so much that John F Kennedy was shot, it was more that the President of the USA was shot. Unbelievable. It wasn’t until about ten years ago that I knew which political party he represented.

I was only four, Darlene, but I remember the funeral on our old black and white TV, and I remember that it interfered with cartoons. It must have been intense in my little brain, because it’s one of the few memories I have from that age. Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem.

I´m glad you liked the poem. I think even as a small child it would affect you as the adults around you would be upset.

I think so too, though I don’t remember that part of the experience. 😀

I was barely 4 years old but I remember. My younger brother and I were watching cartoons when Walter Cronkite busted into the channel with breaking news. 😦

It is amazing how the news impacted everyone, even a sweet 4-year-old watching cartoons.

Some things just stick. 🙂

Dear Darlene,
I remember it pretty well because it was my 17th birthday and I was happy that we had lots of snow. When I heard this news I didn’t believe it. I had read his book ‘Profiles in Courage’ and was taken by it.
Keep well and happy
Klausbernd 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. You have double reasons to recall this day. Take care.

A wonderful poem that should be shared every year, Darlene. Thank you.

The poem really reflects the emotions of that fateful day.

surely he turned over in his grave when we elected Trump…

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