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What’s That Book? The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Posted on: November 18, 2021

I ‘ve read some amazing books this year. But the most incredible reading experience I’ve had was joining a read-along which enabled me to complete The Brothers Karamazov. The Book Club Mom has shared my review.

Book Club Mom

Title: The Brothers Karamazov

Author:  Fyodor Dostoevsky

Genre: Classic/Literature

What’s it about? I have wanted to read this novel for years but found it intimidating. I recently joined a read-along where we read one chapter a day of this amazing book. That was one chapter a day for 96 days! I am so glad I did as it was the best way to savour this incredible story. It is essentially a story of three, possibly four, very different brothers from a dysfunctional family, and how their actions affect each other and the people around them. One brother is a ladies’ man and a spendthrift, another an intellectual and the youngest, kind and religious.

The story covers everything, love, hate, family, religion, history, philosophy, mystery and much more. Every chapter makes you think, some make you laugh and others make you sad. The themes are timeless and as…

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38 Responses to "What’s That Book? The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky"

And that is a tough book. It sounds simple–a few brothers, all different, their lives–but from a Russian author, there’s so much more!

I know. I’m sure if I read it again, I would discover things I had missed.

I enjoyed this post very much, Darlene.

Sounds like I need to check this out!

You can get it digitally very reasonably. I used the Constance Garnett translation which my brother said was a good one. It may also be in audio format.

It is good to read a classic now and then, and you chose an interesting way to do so!

I have a feeling I would not have read it otherwise. Yes, a classic once in awhile is good for your soul.

I am delighted that you joined the #KaramazovReadalong. The end was very satisfying but there was a poignancy in finishing a wonderful adventure. I really enjoyed reading your insights on The Brothers Karamazov.

Thanks, Rebecca. I imagine not everyone gets the same things out of this book. So glad I herad about the read-along. xo

I agree. A great book

Thanks, Derrick! Why did I wait so long to read it?

You have convinced me (you and Barbara) that I should use my Audibles account for the classics. If it’s read to me, I might find it less intimidating! GREAT post.

I think that is a good idea!

What a challenge. Haven’t read the book, but applaud you for finding a fun way through the read-a-long! Clever idea!

It was such a great idea. Most anything is more fun if you do it with others. So glad I did it.

Superb review, Darlene and you make the impossible sounds tantalising and approachable – a must-read!

Has Rebecca got any plans for something similar next year?

Wishing you a lovely weekend. xx

BTW I left a longer comment on Book Club Mom.

Thanks, Annika. I think the group is thinking about doing War and Peace next year. If we do, I’ll make an announcement here on my blog. It is the perfect way to read a long and detailed book.

What a wonderful and manageable way to tackle a giant, Darlene! I enjoyed your review. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks, Miriam. It was the perfect way for me to read this book.

I believe so, Darlene. It looks like you’ll be reading a master piece next year.

Well done Darlene. I have wanted to read that book for years but have always been intimidated by it. Perhaps your suggestion could apply to my reading plan. Thanks for the suggestion.

So many of us have put it aside for when we have time. So by reading a chapter a day, it may take longer, but it will get read. And it is so worth it. NIce to hear from you, Judith. Hope all is OK in your corner.

A book group is a great way to tackle such a long book.

Worked for me. And to think we were scattered all over the globe.

A few of these posts about reading the classics are starting to get me off my duff, Darlene. I have a hard cover copy of Anna Karenina and might have to start there. Great review from Barb. 🙂

I read Anna Karenina quite a few years ago and loved it. I think you will too. There are some things about life in old Russia that are like a fantasy world. It is so kind of Barb to share my review. We may try War and Peace next year. xo

I love Russian fantasy which often is full of old lore. I imagine I’d like the reads. War and Peace? Haha. Enjoy.

Thanks for sharing this review, Darlene. I read the book ages ago as part of a literature course and reading your review brought back memories of university days. Your review has made me want to go back to the classics. And you are so right in saying that reading the classics is good for the soul not to mention examples of very good writing. 🙂

Thanks, Carol. I read a lot of contemporary books but I throw in a classic every now and then. Some of the writing would not be called good writing today, (Too wordy, slow, too much description etc.) But it is great to be exposed to another style of writing and most of it is darn good! I usually close the book and say, Wow!

I’ve never read this one, although it’s so famous. Interesting to read your review, Darlene. Toni x

Thanks, Toni. It´s never too late.

Great review, Darlene!! It has definitely peaked my interest!! Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks, Kirt. Getting through a large Russian novel written 150 years ago is no easy feat. But worth it in the end.

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