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Season 3 Episode 45: Marcelle Glock, Ceramist on The Wood Fired Ceramic Tradition

Posted on: November 13, 2021

You will enjoy this podcast with the amazing Rebecca Budd, where a potter tells us how she followed her dream to become an international selling ceramist and how she built her own wood burning kiln, one brick at a time. She mentions her mom as well. I am bursting with pride.

Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia.

Thank you for listening in.

I am your host Rebecca Budd, and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.

Marcelle Glock, Ceramist

Today, I am heading over to Mudge Island, located within the scenic Gulf Islands, between Vancouver Island and Gabriola Island.   I am delighted and thrilled to meet up with Marcelle Glock, Ceramist to discuss the wood fired ceramic tradition.

Marcelle is a remarkable artist. Her pottery and sculptures sit in private collections around the world. Her artwork encompasses stoneware, raku, and local wild terra-cotta.  Marcelle forms clay into extraordinary artworks – from functional to sculptural, wearable and oracle.  She imbues each piece with a primal reverence toward the natural world. 

I invite you to put the kettle on and add to this exciting conversation on Tea Toast & Trivia.

37 Responses to "Season 3 Episode 45: Marcelle Glock, Ceramist on The Wood Fired Ceramic Tradition"

Ty for sharing, Darlene! ❤

You are welcome! Enjoy the podcast.

I understand why you’re so proud! Congrats to you and your talented daughter!!

She has worked so hard to get to where she is. the life of an artist is not easy but it was her dream and I’m so glad she didn’t give up.

That is amazing. What a wonderful story.

How wonderful! She has her mother’s creative spirit ❤

Wow, your daughter is such a talented artist! Enjoyed the podcast! Very relaxing and informative.

Thanks, Patricia. She has worked hard at it. I too enjoyed listening to her articulate her journey.

I enjoy watching artists succeed. I’m married to one and I appreciate all the “genres” in visual arts he’s tried: Cartoon, ceramics, sculpture, watercolor, acrylics, chalk art and now book illustration.

Kudos to Marcelle and all her tribe!

You are married to a talented artist who is not afraid to try something new.

You raised a beautiful and creative young woman. Congratulations to you both.

Thank you, Bernadette. It was kind of her to mention me, but she had done all the work. xo

A lovely interview with Rebecca you must be very proud of your talented daughter, Darlene 🙂 x

Thanks, Carol. Rebecca does such a great job with these interviews. I am very proud of my girl!!

She does indeed she is a natural at interviews x

I greatly enjoyed this podcast. You have a very talented daughter….and she has a very talented mother!

What a delight to hear your daughter being interviewed. And how talented she is, Darlene!. You must be very proud. All power to her. Hugs xx

I am so proud. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

How delightful, you must be so proud of the recognition that both you and your daughter received. Congratulations

Thanks, Karen. Rebecca does an excellent job of doing these interviews.

Darlene!! That is wonderful! No wonder you are bursting with pride. The is very talented.

You should be very proud, Darlene – congrats to your daughter!

Darlene, I’ve been saving this podcast for a quiet moment and just finished listening to it! Wow! It is fantastic to listen to your daughter talk with such knowledge and passion about her unique art! She is incredibly gifted and highly articulate – what incredible achievements in her life and no wonder you are very proud! The closeness between you is palpable and you have obviously played a pivotal role in her direction in life, supporting and encouraging her all the way! Kudos to you … it must have been amazing to see her once again when you came back to Canada! Hugs xx ❤️

Oh, thank you so much, Annika, for these kind words. My part of her success is very small as she is the one who has done all the hard work. It was so great to see her in September. No matter the miles between us, we are very close. xo

I really enjoyed listening. Your daughter is amazing. She sounds so passionate about her work. Great shout-out for her famous mother as well! 🙂

Thanks, Laura. So glad you listened to it and enjoyed it. That was sweet of her to mention me.

Darlene, I was finally able just now to listen to this conversation with your daughter. It was so interesting to hear about building the kiln and working with clay. A lot of physical labour, but I appreciated her passion for the work.

Thanks for listening, Audrey. She is an extremely hard worker but loves what she does.

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