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100 Word Story #4

Posted on: October 22, 2021

My 100 word story is being featured on the Magic of Stories. Perhaps you have a 100 word story you would like to share on this great blog. It is a good exercise, try it!

Karen J. Mossman

The #100wordstory is just that, exactly one hundred words long.

If you have a story that fits this criteria.Email me, I would love to feature you.

By Darlene Foster

Claire met Frank at a retirement party. Men of a certain age were often single for a reason.

Frank wondered why Claire was single. Maybe she hated men.

“There’s a nice cafe around the corner; would you like to join me for a cup of tea?” he asked.

“That’s the best offer I’ve had in a long time.” Claire agreed with a pretty smile.

Over cups of steaming tea, they talked late into the night, replenishing their mugs as they steeped themselves in each other’s history.

The next morning, Frank woke Claire with a welcoming pot of that seductive libation.

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71 Responses to "100 Word Story #4"

“Over cups of steaming tea, they talked late into the night, replenishing their mugs as they steeped themselves in each other’s history.” That is such a moving line

Thanks, Deanna. Glad you liked it.

Don’t sell the benefits of a good cup of tea short, eh?

Exactly. My hubby thinks a cup of tea fixes everything.

More so than coffee . . .

Great story in 100 words. Nicely done.

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Love it! A good cuppa is a great bonding agent.

Thanks! Better than a glass of wine, often.

Must have been some cup of tea! Leaves a lot to the imagination. You write so beautifully!

Thanks, Patricia. I appreciate that.

Well written! Good girl!

Thank you!! Tough to squeeze it in to 100 words.

This is a lovely 100-word story, Darlene.

Thanks so much, Robbie.

Amazing story – you said it all in 100 words, Darlene!! Perfect for a tea commercial!

Thanks, Rebecca. 100 words isn’t a lot, especially for a wordy person like me.

Brilliant! There is much going on in those 100 words!

100-word blog posts are appealing, especially if they tell a steamy story. Brava, Darlene!

It is such a good exercise in choosing words wisely.

Cleverly done, Darlene!

Well get you! Tea and implied smut in 100 words!

Love it Darlene!! Well done!!

Thanks, Kirt. Fun to write.

Very interested story written u. I like. Beautiful pic.

Ah, I take that as a happy ending 🙂 Well done!

Everyone likes a happy ending. Thanks, Debra.

Wonderfully told and leaves the rest to our imagination after a lovely get-togerther. Hugs xx

Awww. Single no more? Great story, Darlene. Sometimes it’s just about meeting the right person. 🙂

It helps if you both enjoy a good cup of tea! xo

JB at growingyoungereachday.wordpress.com. This is perfect for you!!

I love Judith and have been following her for 11 years. Not sure if she introduced you to me or if you introduced me to her. Whatever, you are both wonderful blog buddies. xo

Thanks Darlene. She absolutely loves 100 word challenges

Hi Darlene. Chris just told me about this challenge. It certainly is something I will get into. BTW Your story is great. Hope all is well with you. We are looking forward to summer here, but of course, summer or winter you have warmth and sunshine. xxx

Hi Judith. Glad you liked the story. You should submit one as well. All is well here, loving the sunshine. Greta to hera from you.

Hi, dear Darlene,
GREAT, nowadays stories with a happy end are rare.
Thanks for sharing
The Fab Four of Cley
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I know. The beauty of being a writer is that we can give them a happy ending! Wishing the Fab Four a great day!!

Thank you 🙏 🙏
The same for you
The Fab Four of Cley
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wow, talking into late at night over a cup (with refill) of tea! A beautiful romance that warms my heart! Well done, Darlene. I did some 100 words or 99 words of flash fiction. I should get back to doing it. That’s fun.

Thanks, Miriam. Glad you liked the story. It was fun to write a 100 word story.

I know it’s fun, Darlene. I usually just write and then trimmed it down to 100 or 99 words.

So do I. This one was almost 500 words until I pared it down.

That’s great, keep the original!

Such a great story – congratulations, Darlene!!! I love a cup of tea, so this is perfect for me. Toni x

I love a cup of tea as well. I didn´t drink it until I met my hubby.

I think you should come and join our monthly picture prompts. You will find it on the blog and each month on the 15th we start with a new one..
Thank you so much for sharing your post at our Senior Salon Pit Stop.
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Thanks, Esme. I’ll check it out.

Awesome. hope to see you, this month still open and you can submit until Nov 14th, then Nov 15th the new one will open for a month

Nothing like a cup of tea–for many reasons! 😉
Love it Darlene!

So true. Glad you liked it, Gloria. xo

Nicely done. I didn’t realize tea could be so seductive.

You’d be surprised! Thanks so much.

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