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Guest Post: Darlene Foster

Posted on: November 10, 2021

Delighted to be a guest on Beetley Pete’s wonderful blog. I share a special memory of the arrival of a younger brother.

Baby Timmy with his aunties.


I am very happy to present a guest post from the lovely Darlene Foster. Blogger, and published author of the popular ‘Amanda’ series of books, Darlene is from Canada, and lives in Spain.

Babies and Blizzards
By Darlene Foster

I remember when my brother, Timothy, was born. It had been a typical cold and snowy prairie winter with blizzards creating impassable road conditions. Mom expected the third member of our family to arrive in early February. Dad was concerned that the inclement weather might stop him from getting her to the hospital sixty miles away, when the time came. So he took mom and my younger brother, Lorne to stay with our grandparents in the city well before her due date. Since I had school, I stayed with my great-aunt and great-uncle in the small town near our farm.

I was excited about this as I loved Aunt Elsie and…

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28 Responses to "Guest Post: Darlene Foster"

I’ll check it out. The arrival of a brother–sure to be a great memory.

What an exciting ending! One month must have felt like so much time for all concerned. I’ve only ridden a sleigh once, which was delightful with the horses’ neck bells ringing. It wasn’t as momentous as your reunion, though!

Thanks, Rebecca. It was very special.

A wonderful memory, Darlene – you are an amazing storyteller. I was especially interested in the books that were in the Aunt and Uncle’s library.

I know. I can still see those books in that cabinet. Books have always excited me.

What a marvelous story! It’s almost too good to be true. Bio or fiction, you are tops!

Thanks so much Anne. I decided I better write these memories down or they will be lost forever. xo

That’s great that you have preserved your memories. xo

I loved this story!!

Thanks! I have a few Darlene stories.

Thanks for the link, Darlene. It’s a delightful post.
By the way, I haven’t finished the episode yet, but I expect to use your set of “random reader things” in this weekend’s Armadillo Files episode.
Hugs on the wing.

Thanks, Teagan. Look forward to the next episode. Hugs back at you. xo

I enjoyed this post, Darlene. A lovely picture of your family.

Thanks, Robbie. Timmy was a sweet little boy. Unfortunately we lost him at aged 19 in an industrial accident. So this memory is bitter sweet.

Awww … what a fairy-tale arrival of your baby brother! Wonderful story of you both and wow, that cabinet of special books and it’s fantastic that you were able to read them all over the years! Precious, precious memories!

So pleased you enjoyed the memory. It is very special. I know you wrote a couple of special stories around the memories of your grandparents. I have a few more I’m working on.

Congratulations, you will be featured on the upcoming Senior Salon Pit Stop post, Monday, Nov 22nd as one of the top three bloggers.
Thank you for your support and participation. Please invite your fellow bloggers to also come and participate, thanks in advance.

Thank you so much, Esme. You do so much for the blogging community. Have a great Sunday!

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